Isichitho se Bhakumba

Isichitho differ in their types and attack results though some are similar in attack

One has to understand that isichitho/izichitho (Breakup and mix-up spells) comes in many different forms and also differ in their forms of attack and serve similar but totally different attack results altogether. They are designed to specifically work on a different mission altogether.

How isichitho (Breakup) spells normally differ

Yes isichitho / breakup spells differ; one is designed to attack lovers, the other people at work and the other one to attack families but this particular one Ibhakumba is the most harshest one and the most dangerous one because it goes with ingozi/dangers and possibly death, one can kill someone with a minor conflict or contradiction.

Isichitho Ibhakumba

Isichitho Ibhakumba affects mostly families;  Many siblings die not talking with one another and fighting each other like bulls because of this kind of isichitho. If an evil person sets it and plant or put it in your homestead or direct the attack to your family, the family will experience unbearable family feud.

You find a house hold in everyday physical fights because there is isichitho of ibhakumba. ISichitho of Ibhakumba feeds on terrors and dangers, it wants somebody permanently hurt. Ibhakumba is a bit similar to ingozi yokufa the only difference is that it is not for revenge but isichitho to breakup by causing harm, danger or terror one family member or loved one by the other. ‘They attacked each other because isichitho sebhakumba was cast on to them’.

One is made to be attacked and hurt by people of his own, in this family there will be Noise, Misunderstanding, Conflicts, Contradictions and physical fights with possibly harm.

Does isichitho sebhakumba affect couples?

Yes isichitho sebhakumba affect couples; when the couples are not home where it is planted they have peace but when the get home they fight like no man’s business. You have heard of a woman who boils her man with water, cooking oil, porridge and so on and later regret and claim she did not know what she was doing and without means to reverse it.  You have heard of men hurting, harming and possible killing their women and at a later stage seem to don’t know what have happened it is this kind of isichitho ibhakumba. Isichitho sebhakumba wants nothing only fights

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  1. Anti wami wanginika intondza lefile ngisese uncane anti wami inyanga,wangigangela but yena angikamcheli kutsi ngifole INI,noma ngingatsandzana nemntfu ngincina ngimnyanya nebantu bayangizonta,nano makhelwane bayangigangela angati kutsi yindzaba

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