The Spirit, Willpower and the drive to be Wealthy

The Spirit, Willpower and the drive to be Wealthy

Moralities to be prosperous must be driven by the innersole spirits of wealth.

Enticing achievement through spiritual inspiration and inventive aspiration.

Blessed is the man that leaves wealth to his great grandchildren, there is absolutely no excuse for failing to get yourself rich in the skill of getting wealthy. Wealth is our birth right, a problem comes in our failing to understand how we should relate to natural laws that could make wealth obtainable or accessible to us all and to understand and connect to the spirits that bring us wealth.

What is to be rich?

To be rich means having everything you want, the valuables in their large capacities, one is more considerably rich when he owns everything he wants that suits the life he wants to live; remember no one can live life to the fullest and be well-off without plenty of money, so to be rich means having plenty of money to buy anything you want at any time and owning big time.

A full normal rich life means having good food, nice and comfortable clothing which consists of big labels and expensive brands, warm and luxurious shelter, expensive big brand cars also relaxation and nourishment must be part of the mind of a rich person. If you not rich you are ordinary and it is painful to be ordinary because that means you cannot get all you want for the life you want to live to consider that life a full plentiful life. It is good that you should give your best attention to getting yourself rich because it is the honorable thing ever to happen to people with good desires for a good living.

What can hinder you from being rich?

Some spirits of poverty in your spiritual linage or the spirits of scarcity that you are attached to can be the cause of your poor of the poorest state of living, and unless such spirits have been removed from your energy fields, you will remain poor and be the example of poverty. These aforesaid spirits can kill your desire to become rich.

Who can be rich?

Anyone can be rich if he supports his/her desire to be wealthy, we are living in an era where even ordinary people wants to be wealthy; it is natural for every person to want to be rich and the person who does not desire to be wealthy is uncommon and so heavily pressed by the spirits of poverty and scarcity. Anyone can be rich provided his spirits of wealth are well geared up and serviced to help him find his highest good in acquiring riches. You can be that person, make the most of yourself never ignore or neglect the duties to better yourself; you can render services to everyone, to your belief type, to some deities, God and the gods but you need to better yourself fist.

Your becoming wealthy relies on you

You need to find your appropriate place in this universal arrangement to create for yourself a pleasant-sounding atmosphere in which to grow your wealth, insight and data. Thoughts are available in every person, thoughts affluence the desire and the desire derives the person into plans, and the plans drives the person into actions. When you choose creative plans in supportive of competitive spiritual guidance you discover immeasurable potentiality in you.

The need of money

It is hands-on, labor-intensive not thesis on viewpoints but this heading is intended for people who have the demanding need for money. This article is for people who want to be rich not just those theoreticians out there. It is for those who have not found time, the means and the opportunity to find their highest good in in concepts that can help them find money. Unless you have accumulated wealth, you don’t have complete life. People must have money so that they become the owner of things, for development people need many things and those things need money to buy them with, therefore the basis of all people’s advancement must be getting wealthy.

The praise of poverty

In some belief faith types I have heard poverty being praised, especially by some priests in Christianity. ‘God is for the poor’ ‘It is good to be poor on earth for you shall rejoice in heaven’. These whole appraisals of poverty oppose the bible passage that say man shall rule over earth and everything on it. How would you rule when you are poor? We need money, poverty is a curse. It is painful to be poor and have no way out of it. You must understand this that there is nothing wrong about getting rich.

Riches, Poverty and Satisfaction

To be rich means to have unrestricted possessions and to have all the things which are necessary to the fullest in a living. In other words ‘to have money to get anything you want the time you want it, and that suit your mental, spiritual and physical unfolding. To be rich does not mean to be satisfied with having nothing and or contented with little. No one has to be satisfied by little when he/she is capable of getting, using or enjoying more. Normal people cannot be satisfied by poverty and the pain of not having, when it is allowed to be rich. Normal people cannot be satisfied by the content of poverty when they can try to follow their desires to be rich and try. Everyone must have the advancement to development of life that can contribute to their riches, it is allowed.

To be rich (What is it)

A person who owns everything he wants in his life is rich, no one can be rich without having lots of money to buy things he wants, and so to be rich in other words means to have plenty of money and valuables. Every living person nowadays wants to be a better person, to be rich in particular; but still there are those who don’t give a damn, who live life each day as it comes.

A desire and the spirits

A desire to be rich is really a desire for a full and complete life, the spirit in you must push the desire and a good desire must push the spirit in you to find money. A person who don’t desire to live well and wealthy is infrequent, a person who don’t have the desire to go find money will leave in shame and poverty and will never see good times.
Some people will tell you that their spiritual belief don’t allow them to be rich and that is a spiritual belief of doom. “I live for God, what is money and to be reach” so they say making excuse for their lazy minds and dead desires. “Never mind the money I love him as poor as he is, what is material stuff” so they say when protecting their laziness and dead desires of looking for money, forgetting that a happy love affair needs a lot of things and money is the buying token. In a person, the desire and the spirit to find money must live on.

The power of a desire behind making it

Where ever there is unexpressed possibility or unperformed function in a person, the desire dies and when the desire is dead all the wishes that leads to acknowledgement and grabbing of the opportunities die; now all the possibilities of succeeding and the desire to make it automatically die. The desire for becoming rich is a tangible desire and that yearning must be creditable and it has to be aligned with positive spirits of wealth.

You may be the poor of the poorest and deeply in debts but nothing hinders you from getting rich, no one is prevented from getting rich even though they lack investment, if you do things in some ways and seek your spiritual strengths and gifts concerning getting wealthy. Like causes must produce like effects, you must get rich even if no one has to back you up, no supports, no impact, and no bases.

If you have no capital you will get it, if you are on the wrong business you will get on the right business, if you are on the wrong setting you will get on the right position; it is all spiritual, each and every person has got spirits of wealth as part of his overall spiritual guidance. So in your current happenings or doings, create habits and attitudes in a spiritual or sure way that causes success.

Are there shortages of stuffs on earth for people to get wealthy?
No one in the world will remain poor because there is shortage of valuables in the world for them to acquire riches. There is more than enough for all the world’s people and there is no limit of amorphous things to formulate your own methods of accumulating wealth. Therefore, no person is poor because nature is poor but because their spiritual side of accumulating wealth is nonfunctional and the desire itself is dead.
God promised people to have it all, to have dominion and wealth in no condition on earth, therefore there shall be no shortages of supply by the universe to acquire wealth; that will simple mean that God is contradicting himself and nullifying his own works. So you are not restricted by the unavailability of unformed means to enrich yourself but you only need the command and to act upon plans and goals you have set forth with the help of your guiding angel/spirit of wealth.

He who acquires the power of wealth become a master of mind, he conquers fate and can live the life he wants.

To consider the reality and the presence of poverty will produce correspondence procedures in your own mind to actual accept that poverty does exist and you can be the poor amongst the poorest, Instead you must conform to the certainty and attitude that poverty does not exist in your world. It requires spiritual powers, strengths and the thinking power when you are surrounded by entrances of poverty. ‘Just imagine one thinking of riches in the deepest entrances of poverty, where all his hopes are dead’ Riches become a joke to this particular individual or just a thing for those chosen or special people. It seems to this particular person a dream where one dream being a very rich person in his deep sleep but work up the same filthy poor man he actual is.
The power of getting rich begins with the desire and the acceptance of the faith and belief in your concepts accompanied by your positive and full functional side of your spiritual light.

Theories and practicalities over spirits of wealth

In order for one to be rich needs to exercise practicality, experimentation and realism in positivity. One has to go through processes of acquiring wealth and failing in some attempts until such a time he passes. Every concept needs to be transformed into practicalities; in the laws of getting rich, theories are emotionless until they are transformed into practicality. Individuals must get themselves rich by implementing all their concept into experimentation and practicality; though your spirits of wealth must be alive, supporting and backing up all your activities towards your successes.

Sidelining Doubts that affects getting rich

Greater minds must set forth the goals to enrich themselves, this is done mostly by exercising patience, put all the efforts in extreme and placing aside all other concepts that can hinder the goal set forth to be achieved. The obstacle in this case can be the opposite inner self that tackles tangible concepts within you. This opposing inner self is a tool which is used by the dark forces to bring your permanent belonging with poverty.
All you need to do when you note the negative and opposing inner self in you is to dwell in your sound, positive and tangible concepts until the negative side that promotes poverty in you fades away. Stick to your good concepts until the wrong side is fixed and your mind has made it a habitual thought to conform into accumulating wealth. If a doubt that you can accumulate wealth comes to you, please cast it aside as a demon or a transgression.

Never take or listen to arguments that terrorize your strong concepts and ideas that can lead you to getting rich. Never and never mix yourself with people where contrary teachings or advices are addressed. “Money is the root of all evil and sin”, so says one bible passage; this is not it, I total disagree, money is the tool to give you everything you want and even to pay tithes in the church and also to live a lavish life as we have seen with many Pastors of today.
Don’t allow to get mixed up and shift from your tangible concepts, don’t ignore your plans or adapt to that of others for they might diverge from that of your spiritual guide, deity or the angel of wealth.

The size of wealth

In a living, a proper living, life must multiply itself, consciousness must keep on expanding in persons with normal living, and talents must be cultivated to give birth to more and more talents in many forms to add value. For your life you need to do more and to be more in everything, the desire for riches is simply the capacity for larger life through coming into action. That which makes you want more and more money is the desire to be rich. It is by itself to be rich to have this drive that makes you want more and more money.

God, Spirits and the Wealth.

It is the desire of God that you should be wealthy, he wants you to be rich because he wants to express himself better through you, and that is when you have plenty of things to use in giving him expression; “I give you everything to be yours” so says God the lord of hosts in the bible. God, Spirits, Deities and your Oracles are friendly to your plans, but still you need to have more command and unlimited ones in the means of life to be considered a serious humanoid who understands wealth accumulation.

Help your spirits of wealth to help you find your highest good in the world of riches. Your angel guide of wealth might be suffering a temporary defeat by spirits of poverty and scarcity, so you need to get it evoked and invoked to arise and make positive things happen for you, to find wealth in particular.

Are there specific laws of riches by God?

Life is the performance of purpose and we do not get rich to outsmart others, God want us to be rich so that we live life to the fullest but in respect of individuals and nature itself. God wants us to extend the helping hand to those less fortunate, and according to God’s will, nobody has to be less fortunate; but due to the dying of desires to get wealthy in some people they become the less fortunate.

Nobody lives completely without having enough money to live that kind of life, so it is a must to be rich if you can and can stick to your tangible concepts; though with God’s laws of riches, we don’t get rich to enjoy cerebral pleasures, to satisfy ambition or to blow your trumpets

God wants you to be wealthy so that you can eat, dress, live well as well as help others where you can. Not the wealth that will make you lose it, have behavior disorders and bad mannerisms until such a time you get hurt in your spiritual and waking life altogether. Shortly, God wants you to be a well principled rich person, and you also want that, if not, why not?
I mentioned getting rich so that you help others; Yes, but get rid of the idea that God wants you to sacrifice yourself for others, that you can find his mercy and have your place secured in his throne, Hell No, God requires nothing like that; what he wants is that you make the best of yourself. So with God it is right and praiseworthy you give your first and best to your concepts and mechanisms of gaining wealth
God is the creator and we men are the creators, God created the world but look at how much men has created on this planet earth. Don’t relax, you are the creator so instead of creating men, create your own wealth, Like father like son, God knows we are the creators; you must be a creator not a competitor ; so create your wealth through that sound plan in you.

You can accumulate wealth but what matters is how you manage it

Some people get rich but the riches that thrusts upon them, one get rich fast but in no time he fades away in unforeseen circumstances, one may be tempted to think that they have been bewitched. In the mere fact they become careless and spend too much money on things that lose value instantly and take them back to poverty; though others use bad rituals that come back and haunt them and take all the wealth.
The power that brings or creates prominent rich men have so many times appeared to be the very same power that take them back to total bankrupts, this comes when people put enormous powers in accumulating wealth and the same amount of powers to waste it.
Riches set or secured on the competitive bases are never concrete, sustainable or permanent. They are yours now and someone take them over the next hour, if you are to be completely wealth and sustain you need to rise entirely out of competitive thought, don’t feel limited in your concepts. Create your wealth, you are not seeking anything that someone has, you are creating and generating your own; but still have skills and abilities to manage it well.

Faith Prayers and receiving.

The content I’m presenting here is for people with strong desires to overcome their laziness that has been of hindrances for them to break through. In almost everything we do, we need faith but faith alone is not enough because to make happen you need action. A plan and a concept alone is not enough a happening must take effect.
Faith and prayers alone will not help, you need to pray for what you are doing to happen the way you want it, not to pray for why you not doing it. Make your plans, dwell on them, build a stronger bond between your plans and your desires and thus make a stronger and powerful desire behind your goals set forth and possible you’re getting rich.
In the bible we read that whatever things we ask when we pray, we will receive them and we shall have them, it goes on to say that we will not ask for fish and we are given snake by our Holly Father God. All this does not mean that we have to make request from God and just sit in wait for magic to bring us those things we ask for, but to pray for what we do to succeed in perfection through our prayers and the faith we have but through acting upon.

This does not mean that we have to spend all our life requesting repeatedly for one and the same thing to God, it is not necessary to tell God about one thing time and again. ‘Don’t pray repeatedly and in vain, don’t do long and unnecessary prayers for your father God know things you want before you ask” Here Jesus meant that people must not spend all their time in praying than getting into action that will help their prayers.
You do not make this happen by string and chain of words but by holding your vision with strong and unshakable purpose to attain it. The answer to your prayer is not according to your faith while you are praying but according to your faith while you are working.

You must want the real life

The real life is when you have the power to get everything you want the time you want them, and money does everything, never listen to teachings and stories that says it is bad to have money and be rich, the church and many different creeds need money, rich pastors of today are the examples of the need of money since the beginning of mankind.

Rituals of wealth, Oracles, God, gods and the Deities

Your spiritual guidance need to play a very big and positive role in your successes, as long as they are serviced, well channeled, evoked, invoked and appeased, they will help you find your highest good in wealth; but still you need to help it by taking action being pushed by those living desires in you.

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