Healing spirituality with vapor and rainbows

This picture shows the vapor sitting on the mountain and the rainbow pointing straight at King Mphephu’s caves. King Mpephu is the ancient King of Venda people at Tshavhalovhedzi, Siloam and nearby villages. Where the rainbow is pointing, there are powerful spirits there, if one is attached or can sense the spirits that is the place to look for powers. Below this place at the foot of this mountain lies a resort named after the King and called Mpephu resort. And there is hot water coming from underground.

Traditional and spiritual understanding of vapor and rainbow

In spiritual healing and traditional understanding, vapor and rainbow means the connection of different spirits. It is mainly the water spirits that would be connecting mainly with the mountain spirits, the spirit of the sky and that of the rivers.

In our African understanding of things, if a Guru, a family or village elder/leader had passed away, the rains would immediately follow, accompanied by vapors and rainbows. People believed that the Guru or leader is sitting on the mountain covered by vapor looking at his people, waiting to go to the spirit world with the rainbow connecting the Guru to the spirit world.

The use of mountains, rainbow and vapor in giving spiritual powers

In my traditional and spiritual healing practices, I use these mountains when I am giving powers to people who need them. I consider as in how often these rainbows and vapors are seen on which part of the mountain, where are they pointing; in those particular areas I conduct power giving. The powers I give as Khokhovula are traditional and spiritual powers, healing and psychic powers, divine and all other supernatural powers you may name them.

Some passages of the Christian bible witness these powers

In the bible there are verses that are quoted as in saying that when god spoke to Moses, he appeared as a cloud which relates to vapor. This proves the importance of vapor and clouds in spirituality and healing powers especially relating to water in all its forms: The clouds relating to God and God’s powers according to the bible: Exodus 34:5-7 the Lord came down in the cloud and stood there with him.

Relating to the mountains: 2 Samuel 22: 32 for who is God besides the Lord and who is the rock except our God. One thing I have realized in my traditional and spiritual connection with nature is that even God’s powers are seen in nature.

Connection between the mountains, the vapor, the rainbow and the Gods / gods

Our people, the Africans, our primitives, the ancestors used to do a lot of rituals in their types on the mountains, most of their rain rituals and the requests for enough rain for their crops were mainly done on or around the mountain. Even in the bible you get some passages where God is said to have met Moses on the mountain (Mount Sinai) and Abraham was called to come and do the burnt offering with his son at mount Moria. (The mountain spirits are there, they do exist) God Yahweh is the spirit of the mountain.

Looking at my mountain, vapor and rainbow pictures you can see that the rainbow is pointing behind the hill right straight to the cave. Those caves are the caves of Mphephu the Venda people’s ancient leader. At the bottom of the hill towards the village lays Mphephu resort.  At this part of the hill towards the river is the water that comes hot from underground. The people of the surrounding villages go there to bath with the belief that these waters of the spirits portray lucky and is a light giving waters of the Mphephus. They have divided their times of bathing there, women during the day and men in the evening.

Power spells and rituals done up there

Where you see the clouds seemingly sitting on the mountains and where you see the rainbow pointing to the mountain is where I do most of my power giving practices and spiritual and healing activities that concerns powers.

What are these powers that so much relate to vapors, rainbows and the mountains?

Powers for leadership, is it of a church, political and none political organization leadership,  miraculous powers, magical powers, sangoma powers, psychic powers, angel reading powers, business and success powers; the list is limitless.

Who needs these powers?

 Bishops, pastors, prophets, sangomas, nyangas/n’angas, traditional healers, soothsayers, clairvoyance, psychics, presidents and ministers, chiefs and kings, sports people, business people; the list is endless may be you as well.

In spiritual and traditional healing, vapor is not just vapor as in its scientific understanding; it is the same with rainbow.

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