Spirits and Khokhovula



I was born with the Following Abilities:

  • ability of a traditional healer
  • Spiritualist
  • Spirit Medium
  • Fortune Teller
  • Psychic Reader
  • Clairvoyancer

I grew up in the midst of Traditional Healers, and Spirit Mediums. The gift is initiated through my family Paternal Lineage,
following the family through DNA. Any Soul/ Spirit of my Ancestors with a desire to work through me can do so.

You can call me

  • Inyanga
  • Sangoma
  • Umboni wemibono yakomoya
  • Umchazi wemibono yakomoya
  • Isanusi noma Umakhosi
  • Umayine
  • Ngaka
  • Nganga or Nanga

There are a lot of names you can call me with, depending on what you call Traditional and Spiritual People like me in your language,
but not witch doctor, I don’t like the way the term witch doctor is used.
There is the word witch for witches, for doing people harm and doctor for bringing lives, how do they go together?

Izangoma, Psychics, Clairvoyancers and Fortunetellers are able to communicate with ancestors through various different gifts that each one has been born with.
In addition these people serve as Interpreters of Dreams, they are able to assist those who have visions and explain them.

As an Inyanga, Sangoma, Psychic, Clairvoyancer, Fortuneteller and a Spirit Medium that I am, I link and interpret between the people consulting and the Souls/Spirits surrounding them.
This I do with the aid of the spirits that work with/through me.


Like me, if there are spirit mediums in your past (in the lives of your fore-fore fathers, your Great-Grandfathers) you may also become a sangoma or spirit medium.
You don’t have to know them, they know you, you don’t have to choose them, and they choose you.
If you have an inyanga in your past, you will have an aptitude for the use of traditional medicines. With me, I have both and I practice both, two hands are always better than one.
If you are being used by already trained spirits, you do not need to be trained by other Nyangas or Sangomas because your ancestors will guide you through dreams and voices on every work you conduct spiritually. But someNyangas and Sangomas would want to train you just to make business.


In some cases Inyanga is trained through an apprenticeship being assistance to the already trained iNyanga (in a period of time, learning how to treat diseases and solve some problems with traditional medicine. Long ago inyanga would look at his family and choose/identify the child showing the most interest in traditional medicine, this child would also be identified or chosen through dreams.
Now this child would become assistance in the field, learning different ways of medicament. (The art of healing diseases and Solving Problems or possibly witch-hunting).

If anyone is just taught in the field of identifying medicine, it is dangerous; his knowledge of doing things in the field will be limited. You need to be gifted by the ancestor spirits; you also need to be given identification of new medicine that has never been used by somebody else, through dreams, through ancestor voices, not just by anybody human like you whom his knowledge is limited. (New medicines with the help of the spirits will help treat new diseases).

The Spirit Guide

The spirits will guide you on the methods, Dosages and all the uses of medicine.
Some of these ancestor spirits will come and show the Nyanga/Sangoma/Spirit Medium the guidance on the various remedies they used whilist alive. This is not with everybody, some need to be trained.
In some cases some people go to Traditional Healers, Nyangas/Sangomas, you may name them, sick and they are put in training sessions for becoming one of them. This one need to be looked at very deep;

some witches can send bad spirits

to live upon one’s body and soul and make him sick and also cause him problems, now it is very crucial/important that when you are foreseeing try to find the difference between the spirits. If the type of the spirit that is troubling this person needs to be expelled, just chase them, cause if you try to put this person under training for medium ship,sangoma, inyanga etc, you will promote those unknown spirits to hurt the person so badly, or even to trouble the offspring of that particular person permanently. (Now being their spirit without paternity.)

My greatest knowledge as a sprit medium comes directly from them

(The spirits) as an infant and the time I spent with my Traditional and Spiritual Elders who for that sake were the strongest, feared and most powerful and respected spiritualists and traditional healers of the region. It is with them that I have done Traditional Healing and Spirit Medium Ship for over thirty years successfully. (Successfully in this case means that I have in this said time helped people solve their family spiritual issues, the business people win their business battles and  running their businesses in sustenance, the bewitched, the sick with traditional and spiritual related issues, troubled hearts through lose, is it a loved one through tragic death which is witchcraft motivated or just love loss.

Thirty Years as a Spiritual Healer

My over thirty years of practice has been a valuable and fulfilling learning in this ancestor spirits relationship I have in my life, and it has reached its natural depth, and also its greater heights that I know the spirits in all their species/types. I do not do Sangoma/INyanga/Psychic/Spirit medium ship/Clairvoyance training; I believe those are gifts that come natural. What I do is to give strength to the existing Sangoma/Clairvoyancer/Psychic/Angel reader/Spirit medium/Fortunetellers, The Prophets and some Church Bishops who want to perform miracles and fill their congregations with enormous number of followers.

There are on earth very bad events

which are the doings of witches of which I stand to fight to the bitter end. You don’t undermine the witch because he/she will surprise you. Witchcraft is a religion like any other, it is as old as the ancient beginning, and it keeps on changing like all other religions. If you are fighting a witch, you are fighting a real fighter who hardly back off, I fight a fighter all day and night. I have realized many people want to be traditional healers and spiritualists, it is not a joke, and it is not easy either. It is very difficult to be a real one but easy to be just any. Has it become a fashion, just sickness, or is still a calling as it used to be?

Not all bad events occur because of witches

some things are just happenings which occur through mistakes and Negligence’s but some people will put blames towitches and wizards. Most people who are poverty stricken will blame witches and wizards for their suffering and forget to realize they are sitting on their hands doing nothing to find food and other needs of life. (Of course witchcraft is there, do not fool yourself by thinking it does not exist) but it is not the cause of everything.


Leaders: Either you are a:

  • Congregation / Pastor, Bishop, and or Priest
  • Political Party
  • Organizations
  • Businesses

you need powers to lead. It is very few people that do not consult with us the spiritualist to strengthen their leadership.
Other spiritualist, Healers, Prophets need powers because sometime they are jealous of each other and deprive each other of the powers used to work with the spirits.
In the other side there will be witches making sure that you will not disturb them any longer in your area and they are likely to lock you up as well.


The ability to communicate with those who have passed into the nonphysical or “died” gives a person a unique perspective on life and death. Working as a medium has blessed me with the opportunity to communicate with many in the spirit world. Often through the years, as clients have thanked me heartily for bringing through a loved one, I have found myself sincerely returning their gratitude for the opportunity to “meet” the spirits who came through for them. I have learned a great deal from these communications about the nature of life and “death.”

Any questions or needs? Please let me know, I (Khokhovula, traditional healer) am willing to help and or advise you.

Please contact me on +27 73 0373 093 or +27 72 6143 795. You can also send me an email: khokhovulakhokhovula@gmail.com.

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  1. izinto azingihambeli kahle ngase malini nomsebenzi. nginezi kweletu ezingixakile futhi nomphathi wami akangiphethe kahle futhi akangiholeli imali engifanele. ngidinga usizo ngokulungisa lezinkinga nokuthi ngithole ukuthi konakelephi kimina ngoba hleze ngihlangabezana nezinkinga ezifana nalezi.

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