Amaga the love bind

Love binding with a red/blue head tree lizard / Intando nge Qhimilili / Intulo yezihlahla

Love binding with a red/blue head tree lizard (Agama). Intando nge Qhimilili/Intulo yezihlahla yekhandelibomvu noma eliluhlaza ‘Agama’

The love binding with Amaga the red or blue head tree lizard/Intulo yekhandelibomvu neliluhlaza yezihlahla is one of the best love binding spells that was discovered since the beginning of mankind. Amaga the lizard has a system of nodding its head, it move and stop and nod its head as it climbs the trunk of the trees, the nodding of its head to the binding system symbolizes agreeing with almost everything the binder will want this particular person to agree with or do in particular.

They live in a wide range of habitats, from forest to savannah, even living in built up areas. This species can often be found scaling the sides of trees. In studies they were found to inhabit mainly in big bushes and forests and dead trees. They range across most of central Africa down into South Africa including Ethiopia, Kenya, Congo, Angola and Namibia You can find 12 different species of Agama in South Africa and inhabiting the North of the country, Acanthocercus Atricollis being one of these.

Most agamas are polygamous. Males may hold six or more females in their territory for breeding. During courtship, the male move up and down, bobs, bobbles jogs and nods his head to impress the female. Occasionally, females initiate courtship by offering their hindquarters to the male and then running until he is able to catch up. Normally a male displaying his colors won’t be far away from several females. These lizards tend to live in colonies with one dominant male and a group of females and other subordinate males.

The colors of the Amagas in this case of the binding symbolizes attractiveness and that catch to the partner or who so ever the binding is directed to; the changing and the displaying of colors by the Amaga intrigues the attraction to persons in the love binding spell system.

It is not only with love attraction but in other forms of binding for attraction in general as well.

The love binding magic with Amaga the red/blue head lizard

I metamorphose, change, transform and transmute the loving energies, the nodding and being game systems of Amaga, its fondness and the power of love to use it in human’s relationships and their passion to cause power loving by muthi and the spirits. 

The way and the level your person must love you

Your person must love you more than any God/gods would, the God and the gods loves many people but that your person must love only you and enough to be crucified for you and over anything you may think of; thus Love binding Amaga

The your great Sangoma ‘The Great One’ Khokhovula Gundabaloyi. See also


Intanto nge Qhimilili ngolimi lwesiZulu 

Intando ngeqhimlili/intulo yekhanda elibomvu noma eliluhlaza. Love binding spell with a red/blue head lizard 

Intando nemilingo yothando ngeQhimilili

Iqhimilili liyama bese liyanqakuza ikhanda, likhuphuke ngesihlahla lime njalo linqakuze ikanda okomuntu ongenqabi lutho ovuma konke. Lokhu likwenza kakhulu ngezikhathi zokutholana ngokocansi nenkomazi zalo, likwenza lokhu lize lishintshe amabala alo omzimba. Linqakuza ikhanda livuma nje lisuke lizibonakalisa kwabesifazana balo njalo libaheha ukuthi liyinkunzi ngempela kanti lingakwenza konke okujabulisayo. Liyakhukhumala iqhimilili malenza lokhu likhombisa abesifazana ukuthi likhulu lona lingakwazi ukwenza konke kahle nokubavikela.

Liyeshela iqhimilili liyacabuza nokucabuza

Ngesikhathi sokweshelana iqhimilili lisuke linyakaza liyaphansi naphezulu likhukhumale njengoba ngichazile ngenhla, liyelisondele kwelesifazane elisuke selimingezinyawo zangemuva okomuntu beseliyaphakama nalelilesilisa licabuze lelilesifazana okwabantu. Elesifazana liyelikhombise ukwamukela ngokubaleka ngesikhulu isivinini bese elesilisa lijaha lelilesifazana lize lilithole; kusuke-ke lokho. ‘Intando ngeqhimilili’

Kwenzeka kanjani kube sebantwini?

Ngithwebula konke ukwenza kweqhimilili nenhliziyo yalo enkulu yothando ngifungisele ngokwabantu beselubanjalo uthando kubantu lube mnandi luqhubeke njalo. Ukunqakuza kwekhanda leqhimilili kubenze bavumelane noma ahlezi evumile lo osetshenziwe, asondele aphakame. Uthando lwabo luphakame njengawo amaqhimilili intulo.

Liyini iqhimilili?

Kahlehle iqhimilili liwuhlobo thizeni lwesibankwa/upankwa/intulo yezihlahla enekhand elibomvu noma eliluhlaza enemilingo yokwelapha ngokwesintu uma unolwazi lwalo

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  1. Thokoza Mkhulu
    I understand you are busy cause I can’t get hold of you. I want to chwck if you are in south africa and make an appointent for Thursday to come and see you, i need urgent help regarding the man I’m dating he discovered about my HIV status last month and kept quiet until yesterday he confronted me shockingly i denied, on our first date i asked if he knows his status because i wanted to tell him about my HIV status but he played hide n seek, so i left the matter hanging until todate. I’ve been living with Hiv for the past 19 years. now he is very angry and he said he wanted the proof that I’ m not HIV remember I dnt know his Status, so today he sent me an ugly sms I understood and I didn’t respond ugly I just told him I’m willing to test with him so he’ll be able to see my results till now i ddnt get responce from him. Baba whether my man is HIV negative or positive i love him and i want to spend my life with him I love him so dearly the way we are connecting is so perfect he even told me that he was trusting me more than his partner n he loved me so much. Baba i dnt wanna loose this man because of that please help me all i need iß to make this man to forget and I’ve been after him so I want him to be after me and beg me. I love and want this man to love me alone Mkhulu. Please help me Mkhulu with the powers you have I strongly believe you can help me, I can’t change man all the time.

    Thank you


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