Physical life, Spiritual life old and new prototype of the spiritual arrangement (Incarnation)

Different guides come to people as people change their life styles. A progressed person will attract greater guides, a bad person will attract negative forces. There are many guides that help people with different aspects of their lives; they are their helpers.  These are usually the spirits of the people who have loved us before they died. In most of the African lands we call them ancestor spirits whereas in some other lands they call them just Angels.


There is no such a thing as magic wallet spell, it is only a statement that came with these unscrupulous/bogus and fake traditional healers to lure you into buying nothing from them for lots, lots of money. Most of these fake traditional healers come from countries like Nigeria, Uganda, West and Central Africa.

Prophetic Powers And Miraculous Powers For Pastors And Bishops

Rituals for prophetic and spiritual powers by Khokhovula Gundabaloyi, serving pastors and all the church leaders who want to be highly spiritual and prophetic as well as being miraculous and powerful; you are powered to run your church business profitably.

Falsehoods about Ukuthwala for money

They went for ukuthwala for wealth and in the middle of everything they had to see themselves quitting, this is because they never searched for understanding of what exactly did it mean by ukuthwala for riches or money, sadly they all had borrowed money from people with the higher expectations of getting quick wealth and pay back. According to their knowing they were not aware of ukuthwala dangers though they thought of them but did not care because all they wanted is fast wealth. Rules and laws given to them to follow made them quit and could not be able to negotiate part of the money back because they feared this Sangoma/Inyanga/Healer might harm them or in other ways bewitch them, so they say. Still there are good rituals for money other than ukuthwala.

Ukuthwala for riches sad stories 1

This man had livestock, he was a peasant farmer at the same time working as a driver for a nearby farmstead. This man was always yenning to become bigger than his boss, he grew up hearing of stories of ukuthwala for wealth and money, and he for real wanted prosperity. As an uneducated man he never saw any other options for his success other than ukuthwala for riches. The man did not know the problems of ukuthwala for riches, in his mind was full of seeing great achievements from the concept of ukuthwala for money. Everything went wrong but still there are humble, honest and good rituals of success as opposed to ukuthwala.

Good ways of Muthi wealth, success and money other than ukuthwala

The rituals of success, wealth and riches with the good and humble spirits, domestic spirits of success within the family bloodline from one era of living to another, from generation to generation there is always those who achieve big time, so we invoke those spirits and claim the gift of wealth of this individual from his birth right in this family blood line. Even though everyone has ancestor spirits still has to have a certain thing he do as means of income of which the success has to take form with, (A foundation like; running business, church, political part, or something). In this system we don’t use magic but powers and humble spirits who still work with integrity.

Ukuthwala for success, wealth and money

Ukuthwala is a system of getting rich fast using bad muthi, bad spirits and human lives, the bad spiritualists have the ability to raise some spirits from the rivers, mountains and forests and give them magic bodies from the people they kill, some target young ones and others old. Others target males others females. One needs to understand that these spirits are magic bodies combined with peoples souls of the lives they have taken (Murdered) and when giving you fortunes and the gain for money they (The spirits) have their selfish, dangerous and difficult needs, sacrifices and desires that can cause families to grieve. Ukuthwala a suicidal wealth means or a passport to permanent suffering chain of mysteries and family deaths. You get filth rich, enjoy yourself for time being but costing others their lives, so bad.