Penis enlargement Nonsense

Why do you have so much need of growing / enlarging your penis with Muthi, this really is trying to make sense out of nonsense. Have some man of today preferred to be donkeys. The sensitiveness in sexual intercourse does not lie deep it is mostly shallow in the mouth of the vagina. Your donkey dick will only cause pain to women not intimacy and enjoyment. Are you a man with a voracious sexual appetite which knows no bounds, is your woman that deep that you need a donkey dick? As a person who have worked with Muthi for so long; I know different trees that are used for the magic of growing or enlarging penis, however I can assure you that this is dangerous; some people have had their penises growing unstoppable.

Sanctified Wealth

Sanctified wealth with the power spirits, be blessed to bless, be anointed to anoint, be ordained to ordain, be prophetic to prophecies, be wondrous in doing miracles, be miraculous, and be spiritually filled with the power to lead your church, business or organization profitable. Be a role model, have many-many members, be a crowd puller, […]

Isichitho sesongololo / the breakup spell of a millipede

This is kind of Isichitho a very challenging one; it gives the exercise to deal with difficult feelings quite hard with every situation folding and adjusting for worse; everything folds like the millipede when it feels threatened. Your relationships adjusts and always change for worse, isichitho sesongololo/the breakup spell of a millipede always bring up the times of sad memories; you look at your current love partner you think of the bad times with the previous lover, your heart folds and you feel the mood level change in an instant and it feels bad to have him/her around, you feel the irritation like millipedes are walking all over your body with their many legs, that is isichitho sesongololo. Even if the person is trying by all means to please you, you won’t turn on or respond positively because it all feels like the irritation of many legs of millipede walking all over your body. This type of isichitho is built on the exploration of fear and anger, at one moment you are trying to find happiness at the other you come across sudden sadness everything just folds for worse.

Ukubethela umuzi, Traditional healing and the binding of homes

Ukubethela umuzi: Binding a home, a house, a business premise or a religious building or any other building for that matter. Fastening a home (Ukubethela umuzi) all this fastening and binding of a home means; working on the home with the hand of Inyanga, Sangoma or any spiritualist and herbal healer.
Even the prophets of these days does ukubethela umuzi but when things such as prophecy and the church came to Africa with the missionaries it was considered a taboo to fasten your home with some means of Inyanga and Sangoma.

The Mysteries and Supernaturalism of the Mountains of Jahunda (The Spirits)

My short prayer for the Jahundas: My Jahunda ancestors are turning in their graves that their systems of living has been terrorized by those of the new world. I cry and weep that our children of the Jahunda people deny their Jahunda identity; I cry that the Jahunda people have been swallowed by other tribes. […]

Accidents / Vehicles and the evil shadows

Washing away and casting the spirits of danger on a vehicle (Ukugeza amathunzi kwimoto esike yabulala umuntu noma imoto evame ukwenza ingozi): Bad spirits and witches can use anything as their tool to create problems and tragic deaths to people. If accident occurs and a vehicle kills or harms people, it is believed that it becomes possessed with spirits of accidents and blood shedding. It needs a spiritualist of the likes of Khokhovula to cast and wash away those evil spirits. It is a must that if the vehicle have become a blood sucker the people seek help from the spiritualist or a spirit medium, inyanga, isangoma noma umboni nje wemibono kamoya like isanuse / isanusi. Otherwise it will continue with the tendency of causing tragic accidents and deaths

Removing the shadows and spirits of murdering (Ukugezwa amathunzi okubulala)

In our Bantu understanding and beliefs, a person never go away just like that, if you kill someone that person is likely to follow you and haunt you now and then. Many people who are haunted by the spirits of the people they killed, cry at night with massive night mares and others end up getting mentally ill. The spirit or shadow of killing other people must be washed away or casted away. (Ukugezwa amathunzi okubulala).These ‘Amathunzi okubulala’ may cause serial killers in the blood line and the off springs of the killer depending on who becomes attached to the spirit of the murdering ancestor.

My Cry the Cry of Africa

I am claiming the lost true identity of an original African (Vuka Africa, Azibuyele emasisweni. Let us get back to our roots) In today’s world you speak of our ancestors, you speak of a demon, thus this generation which is a copycatted and western magnetized and blacks whiter than the white people. They call everything of their original Africa by bad names. If you talk of a Sangoma, Inyanga, Isanusi, Chiremba, N’anga, with an African child you are talking of a demon.

Umandangaphakathi the love spells that work

Umandangaphakathi make somebody feel very hot in love all the time, he/she always exaggerate things, he/she is always dying to please and certify the partner in all means. Umandangangaphakathi is a love spell that grows everyday in a person, channeling and programming the heart of that particular person to love more, and loving that one person who planted Umandangaphakathi in him/her.