Me again: Khokhovula the Great Sangoma

Misunderstanding consulting with amadlozi the ancestors.

I wish all people had two eyes and the sixthsense to always avoid confusion and fallacy, somebody goes to an unscrupulous Traditional healer/ Sangoma at the flats in cities, he is told that he will be made to talk with his ancestors directly on a voice to voice conversation. The ancestors would be talking behind curtains that divide him and the voices in a room of a so called traditional healer.

I really wonder what these ancestors have become, they can’t talk to this person at home (his home, their home) where they will be received warmly with the family pattern and traditional line of connecting with them; but have preferred to talk to him through a stranger and a foreign Spirit medium who is of the religion of the enemies of this particular person’s ancestors; somebody of the belief type totally opposed to that of his and his fore-fore fathers,  totally differing in belief and ritual understanding and all the background, it is really funny.

When these people, so called Traditional healers connect you with ancestors on a voice to voice conversation, there is one common thing that one has to hear from the voice of his ancestors behind the curtains. The ancestors will be telling this particular person that they (The ancestors/Amadlozi) have a big gift for this person, mainly millions and millions of money in different powerful world currencies; itis mentioned sometime depending on the country of operation.

Theft and tricky party

One will be told that in order for him to receive his gift of millions he must bring some money and good money e.g.; one might be asked to give these foreign national traditional healers two million for the gift of the ancestor spirits money of fifty million. (Nonsense) You know very well that your ancestors were poor and you are maybe the only person who have tried hard to work hard and see at least your account having a balance of two million, you take that money and give it to your stupid prostitutes ancestors who talk behind curtains in the flats rented by poor foreign traditional healers; Shame.

Amadlozi voices behind curtains

There will be noAmadlozi /Ancestors there, it will be taped speakers programmed to fuck your mind bull shit, or simply a person talking to you according to the questions you will be asked; e.g. they may ask you the names of your late close relatives, you tell them and when your ancestor voice talks to you from behind the curtain, they will be telling you the same thing and you will be tempted to believe you have a gift and then you are robbed daylight.

How do ancestor spirits talk to their people?

Ancestor spirits don’t talk to their people or bring them gifts that are met with a certain percentage of money, they don’t talk to you directly from a certain corner dark or light area, and they come through dreams or a proper family spirit medium. Spirits cannot have the money that can be stored for you to find a percentage of it and bail it out, never. You can only talk to the spirits when you are attached to them or have a calling as a spirit medium (Please don’t be fooled in the name of the spirits, they are never Mafias and will never be. See the article entitled ‘Spirits’ in my website you can Google ‘ Spirits’ the page will open


Your mother is poor and the poor of the poorest and so is all the people in your bloodline, you live them poor go to a foreign land and start to make people talk to their Mafia taped ancestors voice to voice with  the promise of a most valuable gifts that need upfront payment.



Work up people traditional healing and spirituality is not for that, but healing the sick, fighting the witches and wizards and perhaps giving powers

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  1. What happens if both are poor and have no money’s to give. What if I are to die and want to eat. What if the life is he’ll what if they think u r a. Fake like all the rest

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