Ukuthwala for riches sad stories 1

He never thought of any means of accumulating wealth than ukuthwala

This man had livestock, he was a peasant farmer at the same time working as a driver for a nearby farmstead. This man was always yenning to become bigger than his boss, he grew up hearing of stories of ukuthwala for wealth and money, and he for real wanted prosperity. As an uneducated man he never saw any other options for his success other than ukuthwala for riches.

Did he know the consequences of ukuthwala and their dangers?

The man did not know the problems of ukuthwala for riches, in his mind was full of seeing great achievements from the concept of ukuthwala for money, he started doing his research as in where other people go for ukuthwala, he was directed to this inyanga Sangoma who used to keep snakes and plenty of them all big, still he had not done a research about ukuthwala for riches what exactly this was, the only thing he wanted was ukuthwala for wealth regardless of the conditions; this means that the man was ready to do anything is it painful or difficult as long as he would be entitled to fast riches.

The man goes for it; ukuthwala for riches, regardless of said snakes at Sangoma’s place

So brave the man went for ukuthwala, he had money of course because he had sold ten of his oxen, he paid this Inyanga Sangoma for ukuthwala for riches and he was given three calabashes, he was told to slaughter chicken and pour blood once every week in two small calabashes, with the bigger one he was told to put mincemeat and mealiemeal. He took his three calabashes and went home with them, he did as he was told to do by his Inyanga/Sangoma. In a month of so many slaughters of chicken, two small calabashes had burst as in an egg hatching and whatever was inside had gone.  The big calabash spoke to the man and told him to take it to the mountain with 80 kg mealiemeal and 10 chicken before its hatching because if it does in his premises there will be pandemonium. The man followed the word of the calabash and took it to the mountain cave and a big one as it had requested, after that the man started to see everything going very well as he had long desired.

The talking calabash in the mountain cave

The man was relaxing at home forgetting he took the calabash to the mountain’s biggest cave, the voice of the calabash came and ordered him to come to the mountain, he went to the mountain accompanied by his four dogs, as he approached the cave two snakes big enough to swallow a full grown oxen came, caught his to dogs and swallowed them slowly, immediately after that; minutes in space came the talking calabash in a form of a snake the size enough to swallow an elephant caught the third dog and swallowed it as well, the man collapsed, when he woke up the bigger snake was busy swallowing the forth dog. The man found his feet and ran off the mountain, at home that night the man was sick and not able to share the story with the family.

The calabash voice visits again

It was a deep dark coal night that day and the calabash roaring rough voice came to the man and  demanded him to bring four cows every three months, because the man had gone wealthy, he did as the command of the calabash voice. This thing carried on for almost 5 years and the number of cattle to be sacrificed for the snakes had increased to 10 every 3 months, which was nothing to the man because the man was getting big business contracts left hand, right and center. One day the man got a voice visit that he must not buy anything or spend any of his money, must not wear a shirt and shoes or get into town, or even bath until further notice. The voice told the man that he must provide it with all the family and extended family virgins for its sacrifices; the man refused and everything vanished in a short period of time, the man became the poor of the poorest and went mentally ill when the family was faced with tragic deaths.


Don’t do things until you have fully understood them. Ukuthwala for money is of course bad but still there are good, humble and polite rituals for success and sustaining achievements.



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8 thoughts on “Ukuthwala for riches sad stories 1

  1. afternoon.

    what are short boys magic money wallet and spiritual rats? and what are the dangers. I have heard of a crow or hen picking grain which equals number of years to live rich. is this true and what are the dangers?

  2. How do I go about in getting wisdom in leadership, and a being rich without getting into satanic acts. Is it possible for me to come consult at your place and how much is the consultation fee?

  3. If I had already done ukhuthwala and see everything is going good but I don’t want it anymore ,and am afraid to lose wat I already have because they say the spirit knows all yr plans n movement .wat should I do so that the spirits won’t recognize and haunt me and my family

    • Your state is very short ‘I want to be rich am poor man but am afraid of ukuthwala for the sake of my family’ remember everybody wants to be rich but in the mere fact you are not going to work up in the morning and find your floors filled with money, you are not going to have money delivered to your home bags full. you need to do something ; work, the rituals help you on that very same thing you are doing to happen successfully; the ritual of success I do for you; forces success “That is on the things you do as a spring board or your foundation

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