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Supernaturalism is applied through divine powers, magical powers, and spiritualism. The user of the powers possesses the capabilities that defy the laws of physics. The ability itself is a metaphor for existing things that cannot be easily explained.

There are five elements of the universe relating to powers:

  • Fire powers
  • Water powers
  • Air powers
  • Earth powers
  • Spirit powers

Supernatural powers are rare powers that few lucky people have. These powers are in/with few people and they take time to manifest. You could have a power without having realized you have one. Some passes on this earth without having known they had such powers.

My powers/ Khokhovula powers.

  • My powers as Khokhovula: are strong enough to be used for defense and helping purposes; helping other people and myself.
  • Have ability to absorb other’s ability of destruction, so protecting the victims.
  • Cast real spells and control all five elements of the universe: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Spirit. With these powers one has to know which part of the universe he is connected to and luckily, I am connected to all of them and their sub denominations.

Powers, Divinity and Magic/Miracles are there (the real magic not the stage illusions). Scientific minds may point out various questions about my abilities, but as I have known superpowers, a gifted mind can do wonderful and amazing things beyond expectations, and here I am doing such wonders.

I use these powers to heal, protect, solve and fight spiritual wars; I don’t use them for stage shows and plays as I have seen with circus and magicians doing it. In traditional healing, spirituality, divinity and all aspects of natural powers; there is more and less important powers; for instance:

  • Some people can disappear and appear instantly to the desired place.
  • Some people can breathe fire.
  • Others lift some truck engines with their teeth

The three powers I have just mentioned above are not in line with Khokhovula’s powers, they don’t help people, they are for fun, they entertain those who are brave to watch them performed and they frighten those who are not brave to watch. They benefit the owner not the people. Unlike Khokhovula’s powers benefit the people through problem solving, healing the sick, and protecting those bewitched.

In the case of me as Khokhovula, I have known African ways of powers, I/we as African healers, heal the people by prescribing leaves, roots and bucks of trees mainly mixed with water. In other aspects of problem solving powers are needed not just the herbs I have mentioned, and one needs to know the kind of powers to be applied.

Any questions or needs? Please let me know, I (Khokhovula, traditional healer) am willing to help and or advise you.

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