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Udelunina; it specifically means forgetting about one’s mother, it may not refer only to the mother but the whole family. This is umuthi that is mainly used by women when they want to separate the men from his families.

There are a lot of causes in this particular one, you may find that the family of a man does not accept the fact that their son is a grown up and the person who now suppose to have the family of his own. They may want to hold him responsible for their own responsibilities until his women / woman see it necessary to use Udelunina so that the man will forsake the family and start to concentrate on the new family which is her (The woman.)

Delunina can drive you away from family

We have seen some people losing contacts with their families until they die at some faraway places with the doing of this Delunina, some come home dumped by the people who have put Udelunina in them and starting to rebuilt the relationship with the family that they had dumped and abandoned.

When Delunina gets out of hand

I know of one lady amongst my clients who put this Delunina to her man, and of course the man parted ways with his family. As time went on this woman who set the man with Udelunina started cheating and this worried this man that one day he set a rope in the roof with the intention to kill this woman and their child and hang himself.

That did not happen because they tried to talk things out and since a man was set with Delunina and some love charms he had to understand that the woman will stop her cheating. Until one day that he was told by someone that the woman is at her home (The home of her parents sleeping with another man. The man went straight to that place and started smashing the windows of the whole big house. When he had his woman and the man calling the police with their cell phones he left and went to hang himself to death.

The man loved the woman enough to be crucified for her, enough to hang and die for her, but still this was not natural love but the works of UDelunina. When the man had died the family of the man went somewhere to look for someone with the capabilities and the powers of summoning the spirit of their son that it troubles the lady in all the way he could and eventually cause her to die as well.

The death rituals of a man

At the man’s burial, a lot of magic was performed, all summoning the deceased to go not alone but with the woman who caused him to hang. The woman had gone to some inyanga, and prophets who tried to help but not to the fullest.

The inyangas and prophets that the woman went to, gave her some muthi and holy water and told her not to go to the funeral and she must not wake up with other people at the day of the funeral, until people come from the funeral which was the sign that her man has buried, or else he could go with her.

The problems calmed down a bit until close to a year that they came back like a storm to her and she consulted with Khokhovula a Sangoma, inyanga and a spiritual healer thus the problem disappeared

Udelunina, the ladies must be warn that if you do Delunina to a person make sure you take care of him otherwise there will be danger. Why do you set somebody in a way that he can’t cheat and you start cheating, what cruelty is this?

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