Isichitho sesongololo / the breakup spell of a millipede

This is kind of Isichitho a very challenging one; it gives the exercise to deal with difficult feelings quite hard with every situation folding and adjusting for worse; everything folds like the millipede when it feels threatened. Your relationships adjusts and always change for worse, isichitho sesongololo/the breakup spell of a millipede always bring up the times of sad memories; you look at your current love partner you think of the bad times with the previous lover, your heart folds and you feel the mood level change in an instant and it feels bad to have him/her around, you feel the irritation like millipedes are walking all over your body with their many legs, that is isichitho sesongololo. Even if the person is trying by all means to please you, you won’t turn on or respond positively because it all feels like the irritation of many legs of millipede walking all over your body. This type of isichitho is built on the exploration of fear and anger, at one moment you are trying to find happiness at the other you come across sudden sadness everything just folds for worse.

Isichitho Samazeze / Ubutata / The break up spell of chicken tiny lice, mites and bugs

I sichitho of Amazeze/Ubutata/Amahonondo is a curse magic breakup spell that bad people send to their enemies, those who they want to see breaking up. It doesn’t only save as a break up spell, it also can make people feel negative about you or possible hate you for no apparent reason. When you are attacked with this kind of Isichitho, you feel these tiny things moving all over your body causing a very nervy irritation. Sometime one can be tempted to try and search for them only to no avail but still feeling their moves and the irritation. This results in numbness of your feelings towards many things that matters in life including sex and that is the winning point of the perpetrator. It can also happen the other way round, your partner who doesn’t have isichitho might feel negative about you and you are done with.

Velabahleke Muthi

Velabahleke muthi: Vela means to appear; Hleka means to laugh or smile in this case of muthi called Velabahleke. It is a charm that makes you of fascination, it lures, and it draws people’s eyes and interest in you, it actually draws attention, you are noticed and you appear very good, everything about you just feels good, you have happy surroundings and you make everyone happy.


They take the foot prints of others and send spells and bad powers that will make those they attack sick or have swollen feet. This thing is called ‘Umeqo’ in Zulu language. It behaves as rheumatism (Rheumatoid arthritis) but it goes up the body as it grows until it settles in the stomach and up the chest and become very fatal.

Ukukhipha izikhonkwane zabathakathi ekhaya

It is a lot of different things that witches can put in somebody’s home in order to spoil the homestead as a whole, some of their things are buried underground, in some cases they just throw these things into someone’s home, like the Pretoria Shoshanguve homes in the same line that appeared on Daily sun news paper with such a problem.

Isichitho sothuvi (isichitho of human shit/waste)

The curse makes the couple’s life miserable that one can hurt another so badly. The curse influences all the harshness of life in a troubled marriage, an affair, a relationship in its kind. Isichitho does not affect only people in a relationship, it can separate families as well, and it can split even the siblings. You can wear a very expensive perfume on some very expensive top labels of outfits, breathing the queen’s language (English) with your nostrils, but if you are cursed with Isichitho, your presence will always irritate people, they won’t like you. (isichitho sothuvi; you look like shit, sometime you smell bad to the person whom your Isichitho was directed to. When you have got isichitho egazini one thinks about you and feel the hate.

Isinyama (Bad luck)

He/She has got Isinyama, Ibhadi, Isikhwakhwalala, isinyamasamanzi amnyama; He/She has got bad lucks in their types, all the bad things are happening to him/her for no reasons. She/he did nothing wrong, made no mistake but still the problem forcefully chose him or her and he/she is in trouble, mm’ he/she is having a very bad luck; Isikhwakhwalala, isinyama samanzi amanyama, (Isinyama). ‘This lady is not getting someone to marry, if she meets someone it always end up ugly, she has a hell of a bad luck’