Isichitho solwembu/ The curse break up spell of the fiber of a spider

More and more about Isichitho and different types of Isichitho with our traditional healer, Sangoma and our spiritual guru the world’s greatest Khokhovula Gundabaloyi; This time about isichitho solwembu.

Isichitho comes in many different forms and they relate to one another, in some cases they look almost the same but being different. Isichitho may attack someone in almost a very similar way to the other type of Isichitho but must be dealt with or be put away/removed in a different way as the formation of their creation, make and attack differs. You miss this you can’t help people with the problem of Isichitho.

The main role players in Isichitho series

Woman have become the major role-players or partakers in the cycle of the field of Isichitho, this is mainly caused by jealous, competition and fights over man. Women no longer want to fight physical with their rivals; they know pretty well that the hand of the law will come very bitter on them, so they prefer to attack one another through Isichitho, which they source from different spiritualist, Sangomas, Izinyanga, the traditional healers, some pastors and witches. It is really amazing to find that some church spiritualists are giving out Isichitho to their women members to cause breakup in their love triangles for their own good. There are some churches who call themselves ‘The churches of prophecy’ and so on they give out things called isiwasho some comes in form of so called holly water but that water will be portraying isichitho. This isichitho will save to break up wives with their husbands or boyfriend with their girlfriends so that this woman takes over. In some cases some spiritualists of doom who gave Isichitho to the woman takes over and become her Kangaroo boyfriend or ‘Umakhwapheni’ just to certify his lust and evil sexual desires; and this is bad and a total witchcraft.

Becareful women

Many of the women went to seek for help from Pastors, Sangomas, Traditional healers and the Prophets for Isichitho that they are suffering from and ended up being the sex tools and victims of sex thinking they have found a permanent protection. This is total abuse and rape; you have isichitho woman and you consult with an unscrupulous healer who will take your money and want to sleep with you telling you that it is a way of taking out isichitho, it is nonsence, there is no such a way of taking out/removing isichitho; otherwise that would be a way of getting Aids and related sexual transmitted diseases. It is only muthi and healing, strictly muthi and healing that will remove your Isichitho not sleeping with your healer, becareful women.


The church and Isichitho

What has the church of today became, I always have thought that a church is a holly place where isichitho cannot belong or be found, but some pastors and prophets give ischitho to their members to take other people’s husbands and they call that a blessing; I don’t know whether a God of nowadays is fashioned with witchcraft or he has been made a cover by these guys to do witchcraft hiding under the shadows of him ‘God’. I am saying this because isichitho is witchcraft and cannot be performed or used by so called holy people. I cannot be the judge of anyone but what I am saying here is that I won’t protest isichitho amongst the church people if it is the new will of God let them be part of it. Some people do witchcraft when they are not aware they are doing it.

Sangomas, Traditional healers and Isichitho

Some hungry and selfish Sangoma are now acting in place of witches as witches themselves or they are just witches in Sangoma outfit; A true Sangoma is a person who is meant for healing, solving and help people with their spiritual problems,  sicknesses and other; a Sangoma and a traditional healer must play mother/fatherly figure to the people not giving girls isichitho to cause divorce amongst married families and take over, that is total witchcraft and evil that can be passed to great grandchildren unaware; e.g. a Sangoma takes money from girls and send a breakup spell/isichitho so that the well settled and married couple with five children divorce, with that money  the Sangoma or a traditional healer buys food, clothing and other needs for his children (those children are likely to grow up cursed with the cruelty and the curses of their parent (The Sangoma or  traditional healer) for the divorce he caused unnecessary just for the love of money.

What do I as Khokhovula do in case of Isichitho: I return it to the owner, the one who sent it or/and the creator who supplied the sender after removing it from the victim as in revenge and that is a right thing to do.

In this article here, I would like to explain and give information about Isichitho solwembu/the break up spell of the fiber of a spider

Isichitho soLwembu/The curse break up spell of the fiber of a spider

You feel like there is something moving on your whole body or a particular area of your body like face, neck or your thighs and this thing irritates, it feels like a string of invisible fibers of spiders, moving or playing around your body with an irritating or uncomfortable feeling; then that might be Isichitho slwembu . If you try to remove it with your hands or your palms you will see nothing but it will keep on irritating you. Isichitho of the fiber of the spider/the curse break up spell of the fiber of a spider does not itch it only make you feel very bad with invisible fibers moving on your skin and tempering with your nerves now and then.


The witch’s idea of this type of isichitho (Isichitho solwembu/isichitho of fibers of spiders)

The main aim with this type of isichitho is to minimize the feelings of the targeted person towards the love partner but the problem is that it doesn’t end just there, it goes on to take effect even with the people whom it was not meant to irritate (outside your love affairs) you find people being irritated by your presence and your everything. When you are suffering from isichitho solwembu/the break up spell of the fibers of spiders you can’t perform well on your sexual life because your mind and the whole thinking will be on the feeling of irritation you have. For an example; you have got to move your hands from your sexual partner and try to remove the fiber like irritation on your skin and you lose concentration and focus and you are out of the game. Isichitho aspects mostly the witches are very shrewd; they are the researchers and the scientists more than the scientists.

The idea of the spider of trapping the insects

The idea of the spider of trapping the insects with its fiber formation works in a form of the breakup spell of the fiber of the spider / isichitho solwembu. You will feel like your love part of life have come to a dead end and you need none of it, you kind of want to be alone and attend to the irritation you feel on your skin and your other side of feeling tells you that you can’t just ignore the nature of being in a relationship, you need someone, when you get someone, that someone doesn’t last in that relation he dumps you because of that, you end up being a permanent victim of such circumstances( Isichitho solwembu/break up spell of the fiber of the spider being the architecture.

Which Isichitho is similar to Isichitho solwembu?

This isichitho solwembu acts more or less the same as Isichitho samazeze or ubutata See an article entitled Isichitho samazeze or Ubutata under the category Love spell articles of Khokhovula. These tiny magic lice will give you a tuff time by just walking and moving all around your body more especially in those sensitive areas of the body, more especially the face. They cause irritation even more than this one of the fiber of the spider.

What gender uses isichitho

Man don’t fool yourselves and think that it is only women who uses isichitho, some men have taken other people’s wives using Isichitho and this is a total shame as there are a lot of singles out there who need straight forward partners to settle with.

Indaba yesichitho madoda ijulile njalo ikude ukuphela, uma nje kusenendaba zamathando, kusathathelwana amadoda, isichitho siyohleli sila. Mina Khokhovula ngikhona ngingumxazululi walezizinto. Noma ngabe singakanani isichitho onaso, ngizosisusa kujabhe umuntu nabathakathi bakhe bezinyanga ezibolileyo.

The problem of curse breakup spells will be always there as long as there are people loving each other and still go on to cheat. I Khokhovula am saying, I am here to solve all those problems, It doesn’t matter how long and how big is that kind of Sichitho, I will remove it and disappoint the one who sent it to you altogether with the one who gave it to him/her.


Me again; your spiritualist, Sangoma, Shaman, Spirit medium, herbalist, cultural and traditional expert and a traditional healer Khokhovula Gindabaloyi.

Any questions or needs? Please let me know, I (Khokhovula, traditional healer) am willing to help and or advise you.

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  1. Mkhulu ngicabanga ukuthi ngafakwa isichitho solwembu kanti namazeze kwasa egcwele itafula ekhishin lami kodwa kwaba amalangana nje aphela nalokhu kokungathokozeli inkonzo yase kamereni ngicabanga ukuthi sikhona egazin kimi nakumyeni wami sisa bangiphonsa nangesilwane ngiphupha ngilele nomuntu wesilisa SiZa Mkhulu Camaku.

  2. That feeling of a spider web passing on my face happen to me sometimes now how do i respond orwhat should i do sometimes al be walking with my boyfriend which i love so much

    • Hello and how are you; your problem of the fiber web needs to be treated or removed since it is a sign of Isichitho; you need to call me and arrange for your help and appointment on +27730373093 / +27726143795

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