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Traditional Healing With Khokhovula Gundabaloyi Khokhovula Gundabaloyi offers the powerful Traditional and spiritual healing services that work on-line. We offer Guaranteed, Safe, and Effective Spells that work, work safely and work As We promise! GuaranteedThese services are based on Spiritual healing or psychic abilities with sharp spiritual skills to solve any problems faced by humanity […]

Physical life, Spiritual life old and new prototype of the spiritual arrangement (Incarnation) +2773 037 3093 / +2763 8111 178 / +2763 8146 291 / +2783 2924 922

Different guides come to people as people change their life styles. A progressed person will attract greater guides, a bad person will attract negative forces. There are many guides that help people with different aspects of their lives; they are their helpers.  These are usually the spirits of the people who have loved us before they died. In most of the African lands we call them ancestor spirits whereas in some other lands they call them just Angels.

Power gluttony and Power greed is a disease that kills some Legacies +2773 037 3093 / +2763 8111 178 / +2763 8146 291 / +2783 2924 922

Now My dream, Khokhovula’s dream about Great President Robert Gabriel Mugabe. In my dream he was in a deep navy suit, somebody came and removed the suit from him and shortly he was wearing a two piece blue working overall (worksuit). After that I saw him in a train greeting people and being very nice to people. I in a dream then said “look at Mugabe he is very kind to people, he even have adjusted to take the level status of ordinary people, that really means he is a good President”. I went on to tell people in the dream that “look he is even using a train than those expensive luxurious cars as the symbol and significance to the love and interaction with people on the ground”. Just after my saying  (in a dream), the clouds started to show the sign of forming rains and there after I saw the earth’s trees and all plants blossoming but President Mugabe the man was still in his overalls waving to people in a train that was moving slowly.


The Spirit, Willpower and the drive to be Wealthy +2773 037 3093 / +2763 8111 178 / +2763 8146 291 / +2783 2924 922

Enticing achievement through spiritual inspiration and inventive aspiration.

Blessed is the man that leaves wealth to his great grandchildren, there is absolutely no excuse for failing to get yourself rich in the skill of getting wealthy. Wealth is our birth right, a problem comes in our failing to understand how we should relate to natural laws that could make wealth obtainable or accessible to us all and to understand and connect to the spirits that bring us wealth.

WHAT IS MAGIC WALLET; MAGIC WALLET IS SCAM +2773 037 3093 / +2763 8111 178 / +2763 8146 291 / +2783 2924 922

There is no such a thing as magic wallet spell, it is only a statement that came with these unscrupulous/bogus and fake traditional healers to lure you into buying nothing from them for lots, lots of money. Most of these fake traditional healers come from countries like Nigeria, Uganda, West and Central Africa.


Underneath is my conversation with the foreign fake traditional healers operating in South Africa. These guys stole my article from my website by copying it and republishing it in their website. The title of the article is Zwanamina and it is a love binding spell / Intando. the name Zwanamina is original given to this […]

UKUTHWALA THAT IS VERY SAFE) GOOD WAYS OF WEALTH!!!! (BETTER THAN ILLUMINATTI) +2773 037 3093 / +2763 8111 178 / +2763 8146 291 / +2783 2924 922

Good rituals as opposed to ukuthwala for money, riches and wealth last longer or forever, this is with the fact that it is not marked by anything unlike the ukuthwala for riches which is marked by so many sacrificial demands which leads to problems when not honored. You forever grow bigger, and bigger and bigger.

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Rituals for prophetic and spiritual powers by Khokhovula Gundabaloyi, serving pastors and all the church leaders who want to be highly spiritual and prophetic as well as being miraculous and powerful; you are powered to run your church business profitably.

Political Leadership Powers, Muthi And Magic!!!! +2773 037 3093 / +2763 8111 178 / +2763 8146 291 / +2783 2924 922

Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and customers. You need to have so much power and influence that people will listen to whatever you say and do according to what you have instructed them to do. Be the type of person that people can trust you with their lives. Let’s connect today so that I can make your dream of being a Political and Influential Leader come true.

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Rituals that bring you success in and outside the football field. These rituals uplift you and make you a magnet of divine favors. Wherever you go, whatever you do, the only result you get is utmost success.