Zwanamina love binding Muthi

Uzwanamina; is an African medicine (Muthi). This muthi’s meaning follows the meaning as well, ‘Zwana’ means hear/listen whereas ‘Mina’ means me.

With this then Zwanamina means ‘hear only me than them, or listen to me than them, do as I would wish or want you to do.

Love binding

Who uses this Zwanamina or Do as I command Muthi?

This muthi has been used much by the women who want to fully control their men without anybody interfering. Other parents would use it to control their sons and daughters that they listen to them over their love partners or anybody else. This is where you find a man or a woman being controlled by his or her own family as in how he/she should live his or her love life. You are with the person you love so much and you fully committed to the relationship you have together but when it comes to decision making this person is a small child of his father and mother who has to confirm with them if he/she can carry on with the plans of his or her love life, it’s so bad. In the other hand the girl/ woman can use Zwanamina to distance the guy from his family whereas in some few cases some guys do that to their women.

What is the reason some men can use Zwanamina to their women?

Some today’s ladies are very powerful that their men financially and otherwise, so the men may want to use the lady as a financial source, now Zwanamina muthi comes in where the man would want to make the woman always understand his need for money and always give it to him and also come in where he would want this woman to accept it even if he would be spending that money on other affairs. Zwanamina binding Muthi, ‘Kukhalesami la’ so they say when Zwanamina have blinkered a partner to only understand the rubbish of his/her partner than anybody.

Some reasons women use Zwanamina binding on their man

Sometime some men invite their women to use Zwanamina binding spell on them unaware, this comes when a man does not provide or live to the expectations of a woman or seem to be doing good things somewhere else that to this woman, he promised everything on earth to her but he does it somewhere else. Being quarrelsome, contradictory and argue-some over matters of no importance or being abusive or listening to other people than your own woman can cause the woman to use Zwanamina love spell binding on you.

What happens when Zwanamina love binding spell is used on you?

You will do as he/she commands, when he or she puffs, you will run all around the place thinking he/she said something and you missed it and you are afraid he/she may get disappointed. He/she just coughs and you did not hear well if he/she was saying something you will shiver and shake in search of compliance ‘Uzotatazela ugcwale indawo yonke le ungasazi ukuthi kambe kumele wenzenja’. In other words you have to do only what this person says, nothing of your own or somebody else’s. One would even fear to touch his salary or do any planning alone beside the partner who bonded him/her with Zwanamina binding spell. Hey; Kunzima we bafowethu it is hard out there, men and women.

When Zwanamina love binding spell is abused

Girls, ladies and women of today have lost their hearts; they no longer have the hearts of flesh but those hard ones of iron, steel and stones. One would do this Zwanamina to someone’s husband, a bread winner and a father of five that he doesn’t want anything to hear about his wife and children and even abandon them and just listen to this woman who did the Zwanamina muthi love binding; this as well is very bad, but still there are very irresponsible men who invites Zwanamina muthi love  to be used on them by their worried women.

Is Zwanamina love binding an attack to the one used on?

It goes in two ways, It is not an attack when it is used by a love partner because that is the symbol that this person wants to be with this partner in a long run and he/she needs to be understood and loved. It becomes an attack when one is abusing the binding by abusing the partner who has been bonded by Zwanamina, Its bad side is that it is done without the will of the person bonded and this person won’t see that he is bonded, it is only people around him/her who will worry about him/her, but him will be enjoying every moment of it calling it love and understanding each other. It also looks bad when this has been done by the parents to keep their son or daughter home with them listening to them than nobody because it is natured that one has to grow and gain independence and find a partner and build a family of his own. Now you might find that in some families the guy or girl will remain home with his/her parents until God comes because of this Zwanamina binding.

Why do some parents bind their children with Zwanamina binding spell?

They will have taken a child to school and paid some money and put some hopes on him that he is the one who is going to change the family lives for every good change in the family. So they become jealousy that now he/she has to take part in developing some people out there, this happens most with some black African families you find it as well in some Indian families.

Where else is Zwanamina used other than in relationships?

In the case of Zwanamina even man uses it to control their women even though it is mostly use by women to men. It is not only used in relationships, zwanamina can be also used at work places by those who want to be heard and listened to by their employers over others (Than others)
in this case this individual can have influence that he can get someone expelled from work. Zwanamina muthi can also be used by bosses to be obeyed by those they manage, it can be used by leaders who want to be followed and favored and listened to.


Use Zwanamina when you really mean it

Hey don’t use Zwanamina to people at the end of the day you feel that you don’t need them, you abandon them having them following and begging you left and right, it is not good, in that way it becomes very cruel. Use Zwanamina when you have a true need of it. Oh, I forget something; what about using Zwanamina to him/her and use it on you for him or her so that both sides are bonded and have the same pattern and ties.


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  4. Thokoza gogo ngiyintombazane eneminyaka ewu 23 kukhona lobhuti engimuthandayo futhi siyahlalisana naye manjeke kukhona intombi esanda ukuthola ingane yakhe lobhuthi and Mina ngithanda Abe owami ngedwa angifuni luthi ngifuna angishade futhi kube yimi amuthandayo kuphela nje

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