Underneath is my conversation with the foreign fake traditional healers operating in South Africa. These guys stole my article from my website by copying it and publishing it in their website. The title of the article is Zwanamina and it is a love binding spell / Intando. the name Zwanamina is original given to this formula by the great healer Khokhovula (Me). It is a Zulu or Ndebele language. These Western African guys cant even speak a single word of Zulu, but they will tell you about Zwanamina when they are robbing people, and our poor South African people consult with them and they get robbed.

Dr Jumba / Dr Leo and many central and Western African bogus traditional healers are con artists. These guys are very dangerous. You go to them looking for something and they come up with something else. They will tell you your ancestors, your fathers have given them some gift to give to you and that gift is in a form of money. They will show you money in a suitcase or a big bag full to the top, all this money they show you is fake money (printed counterfeit) on o normal computer paper but look exactly like really money.
The trick part of it, where you get caught
They take one note which is a real money and give it to you to go and buy with it, with that you will believe that all the shit in the suitcase is real money and the gift from your ancestors. When they have made you believe you got a gift, they tell you to bring to them per say R500 000 for a R50 000 000 gift from your ancestors whom they in their lingo call them Your fathers. Sad part of it these fathers of yours will be talking English behind curtains in some flats where these guys operate.
Many people have been robbed, scamed and defrauded in this way by foreign guys calling themselves Sangomas and operating in towns in the flats or some offices. In actual fact a Sangoma and inyanga have to work from his home, it doesn’t matter in the township or suburb but it must be his own home. people must know a traditional healer to be at his own home.
A woman certain Zulu woman was Scamed by a guy who used to call himself Dr Jumba and he came on to the internet by the name Dr Leo, this person is a total con artist in spirituality. He works with some guys calling thamself Mama so and so, Professor what/what, spell caster so and so. Their names are mainly in Moslem which is a clear indication that these Dr Jumba / Dr Leo Guys have never been Sangoma, they only become Sangomas when they come to South Africa and when they have robbed somebody they change names.
As for me The great Sangoma Khokhovula Gundabaloyi
As for me the great Sangoma Khokhovula Gundabaloyi, People know from the area at which I was born that I’m a traditional healer and a Sangoma, my father is, my grand mother was, my children are and the whole of my great grand children will be. A big point about the fake traditional healers of the likes of Dr Jumba who have become Dr Leo because he robbed the people with the name Dr Jumba is that in their land where they originate they don’t know them to be healers, they are traditional healers only when they are in South Africa. Shame.
The word Sangoma is a word that is used to describe the spirit medium and a healer in the Southern African region, some west and central African people don’t even know what the word Sangoma means, but when they are coning people they will tell you they are Sangomas.
I think I need to be discovered by the media at large so that I teach people as in what exactly a Sangoma and a real Sangoma is as oppossed to these unscrupulous Dr Jumba / Dr Leo, Mama so and so, Dr ali, Mama bla-bla.
Some of these guys will hire some people to touch you on the shoulder, and run away then comes another one who will be pretending to be helping you; the one that is pretending to be helping you will come with stories that the one who touched your shoulders wants to take your money through magic. this one pretending to be helping you will tell you that he knows someone that can stop the magic of the one who ran away after touching your shoulder. He will then take you to some fat or office there you will be told to surrender all your money the the one introduced to you as a magic stopper. These people will have escorted you from the bank, especially if you withdrew a bigger money, some have the connection with some bank tellers, they call them when you have withdrawn a bigger money.
The role of this self acclaimed magic stopper
The magic stopper some time acts as a higher Priest who will pray for you, you will have to close your eyes and pray with him, during the prayer when your eyes are closed the higher priest/magic stopper will take your money and put it in a small trunk or suitcase those ones with padlocks; he will show you the money before he close, a second prayer will be done after closing the money into this particular suitcase or trunk; when the prayer is done you are asked to open your eyes, you will be given the trunk or suitcase and told not to open it for the whole month because the magic of the person who touched you on the shoulder and ran away will take the money.
Is your money real on this suitcase or a trunk?
No not at all your money is not in the suitcase or the trunk they gave you, they changed the trunk or suit case with the very same looking one during the time of prayer when you were closing your eyes. You will go home and keep the trunk for a month without opening fearing that your money will be taken by the magic of a person who touched your shoulder and ran away; there was absolutely no magic these people are working together; the one who touched you, the one who refers you to these Dr Jumba and Dr Leo as High priests and these Dr Leo / Dr Jumba scammers.
South Africa you got to work up man, this Sangoma thing is not a new thing with you?
A person is suffering, comes from his own place of origin suffering, he stays in a flat and he tells you he can make you stay in a suburb. Let us face the real fact, South African people are the better nation when it comes to development of their country. South Africa is a proud country when it comes to their Nguni and Southern African beliefs and traditions; why fall victim to these hungry poor of the poorest self acclaimed foreign liars in traditional healing.
Let us come to another mere fact about fast money!!!!!!
There is no such a thing as fast money, I will rather agree to rituals of powers behind success in the things you do. These fake traditional healers have come up with tricky statements that lures their victims into being robbed big time monies; these are the false statement they come with and all these things do not exist; Rats that bring money; Magic wallet; Magic ring, Ancestor gift money.
These Dr Leo / Dr Jumba fake traditional healers are very tricky, they can even tell their victim that ancestors need money to buy cattle and throw it into the sea so that they feast into it and release big time money gift that is kept by them for the victim and this particular person cannot be there to throw the cows, bulls and oxen into the rivers, they just take the money.
This faking of Sangoma gift is destroying our Southern African true cultures and traditions.
I need the radio, television, news papers and all the media at large to interview me, people need to be saved from these hungry lions of spiritual con artists in the fashion of central and west African guys; South Africa has become a playground for this shit.
Who ever among-st these fake healers think that I’m exposing them and is angry, show the people your abilities by attacking me with your Muthi and Sngoma powers if you are not fake; You can’t because you are fake.
* I was checking my articles on the net I saw this foreign fake samgoma guy called Dr Jumba has stolen my article by copying it from my website. When I published him on the internet he changed his name to Dr Leo. when I asked him to remove my article Zwanamina this is what he said to me through facebook massage; See bellow.
These Mazizimbane guys are up to no good, but these South African people are still falling victim to their fraudulent acts; Be aware
Regards Khokhovula Gundabaloyi
Don’t be afraid and don’t hesitate to call me for advise and to share with YOU the scam you have suffered with these fake healers speaking funny English with a funny Nigerian sounding ascent.

They are all over, they and are hungry like the clawless wolves
Khokhovula Gundabaloyi

I’m Khokhovula Gundabaloyi, please remove on your site my article you copied Zwanamina before harsh measures are taken, it is easy to get people who do like you do, one of your clints can be your night mare for this, this is South Africa mind you, Hands off my article.

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TUE 9:21PM


Dr Jumba / Dr Leo

affraid of competion? well am thyere nothing i got from you nothing looks like yours, diffrent idears here same concept so i know what am doing/Zwanamina is just a word

TUE 11:32PM



Zwanamina artcle is my writing it will temper with the whole of your website and you will have a problem with the google rating, see and wait for the measures I’m taking, my legal team have lodged that complaint with your web hosting company, let us see if you win it. You have been doing this when you were Dr Jumba and still now by the name Dr Leo. It is very easy to get to you, very. One thing you don’t know this language the concept is written in. I’m not queering your things but only the article, be careful, you say you are there but in no time you won’t be there if you are not careful, it is so easy to deal with this, somebody have been there with you and you don’t know that you robbed him and turned to be Dr Leo, people call me for advices when they don’t understand things in traditional healing.


The issue here is my article Zwanamina that you stole and published when you were calling your self Dr Jumba and now that you have become Dr Leo. Just remove that article from your website, you cannot publish something that you don’t know, that you have coppied from someone especially in a langauge that you don’t understand. If you are my fan, you should have mentioned in your article that it is Khokhovula Gundabaloyi’s article, but instead you published Zwanamina article and put your numbers for people to call you, what do you tell people about Zwanamina because that is the name i gave to this formula, nobody knows what i mix which simple proves that you are a fake healer who relies on anything other traditional healers talk about irrigardless of your no knowing. With you Dr Jumda / Dr Leo, people are in danger.
Khokhovula Gundabaloyi

This is not a joke and I don’t to waste time on you dr jumba / leo

WED 8:22PM


Dr Jumba / Dr Leo

well i know what am doing and i know all the google rules i have been there and i know it all but i do have a back up just in case some happnes which i dont think so because Zwanamina is just a word anyone can use.

FRI 9:57PM

I’m not a man of too many words; just look
Dr Jumba / Dr Leo

Thanks for messaging me. For instant message plese whatsapp me, I wish we solve this, I’m willing to bring people who want Zwanamina to you at a commission since the article is on my site as well. You can call me on the same number other wise I will try to be as responsive as possible and get back to you soon
Khokhovula Gundabaloyi

I will be grateful, things need be sorted before they go out of hand, you know the right thing to do; remove my article Zwanamina from your website.

Dr Jumba / Dr Leo

the right thing to do is to keep on doing what am doing

Dr Jumba / Dr Leo

we are making 5 more in three months same wesites like yours just wait i give you my words and we are going to see them out to whoever comes to us looking for a website



That is promoting my website, it is like you are telling me you want to market me, it is a pleasure, everything is taken care of go ahead, you are too late. Shame on you, easy are you foreign traditional self acclaimed fake healers
Special infomation by Khokhovula Gundabaloyi!!!!!!!!!!!

Websites are hosted by Website hosting companies and you cannot have any duplicate on the website name; these bogus healers were talking nonsense; I’m exposing them because I’m Khokhovula Gundabaloyi the great one. I EVEN GOT SOME VIDEOS WHERE PEOPLE ARE CRYING ABOUT THEM
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Zwanamina love binding Muthi

Uzwanamina; is an African medicine (Muthi). This muthi’s meaning follows the meaning as well, ‘Zwana’ means hear/listen whereas ‘Mina’ means me.

With this then Zwanamina means ‘hear only me than them, or listen to me than them, do as I would wish or want you to do.

Love binding

Who uses this Zwanamina or Do as I command Muthi?

This muthi has been used much by the women who want to fully control their men without anybody interfering. Other parents would use it to control their sons and daughters that they listen to them over their love partners or anybody else. This is where you find a man or a woman being controlled by his or her own family as in how he/she should live his or her love life. You are with the person you love so much and you fully committed to the relationship you have together but when it comes to decision making this person is a small child of his father and mother who has to confirm with them if he/she can carry on with the plans of his or her love life, it’s so bad. In the other hand the girl/ woman can use Zwanamina to distance the guy from his family whereas in some few cases some guys do that to their women.

What is the reason some men can use Zwanamina to their women?

Some today’s ladies are very powerful that their men financially and otherwise, so the men may want to use the lady as a financial source, now Zwanamina muthi comes in where the man would want to make the woman always understand his need for money and always give it to him and also come in where he would want this woman to accept it even if he would be spending that money on other affairs. Zwanamina binding Muthi, ‘Kukhalesami la’ so they say when Zwanamina have blinkered a partner to only understand the rubbish of his/her partner than anybody.

Some reasons women use Zwanamina binding on their man

Sometime some men invite their women to use Zwanamina binding spell on them unaware, this comes when a man does not provide or live to the expectations of a woman or seem to be doing good things somewhere else that to this woman, he promised everything on earth to her but he does it somewhere else. Being quarrelsome, contradictory and argue-some over matters of no importance or being abusive or listening to other people than your own woman can cause the woman to use Zwanamina love spell binding on you.

What happens when Zwanamina love binding spell is used on you?

You will do as he/she commands, when he or she puffs, you will run all around the place thinking he/she said something and you missed it and you are afraid he/she may get disappointed. He/she just coughs and you did not hear well if he/she was saying something you will shiver and shake in search of compliance ‘Uzotatazela ugcwale indawo yonke le ungasazi ukuthi kambe kumele wenzenja’. In other words you have to do only what this person says, nothing of your own or somebody else’s. One would even fear to touch his salary or do any planning alone beside the partner who bonded him/her with Zwanamina binding spell. Hey; Kunzima we bafowethu it is hard out there, men and women.

When Zwanamina love binding spell is abused

Girls, ladies and women of today have lost their hearts; they no longer have the hearts of flesh but those hard ones of iron, steel and stones. One would do this Zwanamina to someone’s husband, a bread winner and a father of five that he doesn’t want anything to hear about his wife and children and even abandon them and just listen to this woman who did the Zwanamina muthi love binding; this as well is very bad, but still there are very irresponsible men who invites Zwanamina muthi love  to be used on them by their worried women.

Is Zwanamina love binding an attack to the one used on?

It goes in two ways, It is not an attack when it is used by a love partner because that is the symbol that this person wants to be with this partner in a long run and he/she needs to be understood and loved. It becomes an attack when one is abusing the binding by abusing the partner who has been bonded by Zwanamina, Its bad side is that it is done without the will of the person bonded and this person won’t see that he is bonded, it is only people around him/her who will worry about him/her, but him will be enjoying every moment of it calling it love and understanding each other. It also looks bad when this has been done by the parents to keep their son or daughter home with them listening to them than nobody because it is natured that one has to grow and gain independence and find a partner and build a family of his own. Now you might find that in some families the guy or girl will remain home with his/her parents until God comes because of this Zwanamina binding.

Why do some parents bind their children with Zwanamina binding spell?

They will have taken a child to school and paid some money and put some hopes on him that he is the one who is going to change the family lives for every good change in the family. So they become jealousy that now he/she has to take part in developing some people out there, this happens most with some black African families you find it as well in some Indian families.

Where else is Zwanamina used other than in relationships?

In the case of Zwanamina even man uses it to control their women even though it is mostly use by women to men. It is not only used in relationships, zwanamina can be also used at work places by those who want to be heard and listened to by their employers over others (Than others)
in this case this individual can have influence that he can get someone expelled from work. Zwanamina muthi can also be used by bosses to be obeyed by those they manage, it can be used by leaders who want to be followed and favored and listened to.


Use Zwanamina when you really mean it

Hey don’t use Zwanamina to people at the end of the day you feel that you don’t need them, you abandon them having them following and begging you left and right, it is not good, in that way it becomes very cruel. Use Zwanamina when you have a true need of it. Oh, I forget something; what about using Zwanamina to him/her and use it on you for him or her so that both sides are bonded and have the same pattern and ties.


Khokhovula your great Sangoma, Inyanga, Spiritualist, Herbalist, Traditional healer, Traditional and cultural expert, Shaman, Spirit medium, Isanusi, Patriarch in an African original religion; Me Khokhovula the Great one




He doesn’t want to listen to you, he has been stubborn to you all along, doing everything as he wants talking to you as he wants, sleeping outside without telling you where he is, spending all his money on things you don’t know of and he doesn’t want to take care of you.

Another problem is friends and family influences, they interfere in your relationship or marriage, they tell him what to do and what not to do, they make decisions for him, he doesn’t not take your decision important and never do as you tell him, but when his friends or family tell him he takes their decision and leave you, every decision you make in your relationship he has to first ask his family or friend about it and they decide for him, he never do as you tell him, but he does what they tell him.

Yet you love him with all your heart you have done everything you can to change him. You have told him several time to change in the way he treats you, you have told him several times to respect you and to respect the decisions you for your relationship or marriage, but it’s like he doesn’t trust you and your decisions, you have had fights with him about other women’s, fights about going out with friends who are bad company, friend who only cause trouble in your relationship, friends who only want his money, you have had fights about his family having so much control over him and your relationship or marriage

But he doesn’t want to listen to you, he doesn’t want to stop involving his family and friends in your relationship or marriage, he doesn’t want to stop seeing other woman, he doesn’t want to stop sleeping outside with other woman or somewhere else. The communication in your relationship is poor because every time you try to talk to him he gets mad at you and pin everything on you and disrespect you, treat you like trash, which makes you feel that you don’t have any control over your man, nothing you can do or say that can change him.

No! it’s not like that you have the powers to control your boyfriend, your husband, you have powers to make him do as you say, you have powers to make him listen to only you without any outside influence, without any interference from his family and friends you have the powers to make him obey you, you have the powers to make him fully listen to what you saying and follow it or do it as you want it, you have the powers to make him respect you and your decisions, you have the power to stop him from consulting his friends and family about the decisions you make, that power is in my zwanamina muthi to give you full control over your stubborn man without any outside interference .

Zwanamina muthi to give you full control over your stubborn man is going to make your man listen to you only without any interference, if there was someone giving him bad advice or influencing him in any way, let it be his family, friends who ever it is ! The Zwanamina muthi will stop him from listening to them and taking advice from them besides you, he is only going to take decision from you once you use zwanamina muthi on him.

Zwanamina muthi is going to give you full control over your man, he will explain everything to you before doing it, he won’t hide any more secret from you, your man will not talk to you as he wants and do things as he want, you man will never consult any one about your decisions, the Zwanamina muthi is going to make him respect you with the dignity you deserve, dance on your tunes, do as you command or say love you more than before.

This Zwanamina muthi is going to completely improve your communication with him and your relationship. Your man will never have interest in any other woman beside you once you apply Zwanamina muthi to give you full control over your stubborn man.

Now stop crying, stop begging and pleading with him to change, to listen to you only and to respect and trust your decision because he won’t. Order my Zwanamina muthi to give you full control over your stubborn man now apply it on you man wthin 10 days your man will change, you will be in full control over him doing everything as you say it.



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