Ukuthwala for success, wealth and money

Wealth spirits and muthi ukuthwala: Each and every person needs comfortable circumstances around them, some people use a system called ukuthwala to make quick money, some are given very troublesome things which end up haunting families. So many stories have been said about the dangers of muthi wealth, muthi riches is not all bad it all depends on the formula used. I have realized that many black persons businesses rely on muthi and magic, now people have to be careful which muthi for riches they use. They also have to have these formulas explained to them so that they make safe options.

Ukuthwala for success, riches and gains

There are so many rituals which are done for the purpose of success to create wealth, ukuthwala for riches assures that you succeed in whatever you do, but only for a given time. Some spirits are used for ukuthwala for riches, wealth and money and work only for that specific person who have undergone the process of ukuthwala not family and children, still this is only for a short time.

A relationship between a spirit of ukuthwala and the person

The spirit of ukuthwala always take control of the life of a person, you become so busy that you can’t live your normal life, this is because you have to do so many sacrifices and follow so many rules. Once you undergo the process of ukuthwala you don’t have one life you are entitled to so many things a normal person wouldn’t want, you are given a magic woman that comes to you to entertain herself as a goblin or something. In that case you will be asked if not compelled to leave your own woman or wife. This magic woman comes in so many forms all of them frightening, it can be snakes or something horrific.

Khokhovula doing true and humble success rituals

Khokhovula doing true and humble success rituals as opposed to ukuthwala for money and wealth, he is connecting to the humble and culm spirits of wealth, and he is receiving the water deities’ powers as opposed to magic.

Dangers of ukuthwala for wealth and money

All the sacrifices you have to do are bad and dangerous with ukuthwala for wealth. The spirits work to give you good fortune and per given time more and more sacrifices, bigger and bigger needs to be done with livestock and eventually a human life. When these spirits of ukuthwala get out of hand they cause misfortunes not only to the person who would have undergone the process of ukuthwala but the whole family and the family at large. If their demands are ignored they can even cause death in the family in unforeseen circumstances one person after the other. This makes ukuthwala for money very dangerous. This ukuthwala thing feeds on terror, when people are terrified and going through fear of mysteries it feels well.  Ukuthwala might sound easy with its hearsay but when you are faced with the problems of it, ukuthwala is very bad and difficult.

Where do these spirits come from, where are they sourced?

These spirits are sourced from rivers, mountains and grave sites, they are actual resurrected from the dead, or taken from an alive person metamophosizing them into some horrifying things, in rivers they hijack the good humble spirits of wealth and turn them into their wild horrific ukuthwala spirits for wealth. Now these spirits get cruel as they were hijacked in a cruel way and now start to demand bad sacrifices in a way of retreat.

What do you do when your Ukuthwala for money, riches and wealth have gone wrong.

Now your ukuthwala for wealth have gone wrong these spirits have stopped providing for you and have started haunting the family causing death and mysteries or just chain of loses and suffering, you are getting bankrupt every day, find a strong traditional healer of Khokhovula’s caliber and defuse the whole system and do the humbled wealth rituals for your wealth which are from natural powers of the spirit of wealth other that the magic hijacked spirits of wealth that will bring you misfortunes at the end.

In description of ukuthwala

Ukuthwala is just bad it is only for one person wealth, for a time being riches, full of problems, success and it is nothing other than witchcraft. What is the use of having money that you cannot buy with necessarily because they are rules put, why do you have to have money if you cannot use it as you may want? If you compelled to have many women that you don’t want, and this is because when you are given a male ukuthwala spirit you need to have many women to satisfy its abnormal sexual desires, so you share all these women with it. If it becomes jealous then you are in great danger, then rather stay poor.

Have you realized that people who have undergone the process of ukuthwala their daughters don’t get married they have to remain at home their entire lives, it is because they will be serving these monstrous prick’s strange sexual desires, so bad.

These men are doing their requests from the spirits to make their businesses work

These men are doing their requests from the spirits to make their businesses work, and to have their bodies magnetic to money so that they oppose financial hardships and crises, still this is a good way of doing rituals for success than ukuthwala. Khokhovula is helping in these rituals.

What happens if the person who did ukuthwala for wealth dies?

Normaly most of these people goes with their wealth of ukuthwala when they die, this is nomarly because they will have gone with the secrets as in how these bad spirits of ukuthwala are kept, honored, treated and given sacrifices. Some their wealth of ukuthwala leave them when they are still alive because they did not stand with the agreement with these things or maybe these ukuthwala spirits demanded difficult things out of the agreement of the beginning, like demanding the life of a loved family member of this particular person, in refusal they start to mess up everything and the person dies a dog.

Be warned about ukuthwala

If a person gives you something is it for business or that ukuthwala for money in particular and give you orders that you must feed it, give it beer, slaughter and pour blood of something etc. please don’t take, what would you be feeding, what would this thing want if it is tired or bored by the blood of livestock, be careful. Be warned, it is better to know the end than to enjoy the misleading beginning of Ukuthwala for wealth

Good Muthi for wealth, riches, success and money in particular

It is there and can be found, there are good and humble rituals for wealth, money and success that our fore-fore fathers used. It is not as dangerous as this ukuthwala nonsense is, find out from Khokhovula Gundabaloyi your spiritual guru; The Great One

Any questions or needs? Please let me know, I (Khokhovula, traditional healer) am willing to help and or advise you.

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  1. Mholweni Mhlekazi ndinengxaki yokungafumani msebenzi,ndiwufuna pha kwa Eskom,ndinesakhono sokusenza ngombane ndicela uncedo okanye ingcebiso

    • Only your mother can give you the real surname, but still it is not at all times that biological surnames matters that much in people’s lives. YOU CAN BE BORN IN THE HOME STEAD OF A STEP FATHER UNDER THE GUARDIANSHIP OF A STEP FATHER; Grow up and become prominent and successful figures whereas those who know their biological surnames are the poor of the poorest; so it all depends on the true spiritual connection and true and serviced spiritual guidance; you can call Khokhovula for more information on 0730373093 / 0726143795 South Africa

  2. I sometimes get confused by some of my dreams, like I would dream flying with big white birds or running like an animal.

    • Flying with big white birds is good, it symbolizes the possibility of the fulfillment in your goals set-forth. The running with animals dream; I need to know which animals will you be running with and what kind of running; being chased, racing or chasing; then I will be able to give you the accurate interpretation of your dream; you can call me on 0730373093 / 0726143795 South Africa

    • Make time and call me, only if you have thought and decided to do that, then I will elaborate more; Ukuthwala means something you don’t want to do or be associated with, it is Ukuphakanyiswa if it is done a good way; call for more information 0730373093 / 0726143795

    • If everyone was meant to be rich then every person on earth would be rich. First of all I would like to know what is it that you are doing for your living. That which you are doing can be taken as your foundation to bring about that success. it can be used through success rituals as your spring-board to success; you can call me for more information and the arrangement of your help on 0730373093 / 0726143795 South Africa

  3. i had a dream where im driving home from the local shop to by my current girlfriend Pads as she was on her periods, when i get home i leave the car outside the gate than i go to the pots and dish up Jungle oats when i look outside the window i saw the mother of my child looking inside my car and she sees Pads(Always altra) she is with two of her Friends, i walk out and go to them and talk, she says to her friends lets go down the road and ask for food and im all chilled about this whole situation.Me and the mother of my child are not dating anymore what dose this dream mean.

  4. What u suppose to do when someone wants to sacrifice with you. You sick u cannot breath well u also hv a very bad nightmare it lyk u’re going crazy. Yuo alwalys hv a spiritual husband and u always dream lyk you’re eating.So u don’t what to do. Your husband has a polygamy and he is vry rich. Bt he doesn’t treat you lyk others. He doesn’t want to sleep with you.

  5. How to fight ukuthwala when ur husband is using u to get money. In short, when his mamlambo male is sleeping with u and using u against ur own will?

  6. I feel like I am blocked in my life, I know I am supposed to be in a better place, but whatever I try it just doesn’t get anywhere.

  7. I recently found out my girlfriend performed ukuthwala with her ex-boyfriend on their unborn baby but she says she was forced to do so..can that affect me somehow?? We have been intimate before I found out please help!

  8. I’m currently looking for job.I have being applying for so many posts but I don’t get job. Can you help me please?

  9. Do you know how this izighubhu work,they say it comes in 3 different forms izighubhu ezikhala amanzi,izighubhu ezikhala ubisi and izighubhu ezikhala igazi which is the most popular and used in Durban,many people here in Durban are taking otokoloshe but others prefer to take izighubhu because they say it is safer.
    Do you know how this calabash/izighubhu work and is it safe?

  10. I want to return every curse that my aunt has ever sent my way back to her and free my life from her curses and evil spirits, even if she dies I do not care, its her own doing.

  11. Umangabe umuntu wesifazane ilala nomuntu othwele owathandayo amantombazane futhi ongafuni nokwaliwa yini embi engenzi kuloyo muntu wesifazane??

  12. I need a muthi to bring more people to my business.
    I like your explanation or answers you give your clients to be.

  13. I wanted to Ukuthwala with Inkosazane yamanzi. I even paid some of the amount it request but failed to have it all due to ‘I think my ancestors were protecting me’ coz I couldn’t raise the amount it wanted ‘ but I went to the dam an talk to the spirits somehow but could see them. But now I want my money back because we didn’t perform the rituals and I’m scared to return back what should I do.

  14. Is it possible to remove the curse of ukuthwala as a girl child of a man who practices the ritual yokuthwala?

    Will that girl ever get married and have a family of her own?

  15. Ziyethusa kakhulu lezindlela zokuceba pho umndeni ungazikanjani ngoba le izimfihlo umuntu azigcina kuye. Yini nje esingabona ngayo
    Kwenye inkathi senazile nalungisa ku isikhathi esingakanani niphephile kune follow up check noma cha

  16. Hey khokhovula my couusins mother’s was taken by her husband for ukuthwala in the year 2000 so he told the famly that his wife went for ukutwasa and that the snake took her now recentlt my cousin saw her mom at home she was grouling like an animal and had long hair and nails she talked to her and told her that her father did this to her and she dissapeared..she said uvalelwe how can we help her?

  17. I am going through a difficult time I have been unemployed for such a long time and things are going from bad to worse please help me

  18. Greetings the Great Khokhovula my name is phumlani from SA I have. A soccer team and I have been a volunteer for Department of Sports and don’t have a proper qualifications for,the game but my team play well please help me grow my team attract wealth and riches in a good way ukuphakanyiswa and earn decent huge amount while doing what I love,one man recently promised me imali yamadlozi but I saw the money he revealed to me but I doubt there is something like that.that why I need your help.

  19. Yaz sengimithise amantombazane amabili azikhipha izinga womabili ,bengakhulumanga nami owokuqala wangtshela sekwadlula3years Kwenzeka lokho manje izingane zami ngfisa ukuzenzela something to show my love for them. How can I do it?

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