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Not Ukuthwala but Ukupakamisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Khokhovula Gundabaloyi performing success rituals his children helping, Ukuphakanyiswa!!! so we call it. When I’m writing and publishing on social networks I like many call it Ukuthwala, but in actual fact I don’t do Ukuthwala because ukuthwala is dirty and dangerous.

Ukuthwala means to carry or carrying (Carrying what) simply carrying human souls that you sacrifice for wealth and for your own riches which we don’t do. We use the word ukuthwala because that is what people understand. If we had to use the word Ukuphakamisa people would not understand what we mean but in actual fact we don’t do dangerous ukuthwala but Ukuphakamisa.

The wealth rituals we do for people is not Ukuthwala (We do uplift) (We lift) What do we lift and what do we mean by lifting: We lift the sanctions of poverty as with a country has its sanctions lifted.

We do uplift people who want to get wealthy through spirits.

Everybody who does Ukuthwala straight is dangerous to himself and the family at large. We do good, safe an d humble success rituals for the people. In South Africa, United kingdom, United States, Ireland, China, Zambia, Namibia, India, Canada and the world over.

Our rituals lasts forever without any renewal. It is so funny that since I started writing and publishing about rituals of wealth everybody even the poor of the poorest are shouting ‘Siyathwalisa-Siyathwalisa, they read my articles and practice Ukuthwala fake; SHAME and a big SHAME

As I have published this video I know they are copying, they will be doing the same telling you they are helping you with Ukuthwala ritual for money; Shame; All i’m showing here is not all about these rituals, there is a lot to uncover.

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