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Exposing Gold Mining Opportunity in Zimbabwe

Do you want to invest in gold mining?

When Germans thought they were going to conquer the whole world they mined and developed everywhere, more especial on the gold sector. They brought to Rhodesia (Zimbambwe) a lot of explorers, samplers’ geologists, and metallurgists with one aim to find gold. They dug trenches, opencasts and sink shafts with one aim to find gold.

To this day on the hills of Lushongwe Mountain (Lushongwe east gold claims in Gwanda Matabeleland South Zimbabwe) Thuli river farm (Gold claims along Thuli river to the east of Mabhinzi mountain and Horn mine) and Makwe communal lands, there is a very big land that covers 11 claims of gold mining.

This rich claims of gold are owned by Lenn Morton Ndebele well known as Khokhovula Gundabaloyi (Khokhovula) in his spiritual networks. These gold discovery points were discovered by the Germans during world war 2, they mined but when they went back to Germany they decided to bury them (Trenches, Shafts and opencast)

The Germans buried most of the shafts, trenches and opencasts that possessed a lot of higher Gold deposits with the thought that they were going to dig and mine them after the end of the war. They had convinced themselves that they would win the war and conquer the whole world. Unfortunately they were defeated by the English and they never came back.
The English mined in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) but still they did not discover the buried shafts at Lushongwe in Gwanda Matebeleland South Zimbabwe. Lenn Morton Ndebele in his exploration on the aforesaid gold claims, discovered the buried shafts dug them out and started mining (Producing Ore)

These discovery points (Shafts, Reefs, Trenches and Opencasts) have extensive gold deposits. The shafts have proven to be minable with higher profit percentages. Due to the bigger sizes of the reefs that allow bulk production profits are highly rated.

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) estimates that Zimbabwe has underground gold reserves estimated at 13 million tonnes in total and only 586 tonnes have been mined officially in the past 36 years. This means that on average, Zimbabwe has been extracting 16 tonnes of gold per year for the past 36 years. Taking it further, it would mean that it would take Zimbabwe another 36 1094 years of mining to complete its gold reserves if it continues at the yearly extraction rate it has been operating at. As much as this is good for future generations, it is important for us the current generation to increase our rate of extraction by being more strategic and aggressive in the extraction of ore from the ground so as to maximize Zimbabwe’s full potential.
We want to ensure that the gold mining in our claims is fully optimized as far as extraction of gold is concerned. Our key services are as follows;
• Gold extraction through our mines.
• Investor matching to rich gold claims in our land
• Geological exploration services for investors.
• Job creation

Zimbabwe is now open to investment from the regional and international community following the revocation of the Indigenisation Act that strictly prohibited ownership of gold mining resources to be on a 51%-49% basis. This is no longer the case. The following is a list of the opportunities now available in the country;
Commencing operations either on a small scale, medium scale and large scale basis. [Costing can be provided]
Partnering as an equity investor with an already existent small scale, medium scale or large scale gold mining operation. Be able to help with due diligence and to help oversee and administer the investment made.
Purchasing small scale, medium scale and large scale gold mining assets being offloaded by locals.
Our mission is to see our gold mining claims reach their full potential and bring economic prosperity to the nation of Zimbabwe. Contact us to get your piece of the cake in gold mining in Zimbabwe whether on a small scale, medium scale or large scale by investing.

We need someone who will invest by bringing in machinery and partnering with us on small scale, medium scale or large scale gold mining. We also need a sound financial stable person or company to push the project to sustain itself
In short, there is huge potential to make money for individuals willing to invest in gold mining in Zimbabwe, the laws are getting there to ensure your confidence as a foreigner investor in the sector. The company is driving to increase production in the claims and putting in incentives to persuade those interested with a view to boost up export earnings.

It’s great. I know a guy who went from rugs to riches through small scale gold mining. He started walking and in a few years he now owns several vehicles among them a Lamborghini ventado, Hummer H2, Ford F250 double cab and a huge two story glass building and some shares in a cellular network company.

He is a lavish spender suggesting that years later he still is making enough money to splash from his gold mining. I also know several other guys who are living very good life from mining gold.

Other points to note:
The indigenization law, which requires 51 percent control by locals in the major sectors of the economy, has been amended. The amendment will see only Platinum and Diamonds being the only ones where 51/49 rule will apply meaning that foreign nationals are also free to come in and engage in gold mining at any good percentage agreed upon by the mine owner and the investor.

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