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Lightening dreams showcase two entirely different meaning one foretells happiness and the other signifies a feeling of shock due to sudden incidents

Lightning in your dreams, foreshadows happiness and prosperity of short duration.

  •  If the lightning strikes some object near you, and you feel the shock, you will be damaged by the good fortune of a friend, or you may be worried by gossipers and rumormonger.
  • To see discolored lightning parting black clouds; means that sorrow and difficulties will follow close on to fortune. If it strikes you, unexpected sorrows will overwhelm you in business or love.
  • To see the lightning above your head, heralds the arrival of joy and gain.
  • To see lightning in the south means that fortune will hide itself from you for a while. If in the southwest, luck will come your way. In the west, your prospects will be brighter than formally. In the north, obstacles will have to be removed before your prospects will brighten up. If in the east, you will easily win favors and fortune. Lightning from dark and ominous-looking clouds, is always a forerunner of threats, of loss and of disappointments. Business men should stay close to business, and women near their husbands or mothers; children and the sick should be looked after closely.

Lightning represents energy and a fantastic, altering force. It is generally a positive dream symbol which represents the dreamers “awakened” state of consciousness. At times, a sudden shift in awareness, or unpredictable news, may shock us and leave us feeling anxious. However, enlightenment of any kind has long term positive implications. When interpreting this dream, make attempts to connect it to important and highly charged events from your daily life which have suddenly occurred or come into your awareness.

This Lightening dream suggests the mental state of surprise resulting from unanticipated changes or actions. It may seem caustic in nature but lightening also possesses a second side which is the side of happiness. In spiritual sense such dreams mean a spiritual disclosure or awakening that you preferred. It shows you the hidden forces or energies that are regulating your life events and unfolding its nature by way of dreams. These dreams are considered both positive and negative omen depending on the situation you have dreamt of.
Lightning dreams are of different types where you dream yourself or some other object being stricken by lightning bolt. Many people observe themselves under the thunder bolt which definitely implies a negative effect on the following future. Every object need to be considered as far as lightening dreams are concerned because these are so wide-ranging that any single description can change the whole meaning it implies on the person. These dreams might fear you but they are spectacular in own sense and need to be looked closely to extract the message hidden inside.

Lightning dream situations and its significance

Lightning in dreams generally symbolize happiness and wealth which remains only for a while similar to the lightning bolt. If it smacks a nearby object in your dream which leaves you in state of shock means that a near and dear one of your life may hurt you or give you unpleasant surprise by way of some news. If you see lightning bolt coming through black clouds suggests that you will face difficulties and depression in near future. If you see yourself in the zone of lightning and if it strikes you then unexpected sorrows will devastate your business or relationships. To see lightning from dark and mystic clouds foretells a kind of heavy loss in your personal life. Lightning also brings some positive effects such as if you see it right above the head on the skies then it can bring good luck and fortune to you. If ladies dream of lightning and rain is considered as a good omen which signifies that they will get married to desirable family. For men the lightning dreams indicate a sign of recovery in prolonged illness and other stumbling blocks.

Lightning dreams – a warning signal?

Every dream we observe serves a purpose and suggests particular fact that we are unaware off. Similar is true with lightning dreams, as they are great warning signals to tell you the dangers laid ahead. These dreams are very powerful and hence should not be taken lightly. This is a chance to recover and to prevent your relationship or loss at business.

Consider a dream where you are walking up on the dark road with no street lights and any source of light. You are scared in your dream but have no choice but to walk until you reach a destination. You are all alone with no one to ask help or guidelines for road. While walking you observe clouds in the sky and see a sudden bolt of lightning which illuminates your path for some time and following the light you are able to see the surrounding and just walking on and on in the dark. This dream signifies a good luck in your already tattered life as dark road is the difficulties you are facing where sudden light is like a spark of hope. This dream definitely signifies that you will reach your goals after a long struggle

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We hope you find out what your lightning dream means here, but remember, that dream interpretations are for entertainment purposes only! In other words, these dream interpretations are just for fun– doesn’t make decisions of it!

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