Spiritual calling

A calling comes from your ancestors  A calling is a purpose for existence, it comes naturally and certified by your ancestors and God/gods.

A calling is not a Career

Unlike a career is what you need to be taught and trained in order to earn a living,
Educational institutions qualify you for certain careers like Medical Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Auditors and so on.

The God/gods’ and ancestor’s call qualifies you as a:

  • Spirit Medium
  • Traditional Healer
  • Fortune Teller
  • Clairvoyance
  • Psychic Reader
  • Angel Reader
  • Prophet
  • Pastor


Some people fail to answer their calling.

and most people are not happy with their current positions because they fail to answer their calling.A calling does not need all of your time, it only demands part of your time which gives the opportunity to use some of your time for your career.Find out your purpose in life and live in such a way that you make a difference in other people’s lives and so yours, because if you don’t who will do it. Having something valuable to live for and look forward to each day makes life worth living. You will not choose them, they will choose you. They know you before you know them from the line of your family DNA, the family that you are born into. Once you find your purpose their purpose, you won’t call it work, problems, sickness, haunting, trouble, you will call it a calling, and you will feel life worth living enjoying every part of the connection with the spirit world.


What is ukuthwasa? (Yikwenzani ukuthwasa) Ukuthwasa is the period of initiation that one undergoes in order to become a Sangoma.
In this period the initiate will be trained by an already trained Sangoma to become a qualified Sangoma. Now, this may seem a confusing statement if you have read that it is by birth that one is a Sangoma. Yes it goes in two ways, one is called by the already trained spirits others are born with it, and some gets a calling when they are already grown up.It is indeed by birth that one is a Sangoma but you still need sharp spirits to open the world of traditional medicine and powers for your services. (Umuthi Namandla Kamoya)Umuthi and Amandla Kamoya will able you and bring you fully in touch with your abilities, it can show you the person that has to conduct your Sangoma training or simple coaching you themselves (the spirits). Coaching you, the spirits will make sure you are able to foresee things and fore-tell making those visions useful to protect, heal, warn, and direct etc.

idlozi/ancestor spirit

The trainer or the spirits always make sure that idlozi/ancestor spirit that you are working with does not have any issues which will impact on your ability to work with them. The process of ukuthwasa seems to vary considerably in length, it is my experience though that a person who is coached by the spirits themselves will be consistently superior as compared to those who are trained by Sangomas. I personally believe that to be trained by other people of this planet earth leaves a lot of spaces uncovered and leads to Sangomas who lack confidence in their abilities and who are not properly channeled with other areas of spiritual life.The spirit that works with you, in you, the one that led to your calling must have strength to take on the problems and troubles of the sprit wars of this planet earth. They must also be able to report everything to the spirit world so that they will always be supplied with more and more strength by the spirit world using the initiate’s body and soul in that calling. They will also teach you the songs that stimulate the strengths and powers in you from the spirit world. Each and every idlozi have got a song that he/she sings for some different occasions.

In the process of being trained by Sangomas or Nyanga’sUkungqongqoza; is literally to knock at the door of inyanga or Sangoma who is to conduct your initiation (training), you do this by presenting white chickens or possibly a white goat as an offering.

Any questions or needs? Please let me know, I (Khokhovula, traditional healer) am willing to help and or advise you.

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  1. ndisoloko ndiphupha ngamanzi nd ngk zinto zam azihambi kakhle,kwenziw njan xa kufunek uyokungxengxez emlanjen cz andsenafamily inesupport kum ndixhomekeke kwalapha kum,ngekuba ndibawel abaphants bandphe imali ndikwaz ukusabela ubizo

  2. I always dream of snakes surrounding me, in my bed and in my recent dream it attemped to attacked me. This happens so often that its worrying me. What does this mean?

  3. I don’t know who I am or where I belong. I don’t know who my father is and my mother doesn’t want to talk about him. Everytime I talk or ask about him my mom says that she doesn’t want to go back. I feel that there is something or a void that I need to fill up inside of me. I am unemployed and also a mother, finding work is hard, starting something is simple but accomplishing is even harder. I have sleepless nights and massive headaches, when I do dream I don’t understand where go to understand my dreams better. I sometimes see and smell incense, i feel the urge to go by the water but I am also scared to go there. I don’t know where to go as people request money to help, I need help.

  4. I am lost. I need guidance as I have been called and don’t know where to go.

    How will I know where to go or who to go to the help with this journey

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