Umandangaphakathi the love spells that work

Umandangaphakathi / Igobondela / Intando / Umuthi wothando (Love spells that work, Love muthi, The magic charms).

Umandangaphakathi the passion of love multiplies inside someone

Everything listed above is used to propel, program or to design the level of love according to the needs of one part in a love affair or a relationship. It helps the one who does it to dominate the love life and be loved by the other part in an extraordinary way.  The Zulus call these love magic charms and spellsUmandangapahakathi’ meaning the love that multiplies in that person to whom the magic has been directed to. They also call it ‘Intando’ meaning a thing for love. “Bamfake intando akasamfuni lomunye wesifazana, sethathiwe yilo omfake umandangaphakathi” it means a woman have used  some love spells to a man and the man no longer want to see his wife he wants the woman who used some spells in him.

Umandangaphakathi makes you comply like you are tuned with bottons

Intando, Igobondela and Umandangaphakathi are mainly muthi that is given to someone to eat in order that he exaggerates his love towards the partner who gave him/her the muthi to eat. When Igobondela, Umandangaphakathi, Intando (the love spells are working in a person, he can’t say no to the person who put it in him or her.  One becomes a robot kind of, or a sophisticated machine that is operated by a remote or something, he complies with everything bad or good of a partner who put the spells in him.

When Umandangaphakathi is inappropriately mixed, it turns illness

If these kinds of spells are used in you, you won’t listen to anyone except that person who put these spells in you. We have seen some guys parting ways with their families, fighting with them because they (the family) tried to advise them about a dangerous woman or girl. Some people come back home to the family sick having been dumped by their women with the spells having turned into some illnesses; chest related problems that result from the bad mixing of the spells by the new comers in the world of magic and healing (inexperience).

People have related these things but they differ somewhere down the line

Many people have confused Umandangaphakathi, Igobondela, intando with idliso. Idliso is muthi that you were given intentional by your enemy secretly without you seeing, only with the intention to make you sick and die after some time. (It is a kind of slow poison). Umanadangaphakathi, Intando and Igobondela are not something you are given to die of chest problems but only to love someone continuously and severely none stop. You will love that person even though you feel that you can’t anymore.

When is Umandangaphakathi called Idliso

Umandangaphakathi, Intando and Igobondela are mainly called Idliso when it has expired and have become a disease to a person damaging his chest. The above mentioned spells can act in two opposite ways in the same time. It can make this person loves you dearly when it is isichitho to the other one you are involved with or you are likely to be involved with. Isichitho is a muthi or very bad spells that make people contradict, fight and possible divorce.

Umandangaphakathi was used in polygamy

Our primitives the whole of Africa used Umandangaphakathi due to the competition that was caused by polygamy. It was mainly used by women to gain favor and be better loved by their man than others. Man also had their type of spells to keep their women together as one happy family understanding each other and living peacefully. In this case again umandangaphakathi would be used but the mixture differs with that one of women because the one for man would be directed to all women to love and respect him.

I some cases if one wanted to use Igobondela / Umandangaphakathi / Intando to someone, he/she has to be careful because if you accidental give it to a wrong person, that person will be very much fond of you and eventually loving you.

If Umandangaphakathi is used properly and mixed well by the muthi expert is of no harm, unless that it robes someone his freedom of a fair affair or relationship.

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  1. Mmmmmh mina ngidinga izinto eziningi kuwe nyanga yami and ngyakwethemba kodwa for now ngidinga umandangaphakathi inkinga sinokuxabanela ubala nje futhi lokho kwenzeka kimi kakhulu make wakhuluma ngiyothetha ngidelele ngibuye ngizisole uma sebgingedwa plz ngisize ngishadil

  2. Nginomuntu wesifazane engimuthanda kakhulu ngiyasola wangidlisa,ngicela ukwazi ukuthi ngingalikhipha kanjani idliso ngimthande nje okwendalo kuphela.Ngingasho ukuthi ngizimisele ukwakha ubudlelwane naye

  3. Sesithandane iminyaka engaphezu kuka10 sinezingane ezimbili yonke into ibihamba ngomumo Kodwa manje sekuvele kwaba yinxuba kaxaka sivele sixabanele zinto ezincane angidinwele afe Angifuni nokubuza nokuzwa ngami zinyembezi zami azisamthusi uvele abaleke kakhulu manje sengiyazi kunomuntu aphinga naye, ngicela usizo ngingowesfazane onothando nentshisakalo ngaye ngifisa ikusasa

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