IMvukuzane / Tshipfula / Uzozo / Nhuta / Isilonda esingapholi

UZozo, IMvukuzane, Tshipfula, Nhuta, Isilonda esingapholi are very big sores that have been known to be attacking people mainly on their legs, leaving their legs amputated at hospitals. In many cases legs are amputated to cut off the peace with the disease so that the remaining leg and the whole body are free from Tshipfula/ UZozo/IMvukuzane / Nhuta/ Isilonda esingapholi. Mainly you find that it comes back to the remaining upper part of the leg. If that part is cut again to the end of the thigh towards the stomach, Imvukuzane/Uzozo/Tshipfula/Nhuta/Isilonda esingapholi either start on another leg or go inside the stomach and in there it becomes very fatal. In the case of the photos below, a lady form Manyii at Matsa near Manvuka in Nzhelele Venda, Limpopo in the Republic of South Africa was attacked by the aforesaid Bantu Imvukuzane / Nhuta / Tshipfula / Uzozo / Isilonda esingapholi.

Diseases related to Imvukuzane / Tshipfula / Nhuta / Uzozo / Isilonda esingapholi

This disease has been in so many ways related to cancer and sugar diabetes by a lot of African people and their traditional healers; it is due to the fact that it behaves exactly the same as these two. It may show sores but sometime it can hide them and eat someone from within for quite a long period of time, when it shows itself it would have done a great deal of harm.

The western and the African traditional medicine for these fatal diseases

I have realized that even though these diseases behave the same but they don’t respond the same to the cures according to the African and Western method of medicine. If this is the Bantu Tshipfula, Nhuta, Imvukuzane, Uzozo, Isilonda esingapholi then it won’t respond to the western cures. In most of our clinics and hospitals in Africa, mainly in South Africa, the health workers will tell you that with such a problem you need to consult with traditional healers of the likes of Khokhovula. That is only if they have seen that the diseases are Bantu driven other than just cancer and blood sugar.

Imvukuzane, Nhuta, Uzozo, Isilonda esingaphol

Picture 1: Tshipfula, Imvukuzane, Nhuta, Uzozo, Isilonda esingapholi at the beginning

Picture 1; shows how Tshipfula, Imvukuzane, Nhuta, Uzozo, Isilonda esingapholi looked like at the beginning, but it was long since she had been complaining about the pain and the disease before it could even show the sign of a sore. At one stage of life she had gone for Sangoma training with her previous traditional and spiritual healers having suspected a spiritual calling in her. As they tried to lift her psychic abilities, is it psychic talent or Sangoma/Spirit medium abilities, instead bad spirits took over and her attackers found a pathway to enter into her life, causing the aforesaid problem. She did her Sangoma training after that all that was seen in her were sicknesses and problems instead of healing powers and spiritual abilities.

Imvukuzane, Nhuta, Uzozo, Isilonda esingaphol

When Tshipfula, Imvukuzane, Nhuta, Uzozo, Isilonda esingapholi was worse

It went on to be this bad as picture 2 shows, she had been returned from hospital several times and she lost her sight due to this Nhuta/ Imvukuzane/Uzozo/Tshipfula/Isilonda esingapholi. In hospital they told her that her blood is too high that if they had to clean her eyes they would hardly heal. All their attempts of bringing the blood to normal temperatures failed until she had opted to sit and die at home. It is until the family brought her to Khokhovula that the sores which were growing everyday started to adjust for healing.

Imvukuzane, Tshipfula, Nhuta, Uzozo and Isilonda esingapholi

Here in picture 3, it already had given Khokhovula, Emelie and her family the hope for recovery

When Nhuta, Tshipfula, Imvukuzane, Uzozo, Isilonda esingapholi was healing

Here in picture 3, it already had given Khokhovula, Emelie and her family the hope for recovery. It was still bad but a person who could not walk and talk properly, a person who would cry but hardly do so because of her condition, if that person would be heard talking and crying that was a pleasure to the family other than a cry; and to Khokhovula it was an achievement. At this stage Khokhovula was concentrating much on the healing of Imvukuzane / Uzozo / Tshipfula / Nhuta / Isilonda esingapholi though there were so many bad spirits and spells that were troubling the whole family besides Emelie.

Imvukuzane, Tshipfula, Nhuta, Uzozo and Isilonda esingapholi

Here at picture 4 she was really better, the sore had closed, she could walk by herself, talk and eat except the fact that the world had become dark and coal black for her that she had lost her sight completely.

When Tshipfula, Imvukuzane, Uzozo, Isilonda esingapholi, Nhuta was healed her sight was gone

Here at picture 4 she was really better, the sore had closed, she could walk by herself, talk and eat except the fact that the world had become dark and coal black for her that she had lost her sight completely. Khokhovula went on deeply to fight her attackers in an African traditional and spiritual way of fighting such wars as this one. Spells were cast, bad spirits were removed even in her children and one girl of hers could collapse every time Khokhovula was working on them. That was the sign of the bad spirits that connects her to the problems of her mother. Following the bloodline, she would be the one to inherit all the problems and sufferings if her mother had to pass on. Now she is healed beside the sight problem which I appeal to the specialist in the western method of help to intervene. May be there are cells that got damaged when Imvukuzane/Uzozo/Tshipfula/Isilonda esingapholi was doing the damage. A very painful and sad experience

This disease called Imvukuzane in Zimbabwe’s Ndebele language, Tshipfula in Venda language of South Africa, Uzozo in Zulu language of South Africa and Isilonda esingapholi in both Zulu and Ndebele languages, is very terrible it can kill; it kills a lot of people in different parts of Africa. Some people call it Umdlavuza and those are the Zulu people others call it Mfuko or Tshipfula and those are the Venda people of South Africa. Some Zimbabwe Ndebeles call it cancer. So many people have even mystified it with cancer with the way it behaves. But what I can tell you is that this disease is it caused by witches, natural causes or any other, our primitives and their spiritual and traditional healers, their muthi-people and their Shamans were able to deal with it successful.

Today Khokhovula is one other person who still has those old and secret techniques of dealing with Imvukuzane / Umdlavuza / Tshipfula / Mfuko / Uzozo / Isilonda esingapholi /Nhuta. This disease can eat you from inside for a very long period of time. If not attended earlier it is very fatal. There is a rat type called mole, it is used with some disclosed medicine to heal it or even to create it. See Khokhovula if you have this trouble.

Don’t undermine a traditional healer, why is it Emily and others were returned from hospitals until they were helped by traditional healers like Khokhovula; it is not because hospitals are useless, it is because this disease needed a traditional healer for it is something within African traditional solutions. Take it or live it, believe it or not, African traditional healing is there and very effective where traditional related solutions are needed, but still in other things and many of them you need the western method of help in health. You need them both depending on your problems, don’t confuse things, one at a time depending on the need and be relevant.

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