Isichitho mnyama for removal and revenge

$ 250.00

Our lives now lately is under serious attack. There are people who have made the casting of bad spells on others their living thing. They never find joy in a day they didn’t cast any bad spell. Some of the spells they cast are very dangerous, causing some darkness to those they target. Isichitho mnyama is one of the bad spell removal herb invented by Khokhovula. it is for removal but at the same time can be used for revenge to the attack.


Product Description

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One thought on “Isichitho mnyama for removal and revenge

  1. Ndcela usizo,ndisokoliswa ngmfazi olala nowakwam.Andfun afe I want her to suffer angaze afunwe nayeipi indoda agqibelise ngale yam ukufeba.

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