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The disapearence and the death of Mthethwa child at Makwe Mountain forests

Good and bad spirits are there, don’t fool yourself

The search of the lost Mthwethwa family child

It was a dark day at Makwe area of Gwanda area of Matebeleland South Zimbabwe that a child was missing for that day. The child of the Mthethwa family of Sibhula went missing and the villagers decided to launch a search. Following the foot prints of the child they directed the searchers to Makwe Mountains and the searchers followed.


Some mountains you can’t just climb them, you need to be a child of the spirits.

The tricky Goblins make fool of the searchers

As they approached the bushes of Makwe Mountain they started to realize something, the child was going in front of them and near, they could see this with fresh signs where she had passed out urine. As they followed with fresh hopes of finding the child, the foot prints turned and went back to where they had come from and joined the path where it had walked, now walking on the foot prints of the searchers. When the searchers rushed with the clear sign that the child is near, the child would just turn to the left or right as if she is playing hide and seek and turn back and start walking on the searchers’ foot prints again.

The child is found dead only taken and buried no rituals are made

This happened the whole day until the searchers found the child lying under the tree dead. Her pent was off, but there was no sign of any one who might have been there. The child was taken and buried; from there nothing happened because the people of the area even the parents of the child have been converted to some foreign religions, they no longer understand the cultures of Bantu.

Another child had died earlier on at that area under unforeseen circumstances on her mother’s back

People of course ignored this incident and forgot that a similar thing had happened where a woman was walking from Makwe area to Sibhula past the same mountain along the road, and there came a woman from behind her who told her that she had lost the hat of the child, the strange woman said that she took the hat and hung it on the tree it is a short distance back. Seeing for sure the child have lost the hat the mother of the child thanked the stranger and went back to take the hat.

In about one hundred and fifty meters the woman found the hat hanging on the tree and she took it. At that moment she removed the child from her back to put her hat on and the child was dead whereas when she was speaking with that strange woman the child was alive. She started to realize that when they parted ways with that woman, the woman never proceeded with the road but she went into the thick bushes of Makwe Mountain.

That is when she started to think that the woman was not a really person may be a mysterious spirit of Makwe Mountain.

The spirits needed to be consulted

If such things had happened long ago the elders would consult the spirits and find out what had angered them but to my surprise here in this time they don’t , they did not, they haven’t, what they only do is to accuse each other of witchcraft especially those grannies that are old and ugly.


It is to my surprise that people never come to their senses and realize that the spirits are making themselves felt through mysterious deaths thinking people will get back to their originality and they don’t care. When we talk about God we say he can punish those who oppose him. Who said that our African spirits can fail to make themselves felt through more or less the same punishment?

The spirits can heal, curse and bless if they may deem it necessary.

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