Ukubethela umuzi, Traditional healing and the binding of homes

Ukubethela umuzi: Binding a home, a house, a business premise or a religious building or any other building for that matter. Fastening a home (Ukubethela umuzi) all this fastening and binding of a home means; working on the home with the hand of Inyanga, Sangoma or any spiritualist and herbal healer.
Even the prophets of these days does ukubethela umuzi but when things such as prophecy and the church came to Africa with the missionaries it was considered a taboo to fasten your home with some means of Inyanga and Sangoma.

The horn revenge; where witches are enemies

Horns can be used as tools in spiritual powers, in the case bellow, this horn and the knife is used to pay revenge to the witch. It is used for protection you can send with this horn any spell of protection and revenge; strickly to the witch on maters of witchcraft not on ordinery strit fights and neghborhood fightings. Khokhovula uses horns as special tools in his spiritual healing and traditional healing to do ritual and protect his people from problems and all the ills, it is so unique of him

Fire Powers and Rituals

In healing fire work, it gives power to fight and burn all nagative powers, all evils, all bad lucks. I am not talking about the fire that many religions and spiritual people shout, I am speaking about the practical fire that I make out of fire wood, and apply spiritualty and the winning powers and have all bad things gone. Traditional and spiritual healing is far deeper than you think it is. The fire power.

Healing spirituality with vapor and rainbows

In spiritual healing and traditional understanding, vapor and rainbow means the connection of different spirits. It is the water spirits that connects with the mountain spirits, the spirit of the sky and that of the rivers. The rainbow, vapor and the mountains are used in giving spiritual powers and powers for successful leadership in all aspects, in a church, political and none political, miraculous, magical, sangoma , psychic, angel reading, inyanga, business and success powers.

Uhlangothi and Impundulu (Stroke and the rain lightining bird called Impundulu.

Isifo sohlangothi (Stroke): There is a stroke that may be you have never heard about, which is caused by a lightning bird called Impundulu being used by witches and some Rain queens who have rebelled from their humbled duties. What you must understand is that even though there is that proved scientific search and findings about stroke, bad people also through bad and negative powers can create or perform the very same stroke with even worse results.

Umandangaphakathi the love spells that work

Umandangaphakathi make somebody feel very hot in love all the time, he/she always exaggerate things, he/she is always dying to please and certify the partner in all means. Umandangangaphakathi is a love spell that grows everyday in a person, channeling and programming the heart of that particular person to love more, and loving that one person who planted Umandangaphakathi in him/her.


Udelunina; specifically means forgetting about ones mother, it may not refer only to the mother but the whole family. This is umuthi / love spell that is used in relationships when they want to separate their partners from their own families. Some people lose contacts with their families forever with the doing of this Delunina. They will have chosen their partners over everyone and everything which results from a spell namely Delunina / Udelunina.

Idliso and vomiting idliso (Idliso nokuhlanziswa idliso)

Idliso: In shona language of Zimbabwe they call it Mufuriwa or Kudyiswa mushonga werudo or Kudyiswa meaning being poisoned by means of Bantu muthi/mushonga slow poison or set with love spells. There are many words in Zulu language of South Africa for Idliso; they are Intando, Umandangaphathi and of course Idliso. It is called Igobondela and also Idliso in Ndebele language of Zimbabwe and the Venda people of South Africa call it Tshiliso