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Relationships, Love affairs and Marriage Problems


Dark forces that attack relationships, love affairs and marriages


In many families girls don’t marry or hardily get proper and sustaining relationships. Same applies with some boys in other families, marriage just don’t happen; not because they don’t want to, but because of the curse spells sent upon them.


It is every girl’s wish to grow up get married and settle down, this used to work well for girls and boys, men and women in general in ancient times; they married and settled to build better families as institutions for the better upbringing of their children who in the same way will be genuine people for a better marriage life and for the good upbringing of their own children from generation to generation; passing it from one life era to another.


The fear of the bad and the evil forces that destroy marriages


People of old times feared to full around and sleep around with men and women like dogs; nowadays, relationships, Love affairs, sex in particular have become something like a joke, to play around with. It is because of these dark forces that cause marriage and love problems. In South Africa they say “SIYAJOLA”  ‘jola’ “BAYAJOLA”. Jola; means to be in a love affair where you are not serious, where you are having a sexual relationship with someone but as in a joke, or just playing around.

Let’s abbreviate this JOLA word; J stands for JOKES; O stands for OVER; L stands for LOVE; A stands for AFAIRS. So JOLA means, JOKES OVER LOVE AFFAIRS. Thus nowadays love and marriages have become a hub of stresses and abuse, it has become more of an abuse substance.


Some Girls Just Can’t Marry due to some Spirits


There are families where all girls do prostitution and end up being the brothel material directly or indirectly because of the evil and the dark forces of the spirits of their late grand moms, aunties and the great grand who did not find love and marriages during their times of living on earth, who lived that life and they now come as some spiritual beings to perform the very same they went through in the lives they lived before their death.


The clan of loners and single parenting, Gay and Lesbian love lives


These spirits that destroy marriages creates loners, prostitution, single parenthood, and that of Gay and Lesbian. They take away all the hopes of a true love from a person and make them feel that nobody is good at all so life can be lived any way. These spirits that destroy love affairs and marriages can shift a person who has had a child in a proper relationship to a Gay lesbian life; that is when men have convinced themselves or made themselves to believe that there is no good woman for marriage and preferred another man for a sexual relationship, same applies with women when they have given up on men to women sexual lives, they opt for Lesbian lives. Otherwise there is no such a thing as born Gays and lesbians; it all comes from giving up on normal relationships, from the mind as the replacement of a normal love affair. It is all the works of evil and dark forces that affect marriages. In women, these dark forces are afraid of men, so they prefer other women, thus Lesbian lives are born, in men as well they hate women and prefer men thus Gay life is born


The life you live today will determine the kind of spirit you will be to your off springs, things you failed will be experienced as well by those who will carry your spirit as an ancestor until those issues are removed and those happenings are reversed through some rituals and expulsion of such bad spirits and total cleansing. Without these spirits removed from you, your relationships won’t work, they are just as good as a myth, until you are a total social misfit.


Khokhovula is an expert in the rituals for such; he is the people’s help


Me the Great and the Most Powerful Traditional Healer Khokhovula Gundabaloyi





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