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Isichitho sothuvi (The breakup spell or cursing of human waste) in this type of Isichitho human waste is used to cause the victim to become less attractive to his / her partner or other people in general. When that person or anyone look at you or even to think about you he / she feels irritated as if he is locked into filth smelling abandoned toilet. Isichitho sothuvi makes your presence to feel bad to everyone. (Uyenyanyeka noma ungagqoka kahle kangakanani, noma ungafaka nayiphi na iperfume ukhiphe isilungu ngamakhala ma unesichitho sothuvi bazokwenyanya abantu, kakhulukazi lo ophila naye).

(You can wear a very expensive perfume on some very expensive top labels of outfits, breathing the queen’s language (English) with your nostrils, but if you are cursed with Isichitho sothuvi, your presence will always irritate people, they won’t like you. (isichitho sothuvi; you look like shit, sometime you smell bad to the person whom your Isichitho was directed to.

Isichitho sothuvi (Isichitho of the toilet material)

Isichitho sothuvi; people create it when they use any human waste (shit) but you return it using your own and there is a certain tree that is used to remove isichitho sothuvi plus some powders from different plants, otherwise isichitho sothuvi is a massive one that have separated so many people. You will hear a person that you have spent more than three quarters of your life with telling you that you are smelling so bad that he or she can’t breathe, sometime you here it as a gossip his or her friends making stories about it. (This is the work of isichitho sothuvi). When you have got isichitho sothuvi, one looks at you and feel very irritated, it is like you look bad and may be smelling bad to him/her.

With isichitho sothuvu, one may feel good about you when you are not there with him, as in speaking over the phone or a distance love, but when you come together you won’t see eye to eye, in no time you will be fighting, or just being together bored to hell.

Isichitho egazini

Isichitho egazini comes when people use some muthi in their private parts to make a partner feels the high temperature during sex, when the man sleeps with a woman who has used the aforesaid muthi, he will of course feel good and enjoy the hot sex but when he goes to the next woman, that warmth thing becomes isichitho or a disease.When you have got ischitho egazini one thinks about you and feel the hate. They say, ‘unegazi elibi’ (He / She has  got bad  blood)

When Isichitho is a disease

This is how it goes; the next woman will absorb the heat muthi from the man, perhaps the next woman have used her own sex heat staff from her own sources now when this two heats / warmth comes together, they create an elevated temperature in one’s body more especially around the private parts and other sensitive areas of the body, causing some itchy staff that relates to eczemas. When it’s like that and has gone that far, the Zulu speaking people call it Ugcusula and the Venda speaking people of South Africa call it Tusula. This is the reason some people have confused isichitho with a sexual transmitted disease, otherwise it is not.

Why they target one’s private part with Isichitho

They want a man or a woman to have a difficulty in having sex so that the other partner may end up feeling rejected and go away or seek for divorce if married, with the feeling that; ‘the must do’ of the marriage life is not respected or the partner is playing with his/her passion. In some cases these things can go as far as affecting the womb itself in a woman and sometime totally bring one’s manhood to a none-functional state.

For instance, you have heard of woman who can’t conceive, when they go for checkups with the specialists they are told everything is ok and normal, but still they can’t make babies. Some have been up and down with traditional and spiritual healers but still no results; it is because they give them ‘Umuthi wokumisela’ a medicine to help one get the child and forget or ignore the issues of isichitho egazini.

When isichitho acts like a growth

Isichitho can act like a growth in your womb and make your womb heavier than normal that when you conceive the weight of the growth won’t allow the pregnancies to continue resulting in early miscarriages. In this instance you will be told that your problem is the growth yet it is only the work of Isichitho.

Isichitho is very tricky sometime; it needs a real expert to remove it. You may bath and bath and steam and steam in vain with isichitho playing you and your helper around, you go to people they tell you it is there when you think you have removed it with your Inyanga or mthandazi. What I mean here is that if you do not know the tricks of some type of isichitho, you will never remove it.

Isichitho egazini sixhumene nesichitho esikhumbeni (Isichitho egazini in connection with isichitho esikhumbeni)

Sibi kakhulu lesi isichitho (This is a very bad and a tricky Ischitho) it always plays some hide and seeks when one wants to remove it. It has its fountain within the body as in the body fluids. When you feel hot and you sweat it comes out with the sweats and covers your skin with the cursing. When you talk, it accompanies your voice and your words so that you irritate the person you are talking to, or that person may feel as if you have said something very wrong, and start to fight. With this one even if you are talking to a person in a distance, he feels bad, it takes effect.


Treating or removing isichitho from inside ‘In blood’ (Egazini)

One has to consider its magic of hiding inside and the fact that if you wash a person only outside you will have done nothing because it will form from inside like the water in the fountain well. It will be just that you have washed only the skin of your client but the problem is yet to come again from inside. With this kind of Isichitho you can steam as many people as you can, since many people have considered it to be the healing method for Isichitho, but believe you in me, you haven’t yet started, it will come from inside. That is why some people believe that there is isichitho that is immeasurable or that cannot be removed, there is no such, it needs only somebody who knows how to deal with it like Khokhovula Gundavhaloyi (Khokhovula).

Isichitho in the air

This is isichitho that they send to you pretending as if it is a calling by your own ancestor spirit; in this case again isichitho becomes very tricky and plays fronting. They will front your own ancestor spirits as if they are the ones causing you problems. In this situation when you go to people who do not do thorough analysis when they are foreseeing or throwing bones for you, they will tell you that you need to undergo apprentice as a sangoma or something. Now once you do that, it all means that you have accepted isichitho permanently; you have surrendered yourself to it thinking that you are responding to your call by the ancestors. This is the reason why you have seen many people doing Sangoma training and becoming nothing there after and suffering more than ever instead.

Isichitho called Ibhakumba or Tsunda

There is isichitho called ibhakumba in Ndebele language of Zimbabwe and Tsunda in Venda language of South Africa;this one is not directed only to the lovers, it affects both lovers and just families and people in general even the sons and daughters from the same womb may die not seeing each other, not greeting each other fighting bitterly because of this one. It can also be sent that a home is the one affected, when people are in this home fight so much but when they are outside they are good with each other. These are the works of isichitho.

When one’s behavior other than muthi is Isichitho

One’s behavior can play the role of Isichitho sometime, being over jealous, too investigative upon your partner and being overly suspicious, too judgmental, and bossy self- Stuffed, bad and boring. Make sure you are no t that person.

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