Falsehoods about Ukuthwala for money

Ukuthwala process in this case looking too shallow and false

People always ask for help and advices from me Khokhovula about healing and traditional healing, I recently received a call from two ladies in Mpumalanga (names disclosed), these women wanted advices on the matter of ukuthwala for riches and success and the experience they went through. There is this person, inyanga sangoma or something in Sowetho South Africa who wrote an article about ukuthwala for money on the internet, these ladies searched on Google and found this person and he resides in sowetho so they say. They asked him for the service of ukuthwala that they needed and this man, a sowetho inyanga/sangoma said they must come to him he can help them with ukuthwala and make them rich in a blink of an eye. Now these ladies went to this man and when they got there the man took some money for payment of the service from them, took them to a certain river or stream there in Sowetho he told them that he is conducting the process of ukuthwala for them and they will be going home to be rich. The ladies were put in a shallow flowing water which were said by this man to be inkanyamba water/waters of the water deity for ukuthwala for money spirits.

Ukuthwala rules and laws a mind game in this matter

Getting to this inyanga’s place from the Sowetho stream or river the inyanga gave the ladies rules and laws to follow, the ladies were to go back home to Mpumalanga, one parted ways with R6000 and the other with R10 000 which of course is very small (ten to fifteen times smaller) when really prices for ukuthwala for money is considered. The ladies were travelling with public transport and were given a rule that they must not talk to anyone until they get to Mpumalanga, just imagine in a taxi until Mpumalanga and you can’t respond even to the taxi driver asking for his money; Nonsense. The ladies were also ordered to get home in Mpumalanga and find the deepest river pool in their area or possible a dam, get in there and come out with ten stones, of which nobody with full senses can do that, what if these ladies cannot swim, what if they go to places with real water deities and drown like we have seen some mysterious places where people drown to death mysteriously; Sowetho man, you must understand what you are doing before you fully engage yourself into this things, you will kill people unaware.

In response and in giving advice to the inyanya/sangoma mentioned above

This inyanga needs to go back to his trainer for ukuthwala whom he on his blog mentioned that he is in Mozambique, it seems to me that both these guys don’t know the true concept of ukuthwala, the respect of the spirits, they are just playing the minds of those who don’t understand the thing ukuthwala. For an example, there is no river in Sowetho that portrays the clean water deity of wealth creation through spirits and Muthi/ Ukuthwala, all the streams there are contaminated with sewage water and all the dirty from the location, if the man knows his talent of ukuthwalisa he would consider that. When people are doing whatever they do, they must give it a weight, it must make sense because people of today only want things that conform to logic and reasoning.


My advice to the Mpumalanga sisters about ukuthwala and their sowetho inyanga

Yes ukuthwala does exist but it is not a good thing to do, there are ways of ritual success which are better off than ukuthwala for riches, proper humble rituals for money. The one you were doing in Sowetho is not anywhere near ukuthwala it is just far from it. Don’t do ukuthwala rather find someone true to lift and invoke things you are doing for success because with ukuthwala you will kill someone one day, which is bad. Ladies; imagine if you had found somebody who knows ukuthalisa other than this chance taking sowetho guy of yours; you would have killed someone or perhaps your loved one. In his blog the guy never said he knows ukuthwalisa/rituals for riches through ukuthwala, he said that they (him and some people went to Mozambique and this one old man was giving them stories of ukuthwala, so you Mpumalanga ladies went to tempt the man with money he took it. Otherwise ukuthwalisa is never like that.

If real this man used real muthi for ukuthwala/carrying/loading or loaded with people’s souls, ukuthwala for money then the Mpumalanga ladies needs cleansing so that they won’t be followed by bad spirits, but with the way their story sounds, nothing was done it was only corrupt ways of taking the money.

Be careful people; but there are good ways of conducting rituals for success, protection of your achievement even your current wealth for sustenance.

Me khokhovula your great healer and a spiritual guru, The Great One

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