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It is foolishness, stupidity and barbarism to believe that albinism has properties that give Muthi the strength to make someone rich or to add to magic powers. I really do not know where this barbarism, stupidity, foolishness, madness, confusion and blindness came from, with who does it come and really from which planet is it formed, and that is really a very hideous planet to be at.

Many Albinos and people in general have been butchered for Muthi and Magic purposes, with people thinking they will be filth rich through using their body parts, but how many people amongst the richest in the world are counted in these barbarisms; none, they work and find wealth. Look at people like Bill Gates amongst others, he got filth wealth through computers, not albino body parts; look again at these barbarians in their beliefs , they harm and brutally kill innocent albinos but we have never had of any of them in the list of the rich people of the world, they remain poor though.

There is no such a thing as that Albino bones, blood, flesh and other remains can do healing, spiritual powers, riches, magic and wealth. What traditions are those? What healing is that; isn’t it total killing? You cannot serve as a healer and a killer at the same time, killing someone in order that you heal someone else, taking a healthy clean soul saying you want to heal another healthy clean soul. What would you be called, a witch, a killer, a healer? Healing and killing is of the opposite, you cannot do them both and be called by one special name/title. Hands off our albino brothers and sisters; hands off our people.

There is one hell of barbarism that I have noticed in the world of healing, traditionalism, spirituality, belief-wise as in divine or other. Most of the things that are rare to find are believed to have healing properties and so believed to be magical having superstitious powers. I really wonder if traditions, spirituality, divinity, beliefs in general are attached to brutality, cruelty and possibly extinction. Now with the fact that albinos are fewer than people without albinism in the world, they are believed by these barbarians to have magic powers in their body parts, nonsense. Hands off our albinos.

It is not long back that our children were raped and brutalized by the spread of beliefs that having sex with such infants may cure HIV and AIDS. I really do not know who the engineers of this barbarism are. They even went on to spread more rumors about albinos that raping them cure HIV and AIDS. Those who did those assaults and raping they continued to be HIV positive, some died of AIDS having infected the albinos and the children they raped, and still these barbarians cannot see that these beliefs do not work, they are not real. Hands off our people, if this is beliefs, if this is the work of a God/god or a deity we are ok without one, we rather not have a belief, a god, or deity.

This barbarism is some means of trying to create weight to something that really does not count. People always create fear to make people respond positively to their barbarism, for instance; they know that death is the most feared things in humans, so the fear of death will freeze somebody and make him pay lots of money for nothing as albino parts and muthi do not create any wealth. Now the price of these services has to equal the higher and hush measures of murdering a person. Imagine these barbarians creating dangerous and hazardous beliefs just to benefit themselves through the blood of the innocent albinos.

It reminds me of some Roman Catholic laws which were formed to kill some innocent people in order to take their property to the Roman church, e.g.; a person who did not want to sell his property to the Roman Catholic Church by then would be set up as if he committed the crimes around those laws and be killed. His property would be taken to the church. You would be called a witch or a protestant against the Catholics and orders be given by the authorities that you be killed. These laws were there to benefit the authorities, but they were not real, same applies to the barbaric beliefs mentioned above.

What is spirituality, what really is traditional healing, what is shamanism, what has healing become if such brutality are happening in the name of supernatural powers, divinity, and beliefs in general, is god and all the deities so cruel that they will curse humans to be used by their fellow humans to create so called powers and wealth. Where have our hearts gone, how does somebody enjoy such dirty wealth if it real happens according to this barbarism. Don’t they hear or think of the cries and the death of these albinos, the morning of the families behind. Where has humanity gone, hands off our albinos.

These things go back to old African beliefs where the birth of an albino child was considered a sign of a bad omen and he/she had to be given some poisonous herbs to drink and die immediately after birth. Even the twins, one of them had to be killed the same way, it was due to their lack of knowledge as in what causes albinism and or twins, they considered such things bad omen (umhlola) killing those children they called it (Ukususa umhlola) removing bad omen that might as a dark cloud cover the people. They related all these things to omens and misfortunes, they were afraid of what they did not know. Now that people know, have education, better understanding of things such as human life, human bodies etc, why such barbarism is happening. (Let me whisper the answer to you) (“They lack reasoning”)

We have never heard about our primitives hunting for albinos to make muthi out of them or any magic for that matter. They were good hunters but we don’t have stories of them hunting for other humans for that matter. They were only afraid of albino omens which were no omens, are no omens and will never be omens, because they are humans just as good as any humans that you have known differing in their diversities or just as good as you.

These albinos are not muthi, not magic, not supernatural power boosters, not wealth creators through their remains, they are no source of spiritual and healing powers, not source of divining powers and wealth what so ever, but just humans. You people, you that kill these innocent albinos, are wasting your time and energy putting the world into disorder for nothing, causing pain to those albinos and their families, but the fact is that you will remain powerless, poor as you were before killing them, you will be even worse due to guilt conscience. Listen and listen carefully, there is nothing as such with albino, you have that belief, it is total madness accompanied by barbarism.

It is common knowledge that there are several myths surrounding albinos. These includes claims such as that albinos do not die but they simply disappear, raping someone with albinism will cure aids, some believe in a myth that giving birth to an albino child will cure aids. The most deathly of this myth is that claiming that albino bones, flesh, and all remains makes stronger muthi, magic, divine powers, and wealth. I really don’t know what muthi they are talking about because muthi and really muthi that I have known and have used does not work like that. Muthi is original and stronger without all these murdering.

Some people target albino graves, dig them for some bones but still they don’t have all those things they call stronger muthi, stronger healing and divine powers. What really shock me is that some church leaders go all around looking for such nonsense saying that they want stronger powers to chase demons, what really have spirituality and divinity became. Muthi healing powers through murdering, what nonsense really is this? Muthi is for healing, not for killing.

Muthi/Umuthi/Muti is a Zulu term applied to the herbal aspect of traditional medicine, used by traditional healers and witch doctors sangomas ne izinyanga. The term is used in most of the southern African countries. The name is derived from a Zulu word for a tree (Umuthi). From what we have just said with some people and their barbarism, confusion, madness and brutality in the name of muthi, somebody might be tempted to think muthi has a darker side. No it is not the dark side of muthi, it is a complete barbarism, foolishness, madness, confusion and doom, people fooling each other about none existing hazardous beliefs, that are not true and costing others their lives.

If that was true, all these muthi and spiritual people would be filth wealthy but they are the poor of the poorest. What do they kill these people for then, they kill these innocent souls to enrich others other than themselves, nonsense.

What really are these rituals, what traditions are these, what beliefs are these? What Gods/gods or deities that leads such massacres? I personal think that there are no God/gods or deities that are behind this; it is the total barbarism and madness of those who do it. It is a belief in no belief and a hope in no hope. If it were to come from a God/god or a Deity, then we don’t need one we are ok without any of them.

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