Spirits names and their stories

SPIRITS NAMES IN NGUNI LANGUAGES Inkanyamba Umamulambo Indiki Indawo Amalinda Igidelandlini Inyanyahuwe mamolapo khanyapa mamohashoa IN SOTHO Khanyapa (monstrous; cyclone or thunderstorm) river snake the awesome “Lord of the deep waters” Mamolapo or Mamogashoa (mother of the river / deep) snake are considered the tutelary spirits of Diviners, Healers and Spirit Mediums.(Setiloane mermaids are fairly common in South Africa. Sotho folktales of Mamolapoor mamohashoa tell […]

Spirits and Khokhovula

KHOKHOVULA AND THE SPIRITS   I was born with the Following Abilities: ability of a traditional healer Spiritualist Spirit Medium Fortune Teller Psychic Reader Clairvoyancer I grew up in the midst of Traditional Healers, and Spirit Mediums. The gift is initiated through my family Paternal Lineage, following the family through DNA. Any Soul/ Spirit of my Ancestors with a […]

The Mysteries and Supernaturalism of the Mountains of Jahunda (The Spirits)

My short prayer for the Jahundas: My Jahunda ancestors are turning in their graves that their systems of living has been terrorized by those of the new world. I cry and weep that our children of the Jahunda people deny their Jahunda identity; I cry that the Jahunda people have been swallowed by other tribes. […]

Traditional and Spiritual healing powers and foreseeing with bones

I was sent by the spirits through dreams to the bush and I was told that I will find a long dead animal and they named it, they farther told me that the animal had long died with all bones white but was never eaten by any wild animal or anything when it died until now then that I had to go to it. When I got there to the bones I was commanded to pick different bones there, of which I did. When I got to my place with h different bones, I was directed to mark some of them according to the commandment and some I had to live them unmarked until further orders from the spirits. My spirits uses not only bones to tell people’s problems or to read people’ life matters, they also use voices and whistles (Amazwi or imilayezo yabaphansi and Abelozi in Zulu)