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Explanation & Definition of thunder:

Thunder is the sound caused by the discharge of atmospheric electrical charge.

Complete definition of thunder

Thunder is the sound caused by lightning. Depending on the nature of the lightning and distance of the listener, thunder can range from a sharp, loud crack to a long, low rumble. The sudden increase in pressure and temperature from lightning produces rapid expansion of the air surrounding and within a bolt of lightning. In turn, this expansion of air creates a sonic shock wave similar to a sonic boom which produces the sound of thunder often referred to as a clap, crack, or peal of thunder. The distance of the lightning can be calculated by the listener based on the time interval from when the lightning is seen to when the sound is heard.



Synonyms of thunder

verb: roar, boom, rumble, peal, roll, fulminate; noun: roar, boom, rumble; plural: roars, booms, rumbles; related terms: noise, thunderclap.

  • A thunder that can be heard in a dream can be a warning of an approaching emotional discharge. The dreamer has mounted up energy which must eventually find an outlet, because you can cause a lot of risk and this risk must be recognized in time and defuse possible, before it comes to conflict and dissatisfaction.
  • When thunder is associated with the lightning in a dream it means that; you will encounter perhaps unexpectedly a man/woman with whom to celebrate a joyous reunion. It simply means a happy reunion in an many aspects of life.
  • The thunder without lightning announces some bad news.
  • When you dream of thunder in the theater; it tells you not to make much excitement about nothing, because it does not pay off.
  • When the thunder is heard only from a distance; then it means there is still time to take control of a very difficult situation.
  • The thunder has always been the symbol of power and energy. In conjunction with the flash it was considered a tool of the Gods. It was able to bring both sadness and sorrow with it and clarifying consequences. A dream of thunder points to anger and strong sentiment on the dreamer, the dreamer’s mental or physical tension is high and wants to drop this. These feelings can be discharged.
  • One must understand the dream symbols of thunder, and to know why it crashes thunderously. At the spiritual level thunder means deep anger or in extreme cases even the wrath of some deity, Spirits, God/Gods. The anger nature thunder shows the dreamer that both positive and negative chart outputs are influenced by it;
  • Listening to thunder in dreams means that you will cause someone anxiety and grief; you will get armed and concerns; setbacks in professional life threatening, also make “much excitement about nothing, you will hear shocking news.
  • Thunder and rain in dreams: it means awaiting anger and grief;
  • Hearing frightening thunder in dreams, shaking the earth is a sign of large losses and disappointments;
  • If the thunder roars and the lightning strikes in dreams: It announces a loss.
  • Thunder and lightning that ignites: beautiful hopes will fail.

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