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Love me and only me; love me only and me only and alone; look only upon me and at me only as your only lover and no one else; choose only me as your lover over everyone else; love me only and with no one else; trust only me; believe only me/in me than no one else; consider me your best and your only best; see me as your hope and the only hope; see me as your best choice and preference and your only one.

Be charmed only by me and no one else; Be entertained only by me and no one else; your mind, your focus, your concern and all your heart and love on me, about me, to me for me and no one else; a must be your only one, no looking around, no cheating, no fooling around and no sleeping around.

Bhekaminangedwa contionues, more explanation and information

If a man is womanizing and the woman (his) woman is worried, she can use Bhekaminangedwa on him to bind him to be only hers, same applies to the man, if his lover /woman is fooling around with man, sleeping around with man or loose to man, her man can use Bhekaminangedwa love binding Muthi so that she must love only him and no one else.

What does Bhekaminangedwa do to a person?

Bhekaminangedwa neutralizes the heart, the mind and the feelings of a person and centralizes it to / with one person. Bhekaminangedwa in this case makes this particular lover to be compelled to be faithful and always be duty-bound to show love and loving every time. Bhekaminangedwa is a love binding Muthi just as good as Zwanamina but Bhekaminangedwa strictly serve to hinder the person from cheating and fooling around; the heart of this particular person worked upon with Bhekaminangedwa is compelled to focus, love, and be involved only and strictly with this one person.

UBhekaminangedwa wenza umuntu wakho athande wena wedwa hayi ukukuhlanganisa nabanye abantu

In this one a rare to find animal and some certain rare type of doves and some muthi is used, I can’t give formula because is my secret and a property for my amadlozi and my children/ Bhekaminangedwa

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