Traditional and Spiritual healing powers and foreseeing with bones

Reading with bones (Throwing bones)

(The talking bones that I throw) How does a true bone reader source his bones and how did I Khokhovula source mine bones.

I was sent buy the spirits through dreams to the bush and I was told that I will find a long dead animal and they named it, they farther told me that the animal had long died with all bones white but was never eaten by any wild animal or anything when it died until now then that I had to go to it.

When I got there to the bones I was commanded to pick different bones there, of which I did. When I got to my place wit h different bones, I was directed to mark some of them according to the commandment and some I had to live them unmarked until further orders from the spirits.

The first time I got my bones I did not know what shape and markings other bone readers have, but I was amazed to find that others have few that have similar markings with mine, the rest were just different and very unique.

My spirits uses not only bones to tell people’s problems or to read people’ life matters, they also use voices and whistles (Amazwi or imilayezo yabaphansi and Abelozi in Zulu)

Below I am talking about bone throwing and the talking bones

Throwing bones

Picture 1: shows unmarked bones

Bones read and uncover things

These are talking bones; they talk stories and problems of the people. They have got good and bad stories to tell, they help the spirit medium, sangoma and most of the spiritualist to understand and uncover things about the person they are helping. Thrown, cast, and marked readings are used by Khokhovula to performed psychic reading and sangoma foretelling to answer life’s questions for his people

Unmarked bones can be marked when the spirits say so

The above picture is unmarked bones, they can’t stay unmarked forever, and they can be marked if the ancestors involved may say so. They can stay unmarked forever unless the ancestors involved may deem it necessary. In the traditions of some cultures, the bones, shells, and/or nuts that are to be thrown are left in their natural state; in other cultures they may be shaped and marked.

In the picture bellow is Khokhovula’s marked bones

Picture 2: shows marked bones

Picture 2: shows marked bones

Who suggests upon the shape and the number of bones to be used in bone throwing

These bones are not marked because of Khokhovula’s culture as some people would relate it to cultural coordination. It is the spirit themselves according to their need of communication and their effectiveness of revealing information that they conduct the shape and the markings. Bones of various sorts are ritually tossed onto a mat, an animal hide and the resulting patterns interpreted tell stories. Throwing the bones is an ancient practice traditional to Africa and many regions of the world.

The number and type of bones employed are given to me by ogogo nabomkhulu /abaphansi the ancestor spirits, the inclusion of other small objects, may occur varying from sources, but as long as they are used for born throwing, they will all be called ‘Bones’.

Khokhovula’s daughter throwing bones

Picture 3: Khokhovula’s daughter throwing bones

Khokhovula’s daughter can throw bones but she is only two years old

My daughter on the above picture has just turned two and she has the ability of throwing the bones, she has been called from birth. Her other siblings have been called but when they were already old enough to note it and receive it. True things don’t need witnesses they just appear as truthful as they are, we are the bones people from birth. Bone throwing is not something that a person will sleep thinking of and work up having an ability to talk with bones. It has to be a gift from the ancestors. You kind of must not know what you are doing but follow the artifacts of the spirits who deliverer the massages through bone reading.

The bones represent all of the forces that affect any human being, anywhere, whatever their culture, but without the spirits bone throwing means nothing, it always has to be conducted by the spirits.

Bones needs spirits, without the spirits throwing bones is nothing.

Before throwing the bones, I Khokhovula invokes the ancestors by giving snuff, kneeling and clapping, and or chanting a song or even burn impepho. My bones often draw attention a problem that requires attention and that may have been unnoticed, ignored or denied. Usually the patient is well aware of what is going on in her/his life so he is the one to elaborate farther or observe the talking of the bones. My bone throwing is done on a humble and democratic base with a client participating fully and allowed to ague and agree with anything as he/she feels so.

Bones can search the happenings and warn a person

I Khokhovula am just the messenger; it is my ancestors, and not me who is providing the information and the messages of my clients from the reading of bones. These bones search on what is happening at that particular moment in the patient’s life. Bone readings are usually concerned with helping people deal with their current dilemmas – marital discord, money trouble, and other problems. The bones can warn a person not to do something because it can result in troubles and problems then rituals can be offered to the ancestral spirits to correct almost any possible event.

Working on the phone or the Skype for those living abroad

I can read bones by phone or by e-mail, but if you live abroad and the cost of long distance calls is high then Skype can be downloaded from the internet. In this way one can call computer to computer for no charge or from a computer to a regular phone for one Euro cent a minute. You would just need to make yourself available at a set time and send your questions ahead of time.

The anteater and hyena bones in the bone throwing

The anteater is the animal that “digs the grave” and an anteater bone may be used where death is concerned, or it may represent a deceased person or his spirit, in other ways it may mean home or shelter since this ground pig dig holes that are used by other animals as home or shelter. The primitive power and feature the animals represent grasp mammoth power, the hyena represents the thief that comes in the night (a witch or a thief in general), and a hyena bone is often used to locate a stolen item whereas the tail is used for stealing and the nostrils for smelling danger.

Our bone throwing is just like the communication network of the likes of satellite, cellular phones, telephones, the radio, television and the internet. In cases you do not see the people that are talking and it doesn’t surprise you. The message is a massage as it comes; same applies to the bone throwing and the massages through bone search.

Any questions or needs? Please let me know, I (Khokhovula, traditional healer) am willing to help and or advise you.

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