Isichitho Samazeze / Ubutata / The break up spell of chicken tiny lice, mites and bugs +2773 037 3093 / +2763 8111 178 / +2763 8146 291 / +2783 2924 922

I sichitho of Amazeze/Ubutata/Amahonondo is a curse magic breakup spell that bad people send to their enemies, those who they want to see breaking up. It doesn’t only save as a break up spell, it also can make people feel negative about you or possible hate you for no apparent reason. When you are attacked with this kind of Isichitho, you feel these tiny things moving all over your body causing a very nervy irritation. Sometime one can be tempted to try and search for them only to no avail but still feeling their moves and the irritation. This results in numbness of your feelings towards many things that matters in life including sex and that is the winning point of the perpetrator. It can also happen the other way round, your partner who doesn’t have isichitho might feel negative about you and you are done with.