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Mr Khokhovula Gundabaloyi I greet you sir baba ndicela ubuza in your experience emsebenzin wakho what is magic wallet spell please Sir can you define this spell for me what is it thank you baba…

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In response to to maxic.masxi23 about magic wallet fabrications and scams

There is no such a thing as magic wallet spell, it is only a statement that came with these unscrupulous/bogus and fake traditional healers to lure you into buying nothing from them for lots, lots of money. Most of these fake traditional healers come from countries like Nigeria, Uganda, West and Central Africa. They will make you buy big suitcases and tell you they will fill it it with money through some magic but at the end of the day you are the one to pay them big money and that magic just don’t come. Some people have been made to buy mealy-meal and told that each and every particle of the mealy-meal will through magic wallet turn into money and that is billions and billions of Rands or dollars, You are made to fill the suitcase with this meal-meal pay these bogus traditional healers lots of money but still magic to turn meal-meal into money won’t come because this is a scam. THERE IS NO SUCH A THING AS MAGIC WALLET, these bogus / fake traditional healers wouldn’t be all over the world looking for money, they would stay in their homes and native countries and make money for them and their families who are suffering . MAGIC WALLET IS JUST A SCAM AND IT HAS SPREAD INTO MANY PLACES OF THE WORLD the engineers of that scam are the western and central African fake and bogus traditional healers, many of them have made their riches out of those who believed in these fabrications.

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