Physical life, Spiritual life old and new prototype of the spiritual arrangement (Incarnation)

Physical life, Spiritual life old and new prototype of the spiritual arrangement (Incarnation)


Angels and spiritual guides versus people’s lives on earth (incarnation)


It is important that humans have to learn the spiritual laws of nature and understand the relativity of spirituality guiding spirits and angels.


Earth has developed and so are many people on it. Collectively people are moving into a higher dimension spiritually and in a waking life. Old habits must go and make way for the new ones, we need to follow spiritual laws so that we reach divine enlightenment.


Earth has developed that we need to be masters of our own guidance and not allow ourselves to be altered by anything. We all incarnate to experience life in a physical body. It is the way in which we deal with our life circumstances that determines whether we fail or pass our examination; everyday life on earth is at test. Life on its own on the universe is a struggle, but when we respond to all our life tests with consideration, Strength and understanding then we become masters. Your guiding spirit and your Angel will make sure you win if you have helped it to win.




When we grow, we forget our spiritual connection or enlightenment however we do not walk or go through our lives alone, our guiding spirits are always there with us even though sometime they will be enabled to take on their humbled duties of guiding you. Everyone alive has a guardian Angel who is with them throughout all their lives. Angels are pure spiritual beings from higher dimensions, though sometime you can get bad and negative angels from lower dimensions.


A good guardian Angel


A good guardian angel protect and encourages its people, with pure and good connections being ready to receive, people attracts more and more angels with different skills and abilities to master their lives for a specific purpose or just to work with them. This means that everyone has a spirit guide that has volunteered to look after them as after death spiritual beings. Your guiding spirit is attracted or attached to you according to the light you glow with.


Guides in one person as they differ


Different guides come to people as people change their life styles. A progressed person will attract greater guides, a bad person will attract negative forces. There are many guides that help people with different aspects of their lives; they are their helpers.  These are usually the spirits of the people who have loved us before they died. In most of the African lands we call them ancestor spirits whereas in some other lands they call them just Angels.


Angels and or Ancestor guiding spirits in their respective ministerial positionsThe Power behind Prophetic Powers


While your guiding spirits look after you here on earth, there are a lot of higher position spirit guides or ancestor guides in the angelic hierarchy; the Ancient ancestry, Archangels Princedoms and the Powers in specific who are watching and managing the arrangement of the guidance by those deployed to the world. There are those Angels and ancestor guides who have mastered the angelic and guardianship works and have become the Gurus of guardianship who help and guide even those spirit who are still armatures. We can ask these spirits in prayers, meditation or through some rituals for help. In overall command is the foundation who is known as God. We can ask anything from these spirits and they can help us in any means within the possible ways of the spiritual powers.


Promoting Love, Harmony, Joy, Appreciation from our Spiritual guide and the Divinity that Empower us


We all like to be loved, cared for, appreciated, be thanked when we do things for others; we all feel a sense of satisfaction when we receive and we are given more and acknowledged in particular, this makes us feel like we can or have to do more; it is the same with our spiritual guards / guides. The angels and the ancestor guides smile on us with appreciation when we thank them for things they do for us, then the universe through its powers send us more and more good stuff to help us find our highest good.


Do you really have to shout and put extreme energies that your Ancestor spirits and Angel

These people with Khokhovula on the photo are doing revenge for the members of their family who were bewitched and killed. They are doing a death ritual directed at paying back. guides hear you?


Some people believe they have shout at their angels for help; yes they do that but wonder why aid is not forthcoming; the guides will be feeling maddened and quite harassed than requested humbly and respectful. No wonder why Ancestor spirits and Angels turn deaf ears to selfish shouting for help. When we ask readily, pleasantly, and respectful with down to earth soul and faith, having a sense that we ready to value their help, they are undoubtedly delighted to help us. The forces of light will never forsake us if we approach them within their doctrines of veneration.


Spiritual Guides, their help; should they interfere with your choices in your life line?


Sometime Ancestors and Angels can just watch you doing a mess of your situation if that is what you need for your win over, success and growth. If they will interfere fast they might stop you from learning; for things you do in life are the process of learning and the examinations you have to pass. This cannot be looked upon as spiritual ignorance by the spiritual guides. In other words, your guides must sometime put you to test to discover your strengths.


Respectfully requesting from our spiritual guidesIngozi yokufa


Some people constantly cry out with demands rather than requests, these demands come from desperation and neediness not from a centred humbleness of faith. The person who is unfaltering walking in pure spiritual paths will always be heard fast by the spirits when he make requests on anything and will be provided. When you need help form the Ancestors and the angels, the masters and the kings of light, your spiritual hierarchy of light will give it to you. Consider what you really want and find clarity about it and ask the spiritual beings to whom you address your requests for the help you necessitate. You will definitely be helped and that is the work of your spiritual guides.

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