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These spirits that destroy marriages creates loners, prostitution, single parenthood, and that of Gay and Lesbian; They take away all the hopes of a true love from a person and make them feel that nobody is good at all so life can be lived any way. These spirits that destroy love affairs and marriages can shift a person who has had a child in a proper relationship to a Gay lesbian life; that is when men have convinced themselves or made themselves to believe that there is no good woman for marriage and preferred another man for a sexual relationship, same applies with women when they have given up on men to women sexual lives, they opt for Lesbian lives.

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MAKE YOUR ORDER NOW Isinyama / Ibhadi / Bad luck comes in too many different forms; it all depends on how the bad luck spell caster sent it to deal with you. Isinyama, ibhadi (Bad luck) does not have kindness, it treasures in seeing you having bad things happening to you, accusations and negative happenings […]

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He/She has got Isinyama, Ibhadi, Isikhwakhwalala, isinyamasamanzi amnyama; He/She has got bad lucks in their types, all the bad things are happening to him/her for no reasons. She/he did nothing wrong, made no mistake but still the problem forcefully chose him or her and he/she is in trouble, mm’ he/she is having a very bad luck; Isikhwakhwalala, isinyama samanzi amanyama, (Isinyama). ‘This lady is not getting someone to marry, if she meets someone it always end up ugly, she has a hell of a bad luck’