Isichitho Sezinduna

Pimple, Acne of some sort kind of Isichitho

Isichitho Sezinduna: This kind of Isichitho attacks and affects mostly on the face and not so much on the other areas of the body, yes it can affect the whole body if it has been left for long without the required solution (When ignored and left unattended).

What does  Isichitho sezinduna look like?

It comes in forms of ugly pimples and act like acne, it can be too many of them in smaller sizes or few in bigger sizes and when one heals the other one comes up anew, they normally leave black marks and sports as they dry up.

How does it normally feel when you have Isichitho sezinduna?

One will tell you it is not painful at all until you squeeze it and the other will tell you they are very painful, they don’t behave the same with different  people, it all depend on the amount of the attack. With someone it brings out pass or some substance and with other just water like fluids come out when they squeeze them but still the result is always the same they leave black sports or marks as they dry or heal.  The main aim of the attacker is temper with your good looks and cause irritation with the people in your surrounding.

How do they actually cast Isichitho sezinduna to you?

In most cases one would find some muthi or magic thing and apply it to their private part and have sex with a partner; the partner will absorb it through sexual intercourse with his private part and when he have sex with the next person/partner, he or she will dump the magic, bad spell of Isichitho sezinduna to her/him.

Yes it does not transform only through sexual intercourse; there are powerful people/magic and spell casters who can send it using Isilwane/Goblins/Tikoloshes or some other forces of witchcraft and darkness; some use spirits of negativity through psychic attacks and direct witchcraft.

What is the aim of your rival or your attacker with this kind of Isichitho sezinduna?

The aim of your rival or attacker with this kind of Isichitho is to make you look bad more especially on the face, to temper with your beauty and your good looks so that you don’t attract anybody or you simple feel less attractive and inferior as compared to him or to her. Isichitho sezinduna makes sure that you irritate everyone in your surroundings. Isichitho sezinduna is an attraction to breakups and divorces. I never said that there is nothing like natural pimples and acne but I’m saying ‘Isichitho sezinduna is there’ and it comes in forms of things like pimples and acne.

When is Isichitho sezinduna worse?

Isichitho sezinduna is worse when it shows to be affecting even the legs and the whole body other than just the face, you must understand that people hardly experience pimples on their legs, on legs this problem normally shows like source and there is no other name to call them other than source but still they leave black spots or marks as they dry up or heal.

Who does isichitho sezinduna affect the most men or women?

Isichitho sezinduna has been seen to affect women more than men and the reason is of which I don’t know, or maybe women are the ones who attacks one another or maybe is because women faces are softer than those of men; or it is simply because men just absorb it from one women and dumps it to another without keeping it for long; I have realized that many women who suffer and is attacked by Isichitho sezinduna also have womb and related problems. But spiritual and traditional, Isichitho sezinduna can be healed.

Isichitho Sezinduna


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  1. I think I’m experiencing the same thing… I recently went to an event yokubonga amadlozi at my fiancés family home. His sister never liked me and she is influential toward other family members to dislike me… And it has caused too many stairs between me and my man. I am now wondering if she is still up to her old tricks again. Because after the ceremony my man and I have been fighting. I need help please

  2. thokoza gogo, igama ngingu Amanda ngineminyaka engama 25, nginesichitho sezinduna. lokhu ngakuthola kade ngivakashele umthandazi. nginenkinga yokuphupha amakaka, ngihamba kuwona noma ngizikhulula mina uqobo’ kuzosa kube inamuhla bengizikhulula endaweni esesidlangalaleni, ngazingcolisa ngabe sengiyawawasha. ngiyabonga

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