Uhlangothi and Impundulu (Stroke and the rain lightining bird called Impundulu.

Umbane wezulu, Izulu malishaya noma lishayile, Izulu maliduma kabuhlungu nangolaka emzini wakho liphinde libaneke kabuhlungu.

Impundulu bird for lightining (The Lightning bird) can be used to create stroke

The lightning; if the lightning strikes or has stricken, if the thunder roars in a very frightening and threatening way in your area / home

There is a stroke that may be you have never heard about caused by a lightning bird called Impundulu being used by witches and some rain queens who have rebelled from their humbled duties. We have learnt that some severely high blood pressures and stresses and high fats in the body may result in strokes, I don’t deny that scientific understanding it is true. What you must understand is that even though there is that proved scientific search and findings, bad people also through bad and negative powers can create or posses the powers to perform the very same stroke with even worse results.

Isifo sohlangothi

The picture depicted with birds representing the spirits of birds and the birds’ power.

Impundulu (Rain bird) is known by many African tribes and nations calling it in different names

The Venda people call this impundulu bird ‘Ndadzi’,  Shona people of Zimbabwe call it Mheni, it was used long back by the Venda people for their fights striking people and their animals with lightining bolts they created through Ndadzi. The Zimbabwe Ndebele people know it and call it Inyoni yezulu.

If Impundulu (the Rain bird fell) it was a law to report it to elders

In my area it was a law that if this impundulu the rain electrified dangerous bird falls, it must be reported to the community elders immediately, before bad people steal it and start attacking others with the lightning bolt and stroke using its powers. It is said that impundulu the rain bird may connect with the heat of the sun and posses an infinite heat of which people with negative powers mostly witches use to create a sun stroke and the lightning bolt.

Venda people were feared for these things, where have they gone?

I grew up Venda people of South Africa and Zimbabwe Beitbridge were feared for their capabilities of making the lightning strike. You would here  the Ndebeles when they see the rains approaching from the South saying “ NgelamaVenda madoda ubhasope lingonanga, ubhasope lingashayanga muntu, asazi abaloyayo, asazi abathakathayo” meaning that it is the rain of the Venda people since it is coming from the South , and they will be  saying that those who do witchcraft must be careful because those whom they bewitched might have gone to Venda to seek the lightning bolt and stroke for revenge; or they would threaten each other by saying “Ngizokuyela eVenda ngiyokufunela umbane” meaning I will go to Venda to fetch the lightning to strike you. Those things did happen really but today they are just history because people have lost the skills and moved from the footsteps of their forefathers.

Some people confuse the normal stroke and the Bantu one

In some cases you find that somebody at home is attacked by a stroke, you take that particular person to the western specialists; at the end you find the person having permanent or chronic stroke. In the first place that person did not have stroke at all, it was these negative powers striking and behaving as stroke.

Hospitals are of great help for a stroke as well as traditional healers

Don’t get me wrong stroke is there, I never said it is not; don’t get me wrong again I never said that people must not go to the hospitals when they are attacked by the stroke. I personal prefer that people start by seeking help in the hospitals first, when the problem seem to be the Bantu/ Chivanu/ Tshithu / Yasitso (Traditional one) then they consult with us traditional healers)

Stroke is no myth; it is there, regardless the type

Don’t fool yourself, in all things that you have known, is it a diseases or a problems, bad spells or other things you know of, witches and people of darkness will never fail to imitate. They do create strokes and other diseases and send them to those whom they want them to carry and suffer with.

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