Kings and friends in dreams

If the king is pleased with someone in a dream, it means that his/her guiding spirit, God and or ancestor are pleased with him/her, and if the king is angry with him/her in the dream, it means that his/her guiding spirit, God and or ancestor are displeased with him.

If someone sees the king frowning in a dream, it means that the dreamer’s guiding or ancestor spirit is somehow upset with him/her. If dreamer is a Christian that would mean that he/she fails to properly perform his prayers or show true religious devotion.

If one sees the king smiling in a dream, it means profits in one’s material as well as spiritual life.

If you see in a dream that you have been appointed as a king over a land, it means that you will receive such regency, should you qualify. Later on, turbulence will bring tyrants or dictators to justice, while people of knowledge and piety will survive and regain their authority.

If you see yourself as a vice in royalty or as a royal advisor in a dream and should you qualify, it means that you will receive such an honor, rank, trust and fame in the land, though your vice-regency will not become hereditary.

It is a bad omen if you are called for a royal advisor in the dream and do not qualify for such a position. In such a case, and by contrast, you will be humiliated and dispersed, and your own helpers will become your superiors, while your enemies will rejoice at your misfortune.

Seeing yourself as a king in a dream, though in reality you do not qualify, it means that he may die quickly, and the same is true if a sick person sees himself turned into a king. If you are healthy, it means that someone in his family may die shortly.

Seeing a king in a dream also denotes exposing hidden secrets.

If a philosopher or a fortuneteller sees himself transformed into a king in a dream, then it denotes glad tidings should he not complain about it in his dream.


A slave sees himself becoming a king in a dream; it means that he will be set free.

Seeing yourself becoming one of the great kings of this world in a dream, it means that you will attain worldly success in your life, though it will be accompanied with spiritual and religious failure. If the dreamer is a natural con artist, it means that he will be captured and imprisoned.

If a king sees himself awarded a knighthood that is suitable only for woman, then it means his death.

Seeing the king reprimanding you in a dream, means peace between the people, is it your enemies and yourself

Seeing yourself arguing a case with knowledge and wisdom before a king in a dream means that you will win your case and receive what you came for. If one sees himself complaisant with the king about his case in the dream, it means that he will lose his case and the judgment will go against him.

Seeing yourself walking with the king himself and being very close and loyal to him in the dream, it means that you will oppose or disobey the authorities in your surrounding that may cause you problems.

Seeing yourself following the king in a dream, it means that you will pursue the king’s traditions during his lifetime or after his death. Or it serves as a reminder to follow your traditional values and make contributions to your community, family or family member that might need your assistance.

Entering the king’s palace prostrating in a dream, it means that you will be appointed in a leadership position and receive the authority’s pardon.

Seeing yourself mixing with the kings, or sleeping with them and should there be signs of comfort, trueness, or wisdom in your act in the dream, it means that you will enter the king’s inner circles or some high valued places. Otherwise, should you in the dream fear the consequences of what is happening, or if you lack trueness, or if you slander them, or indulge in what is unlawful for you to do, then should you reach the king’s door, it means that you will triumph against your enemies in all walks of life, even the bigger ones and they can cause no harm to you.

If in your dream, the king give you a gift, it means that you will win victory and honor in your life to equal the value of that gift.

If the king gives you a leopard skin trophy or a brocaded silk garment in the dream, it means that you will be married or be given a wife from the royal family.

If the king speaks to someone in a dream, it means honor, fame, wealth after poverty, release from jail, expansion of one’s business, or victory over one’s enemy.

If an appointed governor sees himself looking into a mirror in a dream, it means that he will be dismissed from his post.

If an appointed king sees someone who looks like him sitting in his throne in a dream, it means that he will bring about (beget) a son. If he divorces his wife in a dream, it means that he will abdicate his throne.

To see yourself sleeping with the king in the same bed and without a curtain in-between, and the king leaves the bed while you remain resting thereon in the dream, it means that your mixing with the king will bring upon yourself jealousy, or that you will inherit something of greater value. If one leaves the bed before the king, it means that he will escape from a great danger.

Seeing yourself sleeping alone in the king’s bed in a dream, it means that you will marry a woman from the governing family, or that you may spend from your own money for the sake of a woman in that palace. It may indicate that you may spend a lot trying to impress a woman of the royal status.

If the bed is in the palace though unknown in the dream, it means that you will become a member or something of that nature in a high profile status.

Being a king-hear or an ordinary member in the king’s kraal, your area under discussion praising you in a dream, it means that you will show good qualities. If your subjects shower you with money in a dream, it means that they speak ill of you or cast blame at you. If they shower you with sugar in the dream, it means they speak nicely of you, and if they shower you with stones in the dream, it means that they will speak harshly of you.

Seeing the people paying obeisance and bowing to you in a dream, it means that they will stand humbly before you.

If the people prostrate themselves before you in a dream, it means that they truly praise you.

A king seeing himself following the opinion of a woman in a dream, it means that he will lose his kingdom or fall victim to depression, or that he may be thrown into jail. If he opposes her in the dream, it means that he will escape from a great danger.

A king seeing himself walking in a dream when a common subject comes near him and whispers something in his ear, the common subject here represents the spiritual being, ancestor or angel in a Christian perspective signifying death and it means that the king may die a sudden death.

Eating from the hand of one’s servant in a dream represents the growing of one’s authority, increase of his business, knowledge, or wisdom.

A king seeing himself preparing a banquet for guests in a dream; it means that his opponents will come to argue their case, though he will win over them. If he sees himself placing food on the table in a dream, it means that a messenger will come to see him concerning a dispute. If the food is sweet, then the problem will end nicely. If the food is greasy, then the problem will be a long lasting one. Sour food then means steadfastness. Eating on the table of a humble and a righteous king in a dream means blessings and honor.

If the king is seen walking alone in the streets, markets and forests in a dream, it means that he is a humble, just, and a strong ruler.

A sick king in a dream represents weakness in your faith and injustice toward your subjects.

If the king is carried over people’s shoulders in a dream, it means lack of faith and lack of attendance to one’s spirituality, is it ancestor worship or some religious obligations, or weakness in his ruling and his conducts.

If the king dies and does not get buried in a dream, it means that the king and his subjects have deviated from their royal norm and traditions. It simple reminds someone (the dreamer) that he needs to come back to face reality other than hiding with the finger. Get back to terms with his/her guiding spirits and maintain proper leadership. If he is buried and the people walk away from his grave in the dream, it means that one will pursue something of no benefit, unless your guiding spirit, ancestor or God himself decrees otherwise.

 Seeing the king’s head transformed into a ram’s head in a dream, it means that the king is a just and a kind ruler. It symbolizes power, it may symbolize that you may grow into a very big and popular someone. It represents the power in you, the humbleness, and integrity, the force of power for protection, a fighting spirit and a winning attitude.

Seeing a king’s head transformed into a dog’s head in the dream, then it represents his despicable nature. It might be greed, cruelty, hardness in heart or otherwise in measures. Not at peace with himself, it symbolizes the same with the dreamer. It requests the dreamer to be at easy.

Seeing the chest of the king turning into a stone in the dream, it means that his heart will become like a rock. It symbolizes a hard and cruel heart of a dreamer, an abusive behavior of a dreamer and a dangerous characteristic.

Seeing your own hand turning into the king’s hand in a dream, it means that you will receive a leading job.

Seeing the king flying with wings in a dream, it means that your authority will spread. You will grow into a big and very successful person. Everything you do will go according to the plan. You will reach your goals without hardships.

Seeing the fingers of the king increase in shape or number in the dream, it means that his greed and injustice will manifest. To the dreamer it represents the greed in him; there is injustice in him/herself. There are some unresolved issues involving wants, needs, and something to be shared with somebody and the dreamer wants more. It signifies a heart that always wants more than it can get.

Any dream about a deceased king will be noticeable in his successors or in his progeny.

Bowing to ancestors and parents in your dream; means that good things will happen to you very soon. You will be visited by your spirit guides in your family, try to remember if they said anything in that dream that you may need to follow to please them or to respond to their request if there  is any. If there is something you don’t understand with your ancestor dreams, there are herbs which are sacred and invoke the presence of the spirits so that you may dream again and get the clarification of your dreams by the ancestors.

Dreaming of your ancestors coming back to test you means that your job interview will be passing or simply anything for you in line that requires testing will go well.

The king, your Ancestors or a Member of the aristocracy call you in, in a dream, it means that you will have surprise soon. It doesn’t matter what surprise, but you will get a step ahead of things with that bolt from the blue (Surprise)

The queen or the upper classes call you in, in a dream; it means that you will have food poison happen to you or you are likely to be deceived or played around by a woman of a higher profile.

The prince or a Member of aristocracy call you in, in a dream; it means that there is very good luck for you approaching and it will be there very soon

Seeing the king giving you a seat in your dream, it means that you will gain power, control, act of kindness and leadership job/position; it also signifies that you will get money and wealth sooner than you expect.

Seeing yourself sitting beside the king and the royal family, Symbolizes very good luck, it means going to the top in life, it indicates open opportunities that might lead you to the top. It simple stands for your high life in your achievements.

Seeing a helpful friend has come to see you in a dream; it means bad luck and it signifies that you are losing something and you need to be careful and do a thorough analysis to avoid paralysis. It is a warning to recheck your things otherwise there are hazardous problems that perhaps you have not noticed.

To see yourself talking with sages and wise man, means very good luck, things are in their place and you are heading the right way. In this dream the conversation determines the happenings.


A quest coming for you by the profile big people in a dream, it means very good luck.

A person in white call you over in a dream, this means that you might have death or sickness; you are being called by your ancestor, your spirit guide or your angel depending on what you believe in.

Seeing yourself happy in a crowd of people in a dream; means a very bad luck, and you can get an accident or be hurt badly by the mob.

Dreaming that everybody don’t want you, means very -very good luck

Seeing yourself in a group of dead people in your dream signifies a long life, you will have a long life; it means that you will live longer.

Dreaming that friends are helping you out, is a very good dream and you will have good luck in anything you do

Dreaming of people calling you from outside is a bad sign and something bad is happening in your life.

Dreaming that you wish to be with people, is a sign of a big bad luck, it goes with loneliness, your soul is wandering your consciousness is kind of failing, you are in need something bad can happen to you and you have sensed it through your inner feelings. Alternatively it might be a spirit of a past on close person wanting to pass some lucky to you, but you are unclean according to the spirit world to receive the sent blessings. Your spirit is yearning to receive but you cannot.

Dreaming that you are with bullies and malevolent guys around you means that there is going to be argument and fights that will involve you and you may find yourself attending courts or hurt. Alternatively it represents an oppressor in many forms. It can be somebody or something hindering you from getting there or passing through or seizing an opportunity.

Dreaming that you escape from something and running away, means that sickness will be gone soon. It is a chase of the bad spirit trying to get you. It is not only the spirit of sickness. It alternatively means that you will escape from tight situations, from drawbacks and some hardships.

Dreaming that you are being abused and harassed signifies hidden danger and bad luck for you.

Dreaming that you got wings and fly is a very good sign of good luck, success and popularity. It is all good happenings in you or around you.

Dreaming that you trade and exchanging, means that you will get sick anytime soon.

Dreaming that you live with poor people, is a very good sign of good luck boost, you may see your things going well at a sudden and unexpectedly.

Dreaming that you walk with a partner, signifies that bad things will happen soon


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