Khokhovula Cultural Village and the Cultural Exchange Centre

The Khokhovula Cultural Village is the place of Cultural Reservation, Peace and of UNITY where friends, families, communities, and strangers come together as one regardless of religion, faith, or cultural background and learn, and understand each other’s cultures and traditions though there will be the main local culture practiced and displayed the most. It is the place of holidays and the crest of the cultural and traditional median of the locals.

Ceremonies on the request of enough rains with the Rain Goddesses, Traditional dances, Ancient kind Festival of the harvest, Modern kind Festival, Thorough Celebration of Africa day,  Ceremonies on thanks giving to the blessings by the oracles and the spirit of the ‘Highest good’ God in particular, all will be done here. This symbol would be the essence of a village community- one that works together, builds together, and thrives together in reservation and reimplementation of their local original ‘about to extinct’ fading away languages, cultures and traditions.

However, this would not be just any cultural village, but The World’s Largest by Guinness World Record standards. So, in celebration of this figurative haven of accord, Connecting Our Cultures will build the world’s largest cultural village made solely by the Spiritual connections of Khokhovula Gundabaloyi ‘Lenn Morton Ndebele’ the son of the soil and a Spiritual Master.

Khokhovula cultural village will be constructed and developed one department after the other block by block at a time and creating a better world for cultural and traditional exchange and understanding of different cultures one by the other.

 Get involved in Khokhovula, Spiritual, traditional healing, the cultural exchange and the creation of peace unity and harmony as peoples’ dying languages and cultures are encouraged to be revived. At Khokhovula we have a goal set forth of a Guinness world Record by saving the Jahunda language of the typical Kalanga people which have slowly been swallowed by the Shona and Ndebele languages and is spoken by few elders to date altogether with their cultures and traditions. This will be very monumental and symbolic, building a symbol of unity as a community of villages representing diverse cultures – and then doing so while setting this world record – is even larger than life.

Just imagine an entire community having the opportunity to break a World Record. You now have that ability to not only break a record, but to make the world a better place by helping people recover their true identity through their true origin and the cultural norms which they take pride on.

Connecting our Cultures has selected a universal project that not only brings a diversity of cultures together, but is meaningful to all, and by building the world’s largest Cultural village and the Resort Centre, we will be able to raise funds for partner charities, unite diverse communities and cultures, and spread the message of unity, collaboration, and building together.

The name, ‘Khokhovula Cultural Village’, Exchanging and Connecting Our Cultures, has to be more than a title on a letterhead, but rather the battle cry of the people’s undertaking, and Constructing of a Better World, One Staged Department of Khokhovula Cultural Village at a Time, and that is my most desirable goal.

Download Khokhovula’s plans for the cultural village




Any questions or needs? Please let me know, I (Khokhovula, traditional healer) am willing to help and or advise you.

Please contact me on +27 73 0373 093 or +27 72 6143 795. You can also send me an email:

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