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WHEN MARRIAGE IS AT BREAKING POINT, YOU NEED Khokhovula Gundabaloyi and his spells that brings in the right solution.

I would like to cover topics around love affairs, marriage and relationship problems.


Who gives the problem to another; Men or Women


Men of today think women are their problems in relationship and women think men are their main problems in life. Man are not a problem in relationships and so are women, the only thing one has to do in these ugly times is to search first the qualities he or she needs in a person.

People must be in common in things and have common interests in life for their love life to sustain but one thing for sure is that you will never know the other side of a person’s life before the love fully matures (Thus the dangerous part of it) It is when you have made this person your everything that you will see his/her true colors and by then you will be hurting so badly.

In bad times times of relationships when love, relationships and marriages are at breaking point many people get confused that they get caught in between situations and unresponsiveness, indecisiveness and stressful that the whole life get stuck; One will think that to completely loose the current relationship might mean move on to find even the worse someone out there. ‘Better is the devil you know’ so they say.

The love and marriage breakages of today, the hurting and all these funnies within love affairs did not happen much with our primitives; What were their strongest points?

Our primitives used the Love binding portions that Khokhovula use today, Remove isichitho before it gets worse in your energy fields, because if it does, it will affect even your up coming relationship with the next person.

Consider love binding in the early stages of your affair, that is what your primitives deed in early life.

Khokhovula is the solution in all the problems of love, he is the love doctor


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With the lost love; I will send my birds to go fetch for him/her, with Khokhovula Gundabaloyi there is no love lose

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