What is a spiritualist

A spiritualist is a person who has the abilities to communicate with those who have died as though a medium.

He communicates between the dead and the living as an intermediary on its practices and doctrines. He is a person who is apparently sensitive to things beyond the natural range of perception.
In reality spiritualism is as old as humanity and it gave birth to all known religions and beliefs. Everything in beliefs and religions hang between death and life, our ancestor worship, Christ worship, Appraisals of Ancient People such asAbraham who is a hierarchy name to all the Abrahamic Religions, Judah of the Jews, Jacob/Israel , Mohamed of the Muslims, all these people died the same death as our people and they are all ancestors.

Jesus Christ as an Ancestor Spirit

Jesus Christ himself is an ancestor and an ancestor spirit of his own people. He is also an Ancestor Spirit of those who have seen their own spirits as useless or of less help than that of his and that is ok if they so choose. Still his followers are spiritualists if they can connect with him spiritually and mediate with the living anything they get from his spiritual doctrines.

My respect of other religions and their spirits

I respect religions and their spiritualists but I will never give-up on mine ancestor worship that has been so useful to me all my life for any foreign or local religion and its sprits that I still need to learn of. Mine I was not taught it is born in me and I am born in it, we are attached. That of which I have to learn may go wrong because that of which you learn can be misunderstood or misspelled.

War of spirits

The war of spirits takes place when some type of spirits want to invade the territories of other spirits, for an example; when people of the Christian Religion want to convert African Traditional Religion Spiritualists into their way of  spiritual practices and doctrines. It also occurs when an ancestor spirit or a spirit medium takes on the spirits of witches and wizards. The war of spirits is not a small war and it last longer. This is the heaviest war of wars; it is more of the coalition of two planets.

Take care of the Spirits

One thing one can do as the spiritualist is to take care of his spirits so that they will take care of him as well, they will make sure they win your wars. Some people are suffering not because they have been bewitched but because they have forsaken the spirits of their forefathers and moved away from the footsteps of their forefathers. Some it will be with the fact that they did not respond to the calling by the ancestors to become their medium/spiritualist.

If you are born an African you will die an African

Never an Israelite, never the son and daughter of somebody else but your Biological Father. The spirits will trace you with your family DNA from your fore-fore fathers of this family that you are born into. From you it will go down to the next-next and next generations and in these generations there will be some family members who will be important figures as far as spirits are concerned. Those are the offspring who are attached to the spirits of whom will become spirit mediums (spiritualists) through a calling trained by trained spiritualists or coached by the spirits themselves.


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