Ingozi yokufa: The revenge by the death of the family for killing someone

Ingozi: Ukufa abantu belandelana. Ngozi: in Shona language of Zimbabwe.  Musika: in Venda language of South Africa.

Dying of the family one person after the other due to the cause of witchcraft, or due to the fact that the family messed up and have been punished in revenge.

Ingozi yokufa, Ukufa abantu belandelana, Ukufa komuntu indlela ezumayo, ejumayo kulandela isenzo semithi,  elinyazwa noma ebuyiselwa izenzo zakhe ezifana ncamashi nalezo azenze labo abamthumela ngengozi.

Ingozi yokufa

These people with Khokhovula on the photo are doing revenge for the members of their family who were bewitched and killed. They are doing a death ritual directed at paying back.

When tragic death happens people apply Ingozi yokufa

Dying of people in unforeseen circumstances one after the other resulting from witchcraft or the revenge. It happens when somebody or a family member has killed someone of the different bloodline. Ingozi happenes when the family of the deceased consults with Inyanga (A traditional healer in Zulu language) Chiremaba (A traditional healer in Shona language of Zimbabwe. Ngaka (A traditional healer in Sotho and Tswana languages, N’anga (A traditional healer in Venda language) etc. Ingozi is when people respond by death of many members of the family from one person to another for fatal things that you have caused them.

Ingozi kills even the innocent of that bloodline

Ingozi sometime acts as if it is blind or it can’t reason at all. If for instance someone murders somebody of a different family and the family of a murdered member consults with a powerful Inyanga, Sangoma, or traditional and spiritual practitioner in the line of African traditional medicine (Muthi) then the members of the family of the murderer will start to die one after the other in an unforeseen circumstances.

This Ingozi thing is very clever; it can start by killing its victims in a period of per say five years a person or two and adjust to kill may be three people in five years or five people in five years. It requires more death as it kills and get used to killing. If it is not stopped, it can finish the whole family following the bloodline line of such people.

Difficulties of fighting Ingozi

In most cases it is hard to stop Ingozi though powerful spiritual and traditional healers like Khokhovula have managed. Stopping Ingozi is not something that one has just to consider because he is paid to do, a true spiritual and traditional healer has to put into consideration that the people who did this Ingozi were wronged and by that they are not witches they were only revenging. He (The spiritual and traditional healer has also to put into consideration that the dying family members of the murderer did not commit murder. It is not a simple judgment but when I Khokhovula comes across such, I do thorough analysis to avoid paralysis.

People want reveng, answers and comfort when tragic death occurs

One thing for sure is that I Khokhovula knows a lot about this Ingozi / Ngodzi / Msika thing. People come into my consulting place wanting answers when some tragic deaths have occurred in their families. They come wanting answers, comfort and revenge; this is where Ingozi comes in. This Ingozi becomes Ingozi when the muthi for revenge does the vengeance and become even hungrier to do more and more revenge more and more settling of scores. Until it is stopped it becomes more and more fatal until the family extinct.

Shona people used to experts in Ngozi

Shona people of Zimbabwe were very good at this ingozi/ ngozi but were dominated by the foreign religions and beliefs and they lost the technics and ingozi is hardily found with the Shona people, it is about to extinct or have already extinct. Long back it was known that if you had a need for Ingozi / Ngozi you needed to go and consult the Chipinge traditional healers but today all those things are a history. Some traditional healers of Chipinge went with their knowledge they never gave it to their families, others felt that it is embarrassing to practice traditional in a country so much dominated by the foreign religions and traditions, where people of the black color are demonized and dehumanized for their African traditional and spiritual aspects of living, and they burnt and threw everything away. Ingozi is there, don’t fool yourself. I Khokhovula am an expert of Ingozi

Some people die one person after the other and they don’t consult with (Osiyazi) the traditional healers, they will tell you death is natural and it is the will of God; of course it is but believe you in me some death is Ingozi.

My gradmother’s family once hammered by Ingozi

I suffered a great deal of pain with my grandmother’s family, (ODube, OTshikuni, OMatuhwane, OZhomba Tundutule, ODeswane beqalwa ukufa okunyantisayo) ‘dying terrible death one after the other; they died one person after the other following the incident where my mother’s uncle namely King was drinking beer with a man and a neighbor called Madida. They started quarreling and started to fight and my mother’s uncle took a steal something, is it a short thin iron rod, and hit him and he passed away. My mother’s uncle was arrested but he saved only few months in prison because the magistrate said that the deceased’s chest was bad. In the other hand it was believed that uncle King had used Muthi to get a small prison sentence as if he had slept a child with a clap yet having murdered somebody.

The fuming of Madida family

Seeing uncle King coming from prison soon having spent only few months in prison angered the Madida family a lot because this was opposed to the hush sentence they had expected. They said openly that it is ok if the law has so decided; Madida will fight for himself, so they said. It has been plus or minus two years that Madida had passed on and uncle King had come from prison, he just woke up in the morning not able to speak, and the problem looked more like throat sores. They organized a donkey pulled scotch-cat to take him to the road where he would find the transport and he passed on with no one expecting it to happen. Just one night he was happy and talking to people, he went to sleep healthy and the following day he died an unforeseen death.

My mother’s Uncle King is going with many of the family in his death

After his death many in the family followed, following the bloodline, my grandmother followed after many who had died, some could vomit to death others it seemed as if they were seeing strange things. The Madida family started to sympathize with my grandmother’s family, they felt it is enough, but they could not do anything unless to go back to their people who helped them to set Ingozi off. I don’t know what is it that there were told there, but what I saw after sometime is that the son of Madida that he had left young when he passed away got involved with uncle King’s daughter whom he had left young when he passed away, and they gave birth to a child.

Elders thought it is the replacement of the deceased

The elders in my grandmother’s family did not understand this one very well, they were not happy about these two getting involved in a love affair. They kept on saying that it looks like it is a payment, and if a payment, what a kind of payment. They went on to say that if this couple had to contradict, it is likely that one from anger may accuse the other about one parent killing another. After the birth of this couple’s child the Ingozi death in my grandmother’s family stopped, it became a normal death but many people were gone.

Khokhovula’s heartfelt remark

I wish it was now that I had grown and became a traditional healer who have saved for more than thirty years and stopped and created Ingozi / Ngozi, may be my grandmother would have lived longer. Remember that I have mentioned in my profile Khokhovula Profile on my website that my grandmother’s family were great Inyangas and Sangomas, but because the blood family had done something bad, killed someone, they were on the guilty party so ingozi would easily take its course. They needed someone out of their bloodline strong and powerful, I would come to their rescue but I was still very young and not this matured, and still if I had to fight the Madida family or their N’nga/Inyanga/Sangoma/Magician or whoever did it for them, I would be wrong because they (my grandmother’s family were on the wrong part as far as Ingozi is concerned.

Forms of Ingozi

Ingozi can come in a form of accidents that destroys only vehicles crippling and hurting people and not killing them, at can come at work places and elsewhere in any form. It can be sent to you without you having killed anybody.  If you think you have got Ingozi from your accident experiences and happenings in your family don’t hesitate to consult with Khokhovula.

Ingozi can warn you sometime, it can give you signs that it is there.

In some cases Ingozi gives you owning signs, it doesn’t just attack, but some people’s ignorance always make them get into difficulties and dangers. Some people are always behind time because they don’t believe some things do exist. This is Africa if you do not know. Ingozi/ Ngozi / Musika is there, this Ingozi /Ngozi thing comes in so many forms of death and dangers but when propelled, it is done it two ways; it can be stopping Ingozi from finishing the whole family which is very difficult though it can still be achieved or sending or launching Ingozi to go and do its work to the murderer and the murderer’s family.

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