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Traditional Healing With Khokhovula Gundabaloyi

Khokhovula Gundabaloyi offers the powerful Traditional and spiritual healing services that work on-line. We offer Guaranteed, Safe, and Effective Spells that work, work safely and work As We promise! Guaranteed
These services are based on Spiritual healing or psychic abilities with sharp spiritual skills to solve any problems faced by humanity in the universe. These services cannot be scientifically examined and therefore you use them at your good judgment. You must be 18+years and above of age to request for my services.

My spiritual healing includes the following effective methods.

Traditional Healing

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I’m a powerful native spiritual traditional healer namely Khokhovula Gundabaloyi, with-established methods passed down from my ancestral healers to another to treat a person suffering from various illnesses and solve problems spiritually faced by humanity many of which have psychological fastened. Methods used by my traditional healing formulas include the use of roots, animal fats and other remains and a lot that mother earth the universe provide for me accompanied by spirit or spell. My traditional healing herbs include a lot of powerful herbs such as fertility / pregnancy herbs, herbs for impotence and erectile dysfunction, and herbs for stopping miscarriages. 
My herbs are very powerful and the results are extremely effective. I use specially freshharvested herbs but that which have been used for centuries by ancient healers. (They are now secret formulas which are only known by their only chosen Khokhovula Gundabaloyi) Most of these herbs are collected from different parts of the world such as the Zimbabwe, South Africa, Amazon forest in Brazil, the Mountains of the Red Indians and most of the river banks in Africa Including Limpopo, Thuli, Mzingwane, Tugela, Umfolozi, Umkhomasi, Ugwayi, Tshangane, Zambezi and the river banks of River Nile.
Spell Casting

White Magic Spell casters like to share their knowledge while Black Magic Sorcerers keep everything secret. White magic, black magic, magic and spells, there are so many things around us right? But when time comes we need to choose one, wherein when pain may occur we like to choose the one which gives us faster relief correct? Lot of my clients do ask me of which one is better white magic or black magic, which one will give you the inset details of what is done and how and I always tell them Khokhovula Gundabaloyi is the only answer and solution.

Why is it done that way, which one will give faster effects and results? (They ask) Khokhovula Gundabaloyi is the answer to all such asked questions. White magic spells comprises or rituals where usages of planetary movements, angels, past life’s work are used or exist when the ritual is performed. Black magic spells uses energy that are present during the day or night time, in other words black magic also denies the law of life and uses energy opposing the law of life as a short cut to quick solutions for the benefit of humanity: meaning, you can harm someone protecting someone; for instance you can destroy a which to protect those attacked by him/her. 
Spiritual Reading

Real Spiritualists have many divinity tools at their preservation. From looking into throwing bones, crystal balls, reading your palm, prophecy; there are countless ways to predict the future. So in addition to that, I Khokhovula Gundabaloyi am pleased to offer several other tools for foretelling. A part from born throwing readings which is common in Africa, I also offer Astrology and Numerology, both handy spiritual guiding tools when it comes to FINDING OUT ABOUT YOUR FUTURE AND ITS PERFECTION.

The insights will give you the present environment in your relationship how your relationship with your partner will be like in the future. My dream interpretations have a testimonial following of fans in over 99 countries. The dream interpretations have proved so accurate to the extent I have saved hundreds of lives, I have saved thousands of relationships, and have also helped thousands of people to discover a new purposeful and meaningful life.
Magic Oils & Herbs

Magical oils are oils that have been infused with herbs or herbal combinations with some animal fats and some remains, most often for a specific purpose or ritual. My Magical (or Spiritual) oils have been used in ceremonies for thousands of years. They are often used to anoint the body, candles, and tools; in spells, as a antenna support or an essential element of the spell’s target, alone or combined with color magic, to turn crystals, amulet, talismans, etc., from mundane items to magical ones. 
Magical oils are also used in rituals, thru anointing of the body or via aromatherapy. These can lead to ecstatic states or focused energy work. Magical Oils and Herbs are a magnificent spells for the spectacular magical spiritual protection to the spiritualist and his people. They act as a shield to many problems, the fore seen ones and those that come unexpected. In this case Protection Spells are cast of these Magical Oils and Herbs by Khokhovula Gundabaloyi.
Love Spell

My greatest Natural gift comes from my late great grandmother a legendary traditional magician in magic love potion and love spell casting. Because of decade’s long experience in love / relationship problem solving, I have to master the most effective and powerful love spells. Before I give out a love spell or a love potion, I will then take you through a spiritual meditation process.

The first step is a simple conversation with me, before we go for a psychic medium reading. After get to the bottom of where the problem lies, I enter the spiritual ancestral system for guidance on the way forward. From there I will have super knowledge of the right love spell to cast or the magic potion to blend for you. My magic love spells and love potions have been proved to be very effective and powerful for thousands of years. Contact me now for a solution. Khokhovula Gundabaloyi.


This very Powerful Love Magic Charm is an extremely effective love potion that is so high on demand with my fans and followers. As long as you clearly need a long standing stable love relationship with your partner then this love potion is the perfect solution.
• Bring Lost Lover Back
• Attract Him / Her
• Marry Him / Her
• Dominate the relationship in its all spheres
• Bind your love
• Protect your love

Below are the formulas for love binding by names by Khokhovula Gundabaloyi. Intando

Zwanamina, Mandangaphakathi, Amaga, Intando Isivoko, Antechnus dusk love binding, Delunina, Udelunina, Bizabiza, Umfumfu, Mushato, Intando, Igobondela, Mathithibala, Umathihtibala, Isivoko sothando, Intando ngeqhimilili, these and many more are love potions by Khokhovula Gundabaloyi, you can read more of these by visiting

Below are the formulas for curse spells for breaking and mix-up

Isichitho sothuvi / Curse spell of human waste, Isichitho sesongololo / Curse spell of millipede, Isichitho solwembu / Curse spell of spider web, Isichitho sotwayi / Curse spell of itching eczema sort of, Isichitho sebhakumba / Curse spell of heavy fights and consisting of dangers, Isichitho Ichithamuzi / Curse break up spell to break up families by family feuds and divisions, Isichitho seminenke / Curses by snails, Isichitho samaxoxo / Curses by frogs, Isichitho sezinduna / Curses with pimples or acne. Read more about these formulas on

Prayers on Makwe mysterious mountains and Halihulu sacred Holy River pool in Gwanda Zimbabwe,

Have you heard about the power of the Shrine Makwe Mountain and Halihulu sacred river pool Rituals and Prayers? There are moments where you badly need to recall your ancestral spirits for help. And in some situations in life, it takes a whole of spiritual intervention to overcome life barriers or problems that are beyond human control. My Shrine Makwe Mountain and Halihulu sacred river pool waters through rituals and prayers will effectively help you find a solution to your life problems in case the trouble comes under one of these categories below:

Love / Marriage / relationship problem;

Having financial problems or burdens; Those looking to multiply their income and wealth; Those looking for protection; The process of these rituals and prayers involves a form of magic water and oils and this magic water is used during the prayers plus burning magical herbs to invoke your ancestral spirits. It will depend on how you make your ancestors happy which will determine the degree of help they will offer you. Khokhovula Gundabaloyi is the answer to all your spiritual needs. Find more on


This very powerful Magic Ring is a very popular magic item for those that intend to bring happiness and a new breath into their lives. This Magic comes in two categories The Magic Money Ring and The Love Magic Ring. The magic through this ring is so powerful that results achieving greatness.
• Financial Blessings
• Business Prosperity

Business Rituals

Khokhovula Gundabaloyi’s rituals are one of the most sought after spiritual powers in today’s world. The Rituals comes with money magic spiritual intervention that will connect you to your beloved ancestors as a means of seeking immediate financial guidance, assistance and help as soon as possible in your life and businesses.
• Wealth, Fortune, Prosperity & fame


The Khokhovula Gundabaloyi Protection Oil is powerful magic oil that is used for protection powers when your life is rounded by enemies or by bad luck. The Protection Khokhovula Gundabaloyi Oil will bring safety in your life, in your family and in your business or job. It will also immediately cleanse away all bad luck.
• Protection
• Bad Luck
• Blessings


The Magic Candle is a drawing candle for the light, your light of life to lighten up things. It also works on the money drawing rituals buy Khokhovula Gundabaloyi; it is designed with extremely powerful magical powers that will react to ancestral mobilization during the spiritual meditation prayers as it burns down. The Magic candle can’t wear out not until your wish is granted.
• Money Luck
• Promotion
• Business Profits
• The light


Magic Love Candle is one of the best traditional healing items used by Khokhovula Gundabaloyi in making a man or woman soften his / her heart into yours. This magic love candle is powerful medium for most especially long distance relationships that really need attention, where commitment is the best way to secure the relationship. It doesn’t go alone but with some other love portions by Khokhovula Gundabaloyi; Read on Love potions 
• Long Distance Love
• Unsteady Marriage
• Need for commitment
• Marriage at breaking point


These are Khokhovula Gundabaloyi’s most selling love spells and they are extremely effective.

Love Binding; Zwanamina, Mandangaphakathi, Amaga, Intando Isivoko, Antechnus dusk love binding, Delunina, Udelunina, Bizabiza, Umfumfu, Mushato, Intando, Igobondela, Mathithibala, Umathihtibala, Isivoko sothando, Intando ngeqhimilili, these and many more are love potions by Khokhovula Gundabaloyi, you can read more of these by visiting

Curse breakup spells; Isichitho sothuvi / Curse spell of human waste, Isichitho sesongololo / Curse spell of millipede, Isichitho solwembu / Curse spell of spider web, Isichitho sotwayi / Curse spell of itching eczema sort of, Isichitho sebhakumba / Curse spell of heavy fights and consisting of dangers, Isichitho Ichithamuzi / Curse break up spell to break up families by family feuds and divisions, Isichitho seminenke / Curses by snails, Isichitho samaxoxo / Curses by frogs, Isichitho sezinduna / Curses with pimples or acne. Read more about these formulas on

Every action has a reverse reaction in the universe theory. And in magic love spell casting that very reason why He / She left will have a reverse reason to that very person back into your love life. Once I cast my love spell you have to clearly follow the instructions which will become clear guidelines of controlling the emotions of that lover you want to bring back into your life. With no time He / She will be back in the realms of your love life.


Binding love – Spell

If you are having a troubled relationship and looking for an immediate solution to stabilize with your partner then Khokhovula Gundabaloyi’s Binding Love Spells are going to do wonders for you. On cast the binding spell you will be binding and tying down the knot with your lover. This new bond you create is equal to a spiritual marriage before your ancestral spirits. This Khokhovula Gundabaloyi’s love potion makes it a point that your differences with your partner will be ironed out forever.

MUSHATO / MARRY M E love potion

Powerful Marriage Spell

My Powerful Marriage Spell has seen hundreds of couples around the world go down the passageway. Marriage is a matter of blessings and commitment before it takes place. And if you doubt your partner’s commitment to tying the knot the marriage spell is the perfect love potion to make him / her show his or her undying love for you and Khokhovula Gundabaloyi is the answer. The marriage spell will make his heart so much longing and burning for a lifetime relationship and will be quick to accept the marriage request. Khokhovula Gundabaloyi is the right person to consult for that.


Love Charm Spells

The popular attraction spell comes in two categories, that is: – the Love Charm Magic Potion through Muthi and the Love Spell magic through spiritual powers. Depending on your intentions of using the attraction spell, you will definitely achieve the desired effects. The attraction spell is meant for those people who have special feelings for someone else but really find it hard to get in a relationship with that particular person being admired. This will change the mindset of the target person towards the spell you.

The testimonies below are individual experiences experiencing real life experiences of those who used Khokhovula Gundabaloyi’s services in one way or another.

However these are individual experiences and results vary. I do not claim that they are typical results that you or another client will generally achieve. 
These testimonials are not necessarily representative of all those who will use my services. You will have the result of your own depending on the problems you have, but all positive results.


Charlie Brownlin – Texas (USA)

Let me take this opportunity to show my gratitude towards Khokhovula Gundabaloyi. After having a testimonial talk with one of my best friend Jane, she recommended me to Mr. Khokhovula Gundabaloyi. When I did contact him via online I was surprised of assuring me that long distance spell casting is possible. It took a very short time counting postage time plus the use of medicine and my man who had left, was back in my life.

Govender – South Africa Durban

I needed to triple my earnings from my business and I had no idea what to do. Not until after doing Google search, I came across Khokhovula Gundabaloyi’s Website, Ukuthwala for money / Ukuphakanyiswa. I decided to give a go at the ritual. The results were amazing, as I begun seeing money coming in, customers had tripled and my business for Property sales was accumulating a lot of assets at an unstoppable rate. As I comment I have other businesses running very well and Khokhovula has become my home for business and success.

Tumi – South Africa

I had family problems last year. When I contacted Khokhovula Gundabaloyi, He first took me through a spiritual reading. He immediately found out that I had enemies who had become intruders into my family life. These enemies were my close friends and they had cast bad luck spells on me. From there we made a cleansing to chase away the bad luck. The Protection Spell He cast afterwards has protected me from my enemies. No more troubles in my family.

Ayanda from Lesotho

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years now and we are expecting a baby soon because am pregnant now but he had lost interest in me and didn’t love me the way he did. At first i thought it was all my imagination and that it was all in my head because he did not want to spend quality time with me anymore and was always rushing going somewhere or bringing up any excuse not to be around me. I was getting frustrated and angry at the same time because at this time all I wanted was my boyfriend to be there for me and love me then I found out that he was having an affair with a workmate and that is why he was behaving the way he did towards me. I did not want to lose my boyfriend because soon he was going to be the father of our baby. Surfing on the internet I found Khokhovula Gundabaloyi and decided to get help from him. I got faith and trust on him after reading how he is helping a lot of people with their loved ones on his website I contacted Khokhovula and he cast a love and binding spell for me and in a week my boyfriend sent me a message and confessed everything and asked for my forgiveness and promised never to see that woman again. I’m so Thankful Baba Khokhovula Gundabaloyi. Thanks the efforts he put in restoring my relationship with my man. Thank you for being a true traditional healer Baba Khokhovula, I promised to tell everyone about your great work but still remain anonymous ,

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Any questions or needs? Please let me know, I (Khokhovula, traditional healer) am willing to help and or advise you.

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