Who is Khokhovula?

Khokhovula is a Spiritualist, a spirit medium, traditional healer, a fortune teller altogether. He is an Inyanga, a Sangoma and he is well versed with rituals of people of different ethnics. He was born of the small but spiritually centered Jahunda people and grew up in a broad and famous Nguni cultures and traditional beliefs. He is born in the midst of traditional healing, spirit medium ship and also witchcraft (Psychic attacks). The families in his father and mother’s sides are filled with traditional healers, spirit mediums, the rain Queens, Witches and Wizards (Izinyanga, Izangoma, Izanusi, Abathandazi Nabathakathi. His father was known for the punishment of thieves, witch-hunt, lightining and rain rituals, casting of ghosts and any kind of evil spirits. He also was well-known for bringing ancestral spirits and families together, giving powers to other spiritualists such as Sangomas, Nyangas, Zanusis, Prophets, church Bishops, Pastors/Priests (Psychic readers, Fortune tellers, Clairvoyance, Spirit mediums, and the rain Queens). He also gave those powers for success and leadership to Business people, Headmen, Chiefs and the politicians at large mostly in the Southern African region. Now Khokhovula the son possesses the dominant spirits from his father, mother, and grandmother’s families.

Childhood Experiences

Khokhovula started his relationship with the spirits as early as an infant, he was dancing to the necromantic banquets (Ngoma/Ngungu, Drums) for the elders who could not dance due to their old age, to connect them to the spirit world, that was as early as he could stand as a child (between one year eight months and three years). This carried on until Khokhovula was twelve years old thus when he started performing rituals, Healing people and connecting them to their ancestral spirits, at that time he conducted traditional dancing at schools of which he was seen as an extraordinary child with adult-hood talent. It is now thirty years that Khokhovula has been doing traditional healing and spirit medium ship. He spent many years doing it for free of charge until he was matured enough; he then started to charge for his services.

In 1988 some people took him to Botswana to a place under chief Mwene the villages of Khalanga people known as Malilima to perform some rituals and other related services. He was then referred to other people there in Botswana which saw him going to Francistown, Palape and Mahalepe. There after he retained to his Jahunda village where he found people of South Africa/Zimbabwean border waiting for him for his prominent and superior traditional and spiritual services. He stayed the last four months of 1989 in Messina now called Mussina doing great things around Venda, Sotho, Tshangane and Tsonga areas. He was noted by the people of KwaZulu-Natal who needed his services and took him to KwaZulu-Natal. When he got to KZN, he gained fame through working with the profile big (Politicians, Sports people, Celebrities, Church Pastors, Prophets, Bishops and the Business people successfully. He worked with a lot of people on the ground as well with success.

This is what Khokhovula says “I am a traditional healer and a spirit medium not because my father was and not because most of my forefathers were, I am because I was chosen by (them) the spirits to represent and mediate three families, my grandmother’s, my father’s, my mother’s and any other families of the world, through ancestral spirits and the powers they give to me. I was not trained by the people of this world such as the Sangomas, the Nyangas, Prophets etc; I was coached by the spirits themselves from the spirit world, so I feel unique.” The rituals that he understands better are those ones of the Southern African people more especially the Nguni of which he grew up in. Amongst them are Zulu, Ndebele, Swati, Xhosa, Mfengu, Hlubi, Mpondo, and Bhaca. He also can do the Sotho, Venda, Tshangane, Tsonga, Tswana, Pedi, Tonga, Khalanga, Shona, Karanga, Zezuru, Nyanja, Nambya and many more. Being conducted by the spirit world, he have worked with a lot of people outside the above mentioned tribes even the whites and African American blacks to help them reconcile and reunite with their ancestral sprits through rituals.

Khokhovula was not born with the name Khokhovula, Khokhovula name, comes from his fore-fore fathers namely Gundabaloyi and Khokhovula respectively of which he was informed by the spirits themselves from the spirit world. Gundabaloyi means cutting the witch or wizard, slaughtering the witch and wizard, psychic attackers etc, chopping them ending their evil witchcraft practices. (Witch-hunt with possible death outcomes) but all through ancestral powers no spears no guns no swords and no weapons of people of this world, not even the weapons of mass destruction of this world can stand such powers and its invisible war. No physical attacks only spiritual war.

Gunda-Baloyi; Gunda means cut especially hair and or grass. Baloyi means Witches, Wizards, Psychic Attackers etc, the Baloyi word is derived from Sotho/Tswana language Moloyi meaning witches and wizards.

Khokhovula means, ‘sprits of forefathers or ancestors open up things, open the doors. Khokho-Vula; Khokho means, forefather or ancestor. Vula means open / open up.
So his ancestral name is Gundabaloyi Khokhovula. He was born with the name Njabulo and nick name Mazhiya and the English name on ID Lenn Motorn.
Mazhiya is a Jahunda word for the Big-one, Inkalakatha in Zulu. Mazhiya also refers to powerful moves such as those ones of earth-quakes, hurricanes, tornados, bush fires and those for heavy-windy-thunderous rains (the cyclone and thunder storms) which are believed in many African beliefs to be accompanied by a big-big snake namely Inkanyamba by the Zulu speaking people and Inyanyahuwe in Mzilikazi’s Zulu/Ndebele Mamolapo in Sotho.

Khokhovula with inborn and inherited powers used long back by our forefathers and ancestors to fight wars, witches and wizards, accumulate wealth, secure their kingdoms and their wealth, strengthen their leadership and be feared by many, solve their problems, connect with their ancestors and to treat diseases amongst themselves, do a great deal of wonders working as the servant of the ancestors to channel the lives of the people of the world with their ancestors.

Ancestral spirits: Our Forefathers, Ancestors ( Ancestral spirits ) general are held to be the custodians of the land on which we live and survive, so failure and success is their contribution. They (Ancestors) are the guardians of family affairs, customs, traditions and ethnical norms. Offence of these matters ultimately is offence against our forefathers who in that capacity acts as invisible police of our families.

Gundabaloyi Khokhovula at intermediation in the reconciliation and reuniting of the ancestors with their off springs has served as an ancestral servant for over thirty years now.

There are sacred herbs that help to invoke the presence of the ancestors, translate what ancestors are saying, they are used to talk to your ancestors. Their voices sounds depend on the type of the spirits. Is it the water or mountain spirits? UMndawu, UMndiki, ILinda, INtshomane, IJukwa, Abelozi, IGidelandlini, IShabi, INjelele, IMmondolo and many, differing depending on the type of people with whom they are attached.

No Belief, Culture, Custom, Tradition, or Religion is better, greater, or is constantly superior as compared to those of others; each and every one of them is better, greater and constantly superior than those of others to those who believe in them. My tradition to me is better than any, just as anybody out there believes his/hers is the best. Many people have copied the mannerisms of western capitals forsaking their own African tradition forgetting that the westerns also consult with their spirit mediums, psychic readers, angel readers, fortune tellers, sangomas, inyangas, prophets and saucers for their services, there is nothing wrong about that, as long as they so believe in them.

People believe in what they believe in because that is what they choose to believe in or that is what they understand or have been told or heard better about or simply been taught by others. Khokhovula was not taught or coached by somebody; he learnt from the spirits themselves. “The connection between my body and the spirits comprises a lot of secrets, a lot of things that people outside spiritual life will hardly understand, there are no researches, no scientific studies, no syllabuses, only the dreams and different voices of the spirits coaching and providing powers and knowlledge.

” Khokhovula said. His belief is 100% belief in Amadlozi, (Ancestral spirits) of which he is connected to and so connect others with. Also believe that Christianity is a community builder, Creating good characters and good citizens but it is not his Traditional Belief/Religion, it is the western religion that was forced into so many people during colonialism and slave trading out classing other beliefs between 1500 and 1900 centuries. That is the reason it has the highest number of followers in the world. There is nothing wrong with it and so nothing wrong with our African Tradition and Shamanism, if somebody chose to believe in it, if it works for him/her it is alright. Khokhovula insists to stay concrete with his African Belief, The Africa of which these westerns say it is the origin of all mankind (all human beings) why not its traditions and beliefs of all mankind? This I do not know.

Cultures were destroyed and replaced with Christianity. These people, (Catholic Churches) they had technologies, funny enough, instead of educating other races the technology they had, they forced them learn Christianity and enslaved them. Christianity is not the only Religion that offers salvation by faith. Many do. What make Religions better than the other are simply the views and beliefs of its believers. To Christianity their belief is better because that is what they choose to believe.

Khokhovula is worried about the manner the term witchdoctor is used Witch-Doctor,The term Witch-Doctor is loosely and inappropriately used to describe almost any form of healing that deviates from conventional western medicine. It is commonly (and derogatorily) used to refer Traditional Healers in many developing countries as well as naturopaths and faith healers in the western world. In actual fact a witchdoctor is also not a witch, infect they are almost the opposite. A witchdoctor protects from witchcraft and attempts to heal those believed to have had spells or other sorcery cursed upon them. My everyday fight Psychic-attacks / Witch-craft and Ghosts affect people and cause problems through their negative energy depression. Psychic Attack is simply negative energy that someone sends with intention to inflict harm upon you, your life or your family. Harm can be launched towards your Emotional, Physical, Spiritual or Mental state. Those negative energies can be projected in the form of thought, based mainly upon jealousy towards you. It can also happen for many other reasons other than that of jealousy. My belief is that psychic attack can be influenced mostly by the people in your surrounding that you already know, friends or family members.

What you can experience under psychic attacks: Dreaming very frightening night mares. Seeing your attackers in a devilish way, either in your dreams, meditation or in your thoughts and a feeling of a desire to hurt yourself. Some funny noises at night, a feeling of fear as if there is something very dangerous around you. I fight all this in my everyday life.My pledge to my ancestral spirits.

A PLEDGE TO MY ANCESTRAL SPIRITS. (Khokhovula Gundabaloyi)

  1. I am a Jahunda/Nguni Spirit medium and a Traditional Healer and I dedicate myself to channeling the spiritual energy of my Inner Self to help and to heal myself and others.
  2. I know that I am a part of the whole of nature. May I grow in understanding of the unity of all nature and may I always walk in balance.
  3. May I always be mindful of the diversity of nature as well as its unity and may I always be tolerant of those whose race, appearance, sex, sexual preference, culture, and other ways differ from my own.
  4. May I use the Force (psychic/spiritual power) wisely and never use it for aggression nor for malevolent purposes and may I never direct it to curtail the free will of another.
  5. May I always be mindful that I create my own reality and that I have the power within me to create positivity in my life.
  6. May I always act in honorable ways: being honest with myself and others, keeping my word whenever I have given it, fulfilling all responsibilities and commitments I have taken on to the best of my spiritual ability.
  7. May I always remember that whatever is sent out always returns magnified to the sender. May the forces of my ancestors move swiftly to remind me of these spiritual commitments when I have begin to falter from them, and may I use this ancestral feedback to help myself grow and be more attuned to my Inner Spirit and that of the ancestor spirits.
  8. May I always remain strong and committed to my Spiritual ideals in the face of adversity and negativity, may the Force of my Inner Spirit ground out all malevolence, direct my way and transform it into positivity. May my Inner Light shine so strongly that malevolent forces cannot even approach my sphere of existence.
  9. May I always grow in Inner Wisdom and Understanding, may I see every problem that I face as an opportunity to develop myself spiritually in solving it.
  10. May I always act out of Love to all other beings on this planet, to other humans, to plants, to animals, to minerals, to elementals, to spirits, and to other entities.
  11. May I always be mindful that the Goddess and God and the spirits in all their forms dwell within me and that this divinity is reflected through my own Inner self, my Spirit.
  12. May I always channel Love and Light from my being, may my Inner spirit, rather than my ego self, guide all my thoughts, feelings, and actions.

(Let us return to our African values, norms and traditions) Azibuye emasisweni

Ngiyabonga / I thank you