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SPIRITS NAMES IN NGUNI LANGUAGES Inkanyamba Umamulambo Indiki Indawo Amalinda Igidelandlini Inyanyahuwe mamolapo khanyapa mamohashoa IN SOTHO Khanyapa (monstrous; cyclone or thunderstorm) river snake the awesome “Lord of the deep waters” Mamolapo or Mamogashoa (mother of the river / deep) snake are considered the tutelary spirits of Diviners, Healers and Spirit Mediums.(Setiloane mermaids are fairly common in South Africa. Sotho folktales of Mamolapoor mamohashoa tell […]

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KHOKHOVULA AND THE SPIRITS   I was born with the Following Abilities: ability of a traditional healer Spiritualist Spirit Medium Fortune Teller Psychic Reader Clairvoyancer I grew up in the midst of Traditional Healers, and Spirit Mediums. The gift is initiated through my family Paternal Lineage, following the family through DNA. Any Soul/ Spirit of my Ancestors with a […]

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He communicates between the dead and the living as an intermediary on its practices and doctrines. He is a person who is apparently sensitive to things beyond the natural range of perception.
In reality spiritualism is as old as humanity and it gave birth to all known religions and beliefs. Everything in beliefs and religions hang between death and life, our ancestor worship, Christ worship, Appraisals of Ancient People such as Abraham who is a hierarchy name to all the Abrahamic Religions, Judah of the Jews, Jacob/Israel , Mohamed of the Muslims, all these people died the same death as our people and they are all ancestors.

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A calling comes from your ancestors  A calling is a purpose for existence, it comes naturally and certified by your ancestors and God/gods. A calling is not a Career Unlike a career is what you need to be taught and trained in order to earn a living, Educational institutions qualify you for certain careers like Medical Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Auditors and so […]