Dangerous Muthi and Goblins removed at Makhado in Limpopo RSA

One serious and famous funeral undertaking business man was being troubled by ghosts and goblins in his home, life and business life; he and his family were heavily attacked by witches whilst these witches were spreading rumors that the businessman is a witch himself necessarily because he is doing a funeral undertaking business. They were spreading rumors that he is the one doing metamorphism to people into goblins and taking advantage of his position of people’s bodies at his mortuary, yet the witches were the ones troubling him with goblins.


The witches had planted a lot of muthi in his home that wake up by night and attack the family; he had consulted with a lot of spiritualists of the likes of the known church bishops for casting evil and they failed, he went to countless sangomas, traditional healers and herbalists still in vain. It is until such a time that he found Khokhovula Gundabaloyi the great sangoma that an Ant eater / Ground pig / Aardvark / Ant bear were removed by him (Khokhovula) at his home dressed with beads. A lot of muthi things were removed in the yard that same day.

Thereafter, the witches were very upset that their things have been destroyed; they also could not put some more things in the yard because it was already worked upon and fastened by Khokhovula Gundabaloyi, they (the witches) then decided to put their harmful magic / muthi at the gate outside. The aforesaid business man went back to Khokhovula after having been told by the prophets at a certain church that some things have been put outside the gate now to claim a life.

The prophets at this church refused to remove the muthi killer saying that it is not their area of expertise and referred him back to Khokhovula. When he went to Khokhovula, a magic snake was removed; also an ugly old rusty knife with beads and many funny and fearsome things were removed

All these happened at Makhado formerly Louis Trichard in Limpopo province of South Africa. These things may look just things but in the world of spirituality and witchcraft can do a great deal of harm.

This is the magic snake that was removed from the business man’s double story house at Makhado Louis Trichard in Limpopo South Africa; it was removed by Khokhovula Gundabaloyi after a long time of problems of this family. They had moved from their home area to a nearby town, it followed them until they moved from that house to the Louistrichard Makhado suburbs.

At Louistrichard it was worse because it was working, troubling them in combination with the magic ant-eater. It was conducting the sicknesses ad all the bad spells to attack them and report back to the sender. Believe you in me, this family are a very wealthy family with a lot of flit of limousines and lots of money but on top of all those things they did not have peace until Khokhovula came to their rescue.


On this picture we can see the old rusty knife that has claimed or ended a lot of lives, the head of a doll that turns into a Tikoloshe and bully the family having sex with them and feeding them with some slow poisons of the witches, the muthi sticks that are put by witches around their necks for the magic of being able t o fly, the beads, black powders to cast bad spells, the nails for causing pains inside the family people’s bodies and the cloth with which they were covered


Horns were used in many beliefs and more in the Christian religion of old, they are for powers, and even the witches use them sometimes. Khokhovula uses power of horns for his traditional healing and power giving. Above we can see the shot horn used by the witches to try to oppose the powers of the people who might want to help the aforesaid family. This horn was used for the opposite (to harm the above mentioned family and Khokhovula removed it and destroyed the evil powers attached to it.


The evil doll on the above picture is used by the witches to stab people with the knife and the nails seen on the above picture all removed by the great traditional healer and sangoma Khokhovula Gundabaloyi at a double storyhouse of a funeral undertaking business man at Makhado formerly Louistrichard in Limpopo province of South Africa


On this picture we see some keys and the beads, also the evil doll, the knife and the nails, the keys here are used by the evil doll to lock everything in this family, make everything tight, lock up things and make sure this family is drained to nothing. This doll is sometime used by the witches to influence theft in the minds of the workers of this businessman. Some will take new batteries of the cars and swap them with the dead batteries in the taxi industries while some of his drivers will steal and sale spare wheels and jacks. It is until such a time that Khokhovula worked on the issue of the stolen spare wheel that one driver got his stomach filled with air like a spare wheel that others became afraid and stopped stealing from their boss.


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